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A.S.Peter Vs Trevor

By Aravind | 13-Apr-2019

What a splendid finish it was!! Even highly skilled jockey wud have missed this.but this young boy Peter wud not.Sandrsh rails Choun middle Trevor outer and just 200 mts left for winning post.there was no room for him.but Peter decided to give a jerk to his animal to stay little bit back to get a passage to move extreme the time he got passage and pushed his animal Trevor already beaten sandesh and Choun and matching towards winning post.A S Peter vigorously pushed and coaxed Junos guest and both Trevor Peter finished level!! It was delightful to watch such a close finish and I think this must be top No 1 finish in this Season. Hats off to Peter and ofcourse Vinesh Trainer for having prepared his ward in tip top condition on promotion.had Peter got room inbetween front runners surely wud have won atleast by3/4 length. Big trainers must encourage this young jockey A S Peter in Pune season.

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Shyamkopalle said ...

On : 15-04-2019 10:30 pm

Peter lost from draw 1 lost position,horse dragging him.

Trevor on pioneer is best example of astute riding of Trevor.simply unheardelded.

RAJU BHATIA said ...

On : 15-04-2019 09:55 pm

Golden girl 

Please understand that whatever he did was on the instructions of the trainer 

He just followed the trainer's instructions 

It was a stupendous ride by him 

He had a bright future if success doesn't go in his head 

GC Raj said ...

On : 15-04-2019 12:10 am

Yes, Peter has got good future.only thing is he should have the back up from good stable,owners trainers.

Golden Girl said ...

On : 14-04-2019 08:30 pm

It was a horronedous ride given by  the jockey.Arguably one of the worse ride of the season.The horse was drawn no.1.The horse took a good jump,but after running few metres the jockey positined him second,then for no reason kept him third,in a 1000 m.race.He allowed the other three horses to over take him,and got hammed at the rails(Listen to the commentrator)In the end when he alerted the horse,it was already more than three lengthe behind Trevor,who was fighting every inch with the other two non hopers. was at his best who made it possible to DHT.

Rajesh garuda said ...

On : 14-04-2019 04:18 pm


Fact said ...

On : 14-04-2019 02:59 pm

What would have been an easy win.. got pocketed .. horse dragged him.. please don't give all credit to jockey for somehow he dead heated.. give more credit to that form horse and from owners perspective it will always be bad ride .. 

Cee Kay said ...

On : 14-04-2019 02:35 pm

For me Peter's ride on Juno's Guest was the best ride by any jockey this Mumbai season.

TurfKing said ...

On : 14-04-2019 12:51 pm


A S Peter is the best of the lot amongst apprentice jockeys. He gets the best out of average horses. I follow him all the time. I am his fan since his first win in Pune on Frosted. I had won the jackot that day . But I sincerely hope he keeps the momentum going and turns out be a top jockey. Many a times we have seen some emerging good riders but once their allowance is exhausted they turn out to be duds. All the best to A S Peter for the future.!!!

Even today I am going to back him for place at juicy odds. Hope he places and make my day.

Race 5 - No: 10 - VITESSE


Venu said ...

On : 14-04-2019 11:58 am

Juno's Guest was 1. He took a good jump and took the lead.  I cud not understand why he fell back and put himself in 3rd position.  It was not at all necessary. The horse should have won clearly.  

SURESH said ...

On : 14-04-2019 11:15 am

TRUE..You are absolutely right. He has the ability & potential. if he is with serious intentions he will become good jockey.