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Inter Venu betting 19th election in kolkata

By Anabik | 14-May-2019

Hi guys,as we know Kolkata will vote on 19th may,2019.Keeping in mind this ,will there be inter  state betting at Kolkata on 18th or 19th.Will be of great help if anybody can give updates.

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3 Replies

Pocket Jacks said ...

On : 17-05-2019 04:27 pm


Nobody's asking for ur opinion whether to vote or not, he asked a simple question.. Whether ivb will be available, if you don't know the answer to his query its better to keep quiet.. 

Jayanta Raj said ...

On : 17-05-2019 03:04 pm

No betting in kolkata on sunday

Ashok kumar said ...

On : 14-05-2019 02:58 pm

Voting  first a d raceing next voting comes once in five year raceing will b there many times in a year so first vote

I think  inter venue  betting  may not  be their  in kolkatta