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Sea Quest

By Aravind | 16-May-2019

Sea Quest won her first run and in second finished off board.considering tis it shd have accepted stop weighting class 4 or bottom weight at class 3.but it has been accepted to run in class 60 above (class-2) does that mean two class promotion for a win? Can any one of our members clear my dought?

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godzilla said ...

On : 20-05-2019 12:01 pm

Sea Quest should run in Class B. Even then it cant win.

Suresh said ...

On : 18-05-2019 04:39 pm

As expected overrated overhyped horse. It was the best lay of the day.

ace1 said ...

On : 18-05-2019 02:02 pm

Sea Quest wont finish 1st or 2nd. Play 3rd horse pool

Happy Punter said ...

On : 17-05-2019 11:11 pm

Sea Quest made its debut with a smashing win in the Million Cup and was recognised as a Class I horse. It was awarded a rating of 72 for its second run and was the favourite. Unortunately, the horse went lame and inevitably finished of the board. Thereore, it's rating has remained unchanged. There is no class promotion involved here. 

Suresh said ...

On : 17-05-2019 02:11 am

Overrated overhyped rubbish.

S C SHARMA said ...

On : 17-05-2019 01:22 am

Horses are allowed to run as per the eligibility criteria given in the  prospectus. For different races different criteria is set. For example handicap race, terms race and graded race. Further handicap of a horse is allotted as per sex, age and number of wins and stakes earning wise and as per handicapper's allotted rating wise.  In present case Sea Quest allowed to run as per rating and eligibility.

Race rebel said ...

On : 16-05-2019 08:30 pm

Seaquest will romp home with rider looking back ,it's all going to seaquest by one two three lengths clear of lady legend. 

Seasons welcome gift from my side


On : 16-05-2019 05:45 pm

Its rated 72 for the first win. Now it is running in 60 and above class.Because it has won a stake money of 8L and above. 

When hadicaping the stake money and number wins counts.

Stalingrad said ...

On : 16-05-2019 05:36 pm


When did Sea Quest ran on a class 4 race. All it ran till date are terms Million race and based on the runs it will be given ratings at the end of the season. Now the rating allotted is 72 and the horse is running 60and above class race.

Now regarding its two previous runs first it ran 6 furlong race in record time in juvenile million and second time ran last in Guinness race and the report says the horse turned lame.