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Bangalore First day 18th.May2019, P.Trever Fall(Jump) in 6th race

By Nawab | 18-May-2019

After coming out from the gates,Traver jumped from his mount HERE AND NOW.This is a very common incident,but what happens after jump is very rare to witness,It appears that the body of Trever jumped but his soul remained there who guided the horse to chase the leader and beat him.From the last hundred meters Here and Now accelerated to cover two lengths to pip the winner.

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15 Replies

Siva Ramakrishna said ...

On : 20-05-2019 12:07 am

Sharma Sir, 

Your opinion is 100% correct about the jockey P.Trevor...It seems to be very wrong...Punters became fools in last two races...Many punters lost their Jackpot, just because of Trevor...The Authorities has to take action and investigate about this incident...Whether it is an accident or wantedly he did like that...

GT said ...

On : 19-05-2019 09:00 pm

@ Mr Sharma, 

After the races today 19th,  Travor justified his mounts, so where is the question of his performance downgraded, let me till you this, with due respect, Travor always tries hard, if the connections doesn't want to win, he needs to oblige, he is just a puppet, helpless for thats his living, don't be sarcastic, you know the racing world better......


Ashok kumar L.S. said ...

On : 19-05-2019 07:57 pm

I appreciate indiarace that they  r allowing for race person  frank opinion  on this site  good indication


Krish said ...

On : 19-05-2019 06:24 pm

I don,t think P Trevar did any thing wrong. On his safety ground he jumpped out of his horse. This practise is very common in air force pilot ejecting from his aircraft. He does not care cost of aircraft much more than public money involved in racing in that manner.

deepak said ...

On : 19-05-2019 01:17 pm

guys how many ever years we may have been racing, it is very obvious the intentions of the connections - along with jockey help to ensure fav loses.  

if it was accidental he wud have been hurt but had safe and soft landing

sahara withdrawn as neil /trevor combo cudnt hook 2 in a row as there wud have been mayhem at the race course.

ist race fav hooked - benefit of doubt first run or false fav.

caution advised when 



Rrajesh said ...

On : 19-05-2019 10:39 am

must try riding a horse before making such comments

been racing for 29 years but still i give benefit of doubt to the jockeys

p g said ...

On : 19-05-2019 06:50 am

It was definitely pre-planned act.  No doubt of it.

Just watch the horse and rider in the stall a few seconds before the gates open. One will know that Trevor was preparing for this deceitful act.

Strong action is needed to get the confidence of the racing public, especially on the very first day of the season. Also see the wrongful acts of this jockey involved in the very first race.

A 5 racing day ban is justified on him.

meiyappan said ...

On : 19-05-2019 06:34 am

Traver is a brilliant JOCKEY, But he is indulging in  malpractice. He jumped out of the horse is most unwarranted He could have avoided.Even he got defeated nobody  will find fault. HE I S DELIBERATE . HENCE ANOTHER SURE HORSE IN THE LAST HE HAD BEEN DENIED THE WIN BY THE ALMIGHTY

GT said ...

On : 19-05-2019 05:10 am

Guys I say this again Jockey doesn't decide , it's the connection, at paisa value , how will the connection let it happen, I was just waiting for Sahara's race to see the gimik , unfortunately the dam thing was withdrawn and for Trevor - he'll stop ridding, all his mount was in paisa, no connection would be interested.

S C SHARMA said ...

On : 19-05-2019 12:26 am

The jump out of P Trevor from favourite Here and Now is a serious matter and it should be thoroughly investigated. The jockey  jumped safe but his action arose  suspicion and raises many doubts about this jump out.  The riding of P Trevor is on downgrade and number of his rides in recent past put question mark on his  riding sincerity and integrity and he is under pressure to deliver his best and unquestionable.

Ramesh said ...

On : 18-05-2019 10:36 pm

I think Nile darsha need to join as assistant trainer he don't have quality to traine a horse


Godwin Scott said ...

On : 18-05-2019 08:52 pm

Jockey Trevor Patel,

I've been in racing for years, you don't fool me.

On the jump, you took the right switch, (making the right switch is the blind spot on the camera) making the horse to dangerously veer to the right and possibly into the rails and to protect yourself you jumped. Wow... hats off to you. You are a class act. Is this how a champion jockey plays his cards. Shame! 



On : 18-05-2019 08:01 pm

It looks like EMERGENCY Jump Off.

Since the horse was travelling towords rails he might have taken decision to jump off.

Only the race day report reveal about the incident.

Race lover said ...

On : 18-05-2019 07:07 pm

P Trevor shown he is corrupted his horse won easily even without jockey and in next race he is withdrawn well done.

Ashok kumar L.S. said ...

On : 18-05-2019 07:04 pm

Todays Trover   raiding  is like a raiding  boy totally  No judgement  No alertness  as a favourite  horsr he is raiding  he should  know  better  then  other  jockeys it is very  unfortunate  to follow  this season last race finally  they have  with  drawn  other wise  it also would have  lost Neil Darasha should  not play a tricky game  he will b suspended  very soon