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Disqualification of Sea Lagoon

By S C SHARMA | 22-May-2019

Today in sixth race The Trombay Plate a race for horses rated 60 and above over a distance of 1400 mts the 7 yr old dk bay mare Sea Lagoon won the race from fast finishing King of the world but later disqualified for carrying excess weight and the race awarded to second placed horse King of the world. Normally after the race at the time of weigh in horses disqualified ( if detected lesser weight ) for the reason carrying lesser weight, but carrying excess weight is a rare phenomena. How the excess weight not noticed while weigh out ? Or if the weight was correct while weigh out, how excess weight possible  while weigh in ? These questions are to be answered by the concerned race club, trainer Prashanth Pawar and jockey M Ayyar. That means something happened after the horses left the paddock and before arriving to saddling enclosure after the race ? This is a matter for through investigation and the facts should be placed before the racing public and who is responsible for that ? What kind of precautionary measured suggested to stop recurrence of such things ? What action club is taking against culprits who are responsible for doing this ?   Such things cannot happen unintentional? What was the intention behind all this ? Tomorrow such thing can happen with a favourite horse also ? What is the role of trainer and jockey in such happenings ? The race club should come out clearly and place the real facts before the racing public.

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M P Reddy said ...

On : 26-05-2019 12:01 am

I played 4K win &4K place at tote.since 30,40 years I follow my own numerology.I developed this knowledge through a book I read 42 years before totally numerology dealing with horse racing only.Numerology indicats generally a fluke horse only.At Mysore in race no 6 numerology indicated that horse 9 is going to win.Also it seemed to be possible to me after i have gone through its previous runs. Hence I played that amount.

As for Mysore race club authorities a student should be failed if he solves all the 20 problems correctly because  he was asked to attempt 15 problems only. Has the excess wt of that horse minimised the winning chances of other horses.if not what for it is disqualified.They should convince the punters who played on it .Should other clubs also follow the same rule. I think no club will follow this rule.Even if I had not played it I would have written this only.sorry to say like this.

S C SHARMA said ...

On : 24-05-2019 06:11 pm

Srinivasan Chakravarthy : It is surprising that while weigh out the club could not noticed the excess weight and while weighing in they noticed the excess weight and disqualified the horse. If they would have careful and noticed the excess weight while weigh out, it is their duty to allow the excess weight upto the permissible limit or correct it by disallowing the excess weight. It is a general practice at the time of parading horses in paddock club announces the actual weight carried by the horse either by claiming allowance or by carrying excess weight. In Sea Lagoon case what happened I don’t know? It is the duty of the club to ascertain the correct facts, what happened and who is responsible for all this mess-up leading to disquafication of the horse ?What  punishment club is awarding to the guilty person/official ? Otherwise things like this bound to occur repeatedly and the innocent racing public will suffer for their no faults. Keeping the above concern and the interest of punters in mind  I posted this matter and raised valid questions, need to be answered by concerned authorities in the interest of trust and fair game.

lightningstrikes said ...

On : 24-05-2019 11:47 am

With reference to the above said topic , my opinion is , in as much a photo replay is shown to judge the winner in a close finish why not the same rules apply to show evidence to the racing patrons whether the horse carried overweight or underweight ,just like proving live what really happened ! tomorrow the same may happen when the so come authorities will say the horse carried underweight , I’m shocked why the racing public were silent on this subject in my view this is day light robbery the poor punters must be agast at this result , wonder what more is in store ...


ask said ...

On : 24-05-2019 10:48 am

I fail to understand how come overweight can be a reason for disqualification.In fact it should be contested in court.


On : 24-05-2019 10:38 am

@SCS, The rules of club states any change of equipment to the previous run and over weight (I think up to 2Kg. allowed) to b e informed to club and necessery permission to be taken, but in this case it was not deone because they didnot know. Still I say it is the gross negligence of the person/club during weirh out. 

The trainers should take care of their wards, usually they are present during saddling.

The club should introduce double weigh out, that is 1. jockey +saddle and stirr-ups and  2. with added weights  to ensure the the correct weight to be carried by jockey..

As far as I know this is an unfortunate incident where punters lost where club has taken correct decision.


Arsenal said ...

On : 23-05-2019 11:25 pm

Disqualification is a very harsh punishment because carrying overweight does not put the other horses in the race in a disadvantage. 

Manikantan g said ...

On : 23-05-2019 10:41 pm

Yesterday 6th race disqualified sea lagoon, it's problem of club &trainer jockey, why should take public money, new rules no cancellation tickets this types rules to make punter fools,if favourite horse makes last in race,no enquiry that time  no steward all sleeping,put young steward for all club 

S C SHARMA said ...

On : 23-05-2019 10:06 pm

Srinivasan Chakravarthy:  As per your version some club official did this unitentionally as he might have forgotten the allowance claimance and put the extra lead pieces without bothering to ascertain correct weight to be carried. But in such case also responsibility should be fixed and the concerned official be awarded punishment, because of his mistake whether intentional or unintentional, the horse disqualified from first position. Our only concern is guilty should be punished so recurrence of such things should not happen.

GC Raj said ...

On : 23-05-2019 10:05 pm

in these incidents why punters should be punished , , soas suggested all ready ,ideal decision sholud have been either declare NON starter OR without altering the result punish heavily the involved jockey and trainer

Anoasku said ...

On : 23-05-2019 09:56 pm


I remember during early 2000, late B prakash was a jockey and had ridden a favourite (DONT REMEMBER HORSE NAME ) and had weighed 1.5kg extra after the run during mumbai season,

After the stewards enquiry, it was announced that there will be no changes in placings, only B prakash was warned..

Why different parameters for the same offence by different clubs, needs to questioned

Zubin said ...

On : 23-05-2019 04:21 pm

A simple way to loot punters money. If it's over weight, it should be declared a non Starter and bet money should be refunded.



On : 23-05-2019 12:31 pm

SEA LAGON has to carry 53Kg.

The procedure is the Jockey along with saddle and stirr-ups will be weighed, if weights (LEAD) to added it will added in the pouch equally on both the sides. In this case jockey weight is 50 Kg. and the allowance is 3Kg. Hence the adding wt. does not arise at all.!!!!

I think some body has fergotten about the allowance 3Kg. and added the wt.


Ramamani said ...

On : 23-05-2019 11:45 am

There are instances when horses are made to run carrying over weights around 2 kgs because of. the jockeys weight.Accepted that horses carrying lower weights are advantageously placed and hence can win.But carrying overweight is not advantage  and if it wins the credit goes to the horse/jockey.If they want to take action for this infringement let them take severe action on the jockey/trainer.Disqualificatio is not appropriate as neither the horse is at fault not the punter who has backed it

Goodbad13 said ...

On : 23-05-2019 02:04 am

Prashanth Pawar is known crook for a long time. I can only imagine that extra weights were shoved while coming back to winners enclosure since he might not have expected (instructed) jockey to win but at the end of day its the poor punters who bear the burnt for no fault of theirs.

Pa1 said ...

On : 22-05-2019 11:05 pm

Yes. Clubs should answer these questions. I played 1k win at 6to1 and 2k place at 1.5. how can punters know about overweight. Race club should know about this when wheghin.

niesh said ...

On : 22-05-2019 10:34 pm

Sharma ji ,this question is to be asked wid trainer and truf authorities punter should raise this question and put it in front of stewards, at least hey will consider if bit of shame is left and punetrs demands the detail explanation and measures to be done and followed by trainers, strict action should be taken on trainer and jockey.