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The Jayachamaraja wadiyar cup (GR3) 1400 M

By Abhishek Poman | 24-May-2019

THE JAYACHAMARAJA WADIYAR CUP GR (3) terms races 4 years old and over 1400m

Mauritania and Tutankhamun should fight it out for the first terms race of the season to be run on sunday 26-5-2019

1 Corfe Castle 4y bc 

excellent art (GB) MISS DANEHILL (IRE)  RATING 104  


this classic colt is younger brother of classic filly ruffiana. This colt started his carrer in hyderabad as a 2yr old and won easily by 4 lengths partnered by david allan. Till date has ran 12 races and emerged as winner in 5 races finished 2nd on 3 occasions finished 3rd once.AS a 3 yr old he finished 2nd to athenaeus in hyderabad in THE Darley Arabian million GR (3) by 31/4 lengths.He then went on to mumbai to win poonawalla breeders multimillion GR (1)  ahead of star superior who later was indian deby winner. He was then brought back to banglore and finished 2nd to desperado .He went on to hyderabad and won THE Kmahipathi Rao memorial golconda juveline million GR (3) RACE by 5 lengths He  then finished 2nd to star superior by 13/4 lengths in deccan colts championship stakes GR (3) , later he finished 3rd to star superior in deccan deby GR(1) . This classic colt then emerged as a winner in The golconda 2000G by 21/4 lenghths ahead of indian pharoah and rikki tikki tavi in the Kakatiya million GR (3) he easily finished ahead of accolade beating him by 11/4 lengths he finished 5th in sprinters cup and 9th in super mile GR (1) with jockey aksay kumar in saddle this younger colt will have a bold show

2 Mauritania 5y b g 

excellent art (GB) Classic sky  RATING 125

TRAINER S Padmanabhan

This classic gelding colt is winner of suresh mahindra multi million gr (2) this classic horse from stables of s padmanabhan started his carrer as a 3yr old and finished 2nd behind malawi by 21/4 lenghts .Till date has ran 15 races winner of 7 races finished 2nd 6 times.As a 3 yr old he emerged as winner ahead of shaman by 61/2 lenghts , he went on to finish 2nd behind classic sana by 1/4 lengths. He then ran 6th behind prevalent force in deccan colts championship GR ( 3)  he finished 2nd behind tutankhamun by 11/2 lengths in chennai. He went on to win shapoorji pallonji oil and gas banglore 2000G GR (2) BY 11/2 lengths beating automatic he finished 4th to whomakestherules in kolkatta in super mile GR(1) he then won 2 consecutive races in mysore he came to banglore and won banglore turf club trophy Gr (3) by a length ahead of tutankhamun followed by finishing 2nd to tutankhamun in ner year cup GR ( 3) He then finished 2nd to classic ruffiana in sprinters cup by 2 lengths and went on to win The suresh mahindra multi million trophy GR( 2) . His recent track work shows that he is in good form and with A sandesh in saddle he will be the one to beat

3 Tutankhamun 5 yb g 

Phoneix tower ( USA) dancerllon ( ARG)  RATING 119 

trainer S narredu

This classic gelding colt from the stables of S narredu made his debut as a 2yr old and easily won by 21/4 lengths in 1400m. Till date has ran 22 races winner of 9 races finished 2nd 4 times finished 3rd 3 times .He was brought to mumbai as 3yr old and easily won by 3 lengths in kunigal stud breeders produce stake GR(3) . He then finished 2nd to champion filly Ruffina in Poonawalla Bredders Multi Million Gr.1 he was brought back to banglore and finished 4th to Castlebridge in the Colts Championship stakes Gr.1 he then won race in Mysore in 4 horse field by 2 lengths. He then moved on to Hyd and finished 2nd by 1/4 lengths to Prevalent Force in Deccan Colts Championship Gr.3  he then finished 7th to Prevalent Force in Deccan Derby Gr.1 he was brought to South India and easily won by 11/2 lenghts to Mauritania in South India 2000G he finished 3rd to Mauritania by 11/2 lengths in banglore 2000G ( GR 2) he then emerged as a winner in south india sprinters trial stakes by 11/2 lengths in kolkata , he won by 1/2 length in chief ministers cup GR ( 3) In banglore ahead of captain courage and siobhan . he finished 4th to castlebridge in banglore city sprint championship gold cup GR (3) HE WON BY 31/4 LENGTH TO MAURTANIA in new year cup GR (3) he finished 2nd to mauritania in DP sharma memorial sprinters trial stakes GR (3) by snk he finished 3rd behind ruffiana and mauritania in sprinters cup and 5th in suresh mahindra multi million trophy GR (2) his recent track work shows that he is in good condition and with P trevor in saddle will have abold show

4 Cambridge 5 y ch g 

Burden of proof (IRE) CHIMERIQUE RATING 112 

Trainer Arjun mangalorkar

THIS 5 YR classic gelding colt has changed the stables from pesii shroff he started his carrer as a 3yr old in mumbai nad finished 2nd to kramer by 11/4 lengths .Till date has ran 14 races winner of 9races , finished 2nd once finished 3rd twice  he emerges as a winner in mumbai as a 3yr old finishing ahead of sereno by 2 lengths he won by verdict of sh hd in dakshin sub rae cup in pune he won by 13/4 lengths to kaneez he was taken to south india and finished 3rd to tutankhamun and mauritania in south india 2000G GR (2) he was then brought to mumbai and finished as a winner ahead of uncle srooge and summer rays in sohna stud million he easily won in 2 horse fielad ahead of supreme general by 2 lengths in the rusi plate trophy he then won in nirmal ruia trophy in pune by nk ahead of governor general he won by 1/2 length to new englang in pune city gold cup GR (3) he then won by a length to caprisca in dharmesh stud ac ardeshir trophy GR (3) he was then taken to kolkatta and emerged as awinner ahead of sana and shivalik showers in GR (2) RACE  he finished 3rd to sergent at arms in super mile cup GR (1) with neeraj rawal in saddle he will give a tough fight 

5 Captain Courage 7 y br g 

Admiralofthe fleet (USA)  celestrella rating 108

Trainer arjun mangalorkar

this classic 7 yr colt has changed the stables from pessi shroof he started his carrer as 2yr old and finished 4th to polished chrome till date has ran 21 races winner of 6 races finished 2nd once finished 3rd 5 times . his first winner came in 4th run in class 4 where he beat clouds of glory by 51/2 lengths , he then moved on to class 3 and easily won by 13/4 lengths ahead of cautious he was promoted to class 2 and taken to chennai and won by 11/4 lengths ahead of light of magic he again won in class 2 in pune ahead of rider on storm by 11/4 lengths he was promoted to calss 1 and won by 61/2 lengths ahead odf deep divethe then ran terms races and did not perform upto the mark as his trainer was known to train champion horses he emerges as a winner in sc jain sprinters championship GR (2) by 21/4 lengths ahead of st adrews now the colt moves to new stable and with ps chouhan in saddle will have a fight 

6 ACCOLADE 6Y b h 

Burden of proof ( IRE) Alnasreya (IRE) RATING 118

trainer SS attaollahi 

this classic 7 yr old colt has changed the stables of pessi shroff he started his carrer as a 2 yr old in mumbai and easily won by 13/4 lengths ahead of devoted eyes and ladislaus till date has ran 23 races winner of 5 races finished 2nd 7 times and 3rd once he finished 2nd to devoted eyes by 21/4 lengths as a 3yr old he then went on to win ponnawalla breeders multi millin GR (1) BY 33/4 lengths ahead of in my dream and common wealth he aws then taken to hyderbad and emerged as winner by 11/2 lengths ahead of whomakestherules in deccan colts championship stakes GR (3) He was withdrawn in deccan derby GR (1) AND WAS brought back to pune and emerged as a winner in pune derby by 4 lengths ahead of gemanicus and nmaid he was then taken to kolkatta and banglore where he finished off and on board few times he was brought back to pune and won by sh hd in pune bookmakers association turf club trophy GR (3) ahead of your royal majesty he has been shifted to new stable now and with s zervan in saddle will have a tough race 

7 Royal Sceptre 6 y b h


TRAINER Neil darashah 

This horse started carrer as 3yr old in banglore and finished ahead by 11/4 lengths ahead of mistress of spice till date has ran 18 races winner of 7 races finished 2nd once 3rd twice he has performed on and odff the board and with nikhil naidu in saddle will have to fight for an improved run

8 Smile Stone 9 y b g 

Juniper (USA) ALAM JEHA rating 110

trainer warren singh

This champion gielding colt has changed the stables he is one of the most experienced and old horse in the field this horse is joker in the pack and can perform on any day and can beat any field till date has ran 78 races winner in 13 races finished 2nd 12 times and 3rd 7 times with his regular partner M naveen in saddle will be the horse to wtach keeping aside his age on the particular day

9 Rikki Tikki Tavi 4 y dk b g 

Excellent art (GB) STRAVELLO (IRE) RATING 110

TARINER L V  R deshmukh 

This classic cold made his debut as a3 yr old in hyd and won easily by 3 lengths ahead of long range till date has ran 8 races winner in 1 race 2nd in 2 races 3rd thrice he was taken to hyd in 2nd run and finished 2nd to star superior by 53/4 lengths he was then brought to banglore where he hinished 3rd to sir cecil and star superior in colts championship stakes (Gr.1 he then finished 5th to sir cecil in kingfisher ultra derby banglore Gr.1 he finished 3rd behind corfe castlew and indian pharoah in goconda 2000G He finished 3rd behind indian pharoah and bradfield college in golconda derby stakes Gr.1 he hinished 2nd to sergent at arms by 41/2 lengths in maj pk mehra memorial super mile cup Gr.1 his recent track work shows he is in good condition and with suraj narredu in saddle will have abold show


Mauritania is the highest rated horse with rating 125 and Tutankhamun is the second highest rated horse with rating 119 both have ran with each other on more than 7 occasions the verdict of winning has been changing between them dependinng on the better horse on that day they both will have a fighting race Corfe Castle and Rikki Tikki Tavi the young colts will be the one to watch.

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29 Replies

Abhishek poman said ...

On : 27-05-2019 02:35 pm

yes sir will improve the write up and will give a good conclusion thanks for ur comment need every ones response and comments on article 

chanakya kaushik said ...

On : 27-05-2019 12:59 pm

@ Abhishek,

 A good  writeup, with   an  almost  correct  conclusion. My advice - be  a  bit  more  specific  in  final conclusion...

Abhishek poman said ...

On : 27-05-2019 11:50 am

Thank u 

Mahmood khan said ...

On : 26-05-2019 06:22 pm

@ Mr Ranjit

Hats off to you Sir, you really gave a very right and excellent observation of the race at Hyderabad. Those who followed you might have gone happy home. All the best and keep up the good worj

VK said ...

On : 26-05-2019 01:48 pm

Accolade play for profit not loose today

Tarun said ...

On : 26-05-2019 01:13 pm

A winner is always a winner in such races.  Mauritania has beaten all and Holds the course record for a sprint... though it is running 1400 today. It will go start to finish today. 

sharma s said ...

On : 26-05-2019 12:53 pm

Dear Ahishekh

You may be right in describing most horses as classic but not so in case of RIKKI TIKKI TAVI, the horse is winner of just a miden race.

Abhishek poman said ...

On : 26-05-2019 12:49 pm

Thank u friends for ur comments    Will try to share my views in terms races thank u for ur support.

Captain cook said ...

On : 26-05-2019 12:36 pm


Zubin said ...

On : 26-05-2019 12:29 pm

It's Cambridge all the way




Mad Max said ...

On : 26-05-2019 11:30 am

For me it is ACCOLADE finishing in Place Monely.  With little bit of luck it may upset this race.   RIKKI TIKKI TAVI is the dark horse.

godzilla said ...

On : 26-05-2019 10:40 am

What a big write up !!!!

Judiciously prepared RIKKI TIKKI TAVI [Suraj Narredu up] will fly from the rear and take them all.

Pramod said ...

On : 26-05-2019 10:30 am

The best horses can lose a race and the worst can win. without the element of uncertainty there would be no fun and no betting.

This is a terms race in which weights are assigned based on some criteria. but every horse has a rating which is based on performance and assessed by the official handicapper. 

In most of the races weights are carried as per the rating ( handicap races ). If this race was a handicap race, both CORFE CASTLE and RIKKI TIKKI TAVI would have to carry equal weight both having a rating of 108. But CORFE CASTLE carries 60 Kg as compared to 54 carried by RTT.

MAURITANIA is rated 9 points higher than RTT and should carry 4.5 Kg more. But it has to carry 6 Kg more as per the terms of the race.

Only cocern is that 108 rating of RTT came from a sudden jump from 77 to 108 based on its last run in Super Mile Race at Hyderabad where it finished 2nd to Sergeant At Arms and ahead of Cambridge, Whomakestherules and Corfe Castle.

Can RIKKI TIKKI TAVI do it again?

On handicap-- YES. On Class -- MAYBE.

Looks good for a PLACE.

Raj said ...

On : 26-05-2019 08:28 am

Rikki Tikki Tavi is the horse to beat.

100% Place.

Ashokmysore said ...

On : 26-05-2019 08:21 am



Is my choice choice for each way because in this race as many as 5 contenders are there 

Abhishek poman said ...

On : 26-05-2019 07:56 am

thank u all of u for your comments will try to write much more better articles in future need ur support Dharmesh sir arsenal sir I have hobby of writing articles and I have been doing it from many years but have been posting it since the time of invitation race thank u for support was trying to give detail information of horse from first run so that the readers can understand it in one stroke so the article was lengthy 

demoAK47 said ...

On : 26-05-2019 01:06 am

corfe castle it's gonna be a white lightening finish to steal d show

Shaikh said ...

On : 25-05-2019 10:00 pm

Hello friends 

This race is once in a year.

Lay as much as you can on Mauritania. 

Play as much as you can on cambridge. 

Thanks besofluckbye.

Suresh said ...

On : 25-05-2019 09:41 pm

Mauritania has missed his mock race. He may just need this run.

Ranjit said ...

On : 25-05-2019 09:25 pm


                           THANK YOU 

Arsenal said ...

On : 25-05-2019 09:12 pm

Abhishek bro.. I've read almost all your descriptions of graded and classic races... They're are all good and a pleasure to read... Keep going . . 

Dharmesh said ...

On : 25-05-2019 08:57 pm

Mauritania has the best credentials to win this race. 


James said ...

On : 25-05-2019 07:15 pm

Good try but very lengthy write up with lot of irrelevent information, would have been short and sweet insted.

Aditya said ...

On : 25-05-2019 06:44 pm

Mr.Abhi Shake i am into racing since last 12 years .. with all due respect would like to tell you cant judge anyone's knowledge in racing as more or less..sorry to say but ur write up was not soughted and more it was a jumble by which it was difficult to understand your analysis...just a suggestion for u to go through the racing previews by our experts on IR home will help you to improve ur hobby of writing if any..

Sentinel said ...

On : 25-05-2019 04:53 pm

Rikki Tikki Tavi has only won once, however he has run creditably against top class opposition and now gets a decent pull in the weights. Drawn well, he should give a bold show. 

Vishal said ...

On : 25-05-2019 01:32 pm

Nice one bro excellent description 

Manish baid said ...

On : 25-05-2019 12:57 pm

Nice description 

Abhishek poman said ...

On : 25-05-2019 12:56 pm

Friend aditya i have given my views and not winner i think u dont have any knowledge of racing so just chill bro 

Aditya said ...

On : 25-05-2019 12:19 pm

You already mentioned 4 horses which can win.. you can add remaining 5 as well to the winning list..