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War Hammer should complete hattrick in The Karnataka Juveline Million

By abhishek poman | 30-May-2019

The Karnatka Juveline million (GR3) 

Terms race/ 3 year old only 

The first terms race for 3 year old horses will be run in banglore on sunday 2-6-2019 . A total 11 runners out of which 7 colts and 4 fillies will participate in this main event of the day on sunday 

1 Blazer 3 y b c 

Lucifier sam (USA) - One track minded

trainer L D Silva 

This colt started his carrer in hyderabad as 2 yr old and finished 2nd to vijays singham by 10 lengths till date has ran 4 races winner of 2 races and finished 2nd twice . He then finished 2nd to Esteva in THE Aristrocrat plate by 23/4 lengths he then went on to win the tintinnabulation cup by 1 length ahead of miss marvellous and 13/4 lenth ahead of royal ruby , he then emerged as winner in Alcock arabian million (GR3) , he recently ran a mock race and finished 5th to star superior , prevalent force, dream catcher and rhapsody. In every run this colt has been partnerd by new jockey . He has been tracked with corfe castle in morning trials .His morning track work shows that he is in good condition and with C umesh in saddle will have a bold show 

2 Kariega 3 y b c 

Kingda (USA)- Smoke ring

Trainer Vishal gaikwad 

this filly is half sister to sakura , she started her carrer as a 2 yr old in mumbai and easily won by 31/4 lengths ahead of starringo and princess scarlet .Till date has ran 3 races winner of 2 races . She then finished 5th to hunt for gold and trouvalle in The Ebco Worksmart Brreders produce stakes (GR3)  she then emerged as winner by 4 lengths ahead of mishkas pride and tahiland in The Forbes Breeders Juveline fillies championship (GR3) , This challenger has travelled from western india she has been tracked regularly and with jockey akshay kumar in saddle will have a bold show

3 Trafalgar 3 y b c 

Western aristrocrat (USA)- Bluegrass 

Trainer J E Mckeown

this colt started his carrer in kolkatta and was witdrawn in his first outing, after that till date has ran 2 races and emerged as winner in both te races .He finished ahead of manzoni and fav atom ahead by 11/2 lengths in The BK Poddar cup. He then started as a fav in grand annual mile and easily won by 2 lengths ahead of topnotch and after shock , he has travelled from kolkatta and his recent track shows that he will give afight with jockey A Sandesh in saddle 

4 War hammer 3 y dkb c 

Air support (USA) - Soviet lake 

Trainer Prasanna kumar 

this classic in form colt is the local contender in the race and is improving with every run , he knows the track very wel it seems fom the 2 runs till date has ran 2 races and emerged as winner in both the races , he won the february plate easily by 51/2 lengths ahead of sir supremo who later emerged as winner in this season he then easily emerged as winner in THe Banglore Juveline million (GR3) BY 6 lengths ahead of star appearance who later emrged as winner in this season , this colt settles himself comfortably at the back of the field and spurts in last furlongs his recent track work shows that he is in pink ondition and with champion jockey p trevor in saddle will complete a hattrick 

5 Hunt for gold 3 y b f 

Leitir mor (IRE) - Pleasure hunt 

Trainer p shroff

this filly has travelled from wetern india from a champion trainer who is known for preparing classic horses . till date has ran 3 races winner of 2 races finished 3rd once . she started her carrer in mumbai and emerges as winner in her first outing by 21/2 lengths ahead of trouvalle in THE Kheem singh gold cup , she then again won in her 2nd outing by 13/4 lengths ahead of trouvalle in The Ebco worksmart breeders produce stakes (GR3) She then began fav in poonawalla breeders multi million (GR1) and finished 3rd to missing you . her recent trac work shows that she is in good condition and with neeraj rawal in saddle will have a bold run 

6 Missing you 3 y b c 

Arazan (IRE) - CHANGE OF LUCK    tainer Dallas Todywalla

this filly has travelled from western india till date has ran 3 races winner of 1 race finished 2nd twice . she finished 2nd to thailand by 11/4 lengths in her 1st outing , she fthen finished 2nd in her 2nd outing by 11/4 lengths to headway and emerges as winner by 11/4 lengths ahead of trouvalle and hunt for gold in poonawalla bredders multi million (GR1) race her recent track work shows that she is in good condition and with suraj narredu in saddle will give a fight to war hammer

7 Agni 3 y ch c 

Burden of proof (IRE) - Auxiliary

Trainer D Netto

this colt has travelled all the way from hyderabad till date has ran 3 races winner of 1 race finished 2nd and 3rd once . He started fav in his 1st outing and easily won by 2 lengths ahead of born greek  , he then finished 3rd in The darley arabian million (GR3) behind marinetti and consigliori he then finished 2nd by sh hd to tetra rama in the godolphin barb million (GR3) and was withdrawn in 4th outing his trackwork shows that he is improving and with S zervan in saddle will run a fighting race

8 Malwa 3 y b c

whatsthescript (IRE) - ONE PUNCH (USA} 

trainer SS attoolahi 

this colt is the local contender till date has ran 2 races winner of 1 race finished 3rd once . started his carrer as 2 yr old and easily won by 13/4 lengths ahead of silent guardin he was then brought to mumbai and finished 3rd to hunt for gold his recent track work shows that he is in good condtion and with ps chouhan in saddle will ahve abold show

9 Mystic bay 3 y b c 

Leitir mor (IRE) - MEMORY BAY 

TRAINER M narredu 

this colt has travelled from western india it may be a dark horse as the trainer is known to prepare the joker in the pack at long odds till date has ran single race and won by 21/4 lengths ahead of of galloping goldmine his recent track shows he his working wel and with yash narredu in saddle will be the joker in the pack

10 Royal crystal 3 y b c 

wetern aristrocrat (USA) - sparkling crystal ( IRE)

tainer Arjun mangalorkar 

there is change of stable for tis younger colt he is most experience colt in the field as he has ran 5 races with antony raj in saddle will have a fight with the rest of the field 

11 Princess annabel 3 y b f 



this filly has ran a single race and emerged as winner by 3/4 lengths ahead of royal crystal with S A amit in saddle will have a bold show

conclusion - war hammer from stables of prasanna kumar should complete his hattrick


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12 Replies

Abhishek poman said ...

On : 03-06-2019 10:31 am

thank u sir 

rehan said ...

On : 03-06-2019 05:02 am

Mad Max Sir What A Analysis Only You Can Do This. And Pls Post Ur Choices  Every Race Day. Best Of Luck Sir 

prabhakar pandurang more said ...

On : 02-06-2019 12:55 pm

Emotionly ,MISS YOU will win today.

Mad Max said ...

On : 02-06-2019 12:12 pm


In the Poonawalla Breeders Million HUNT FOR GOLD was the favourite, however the owners tried and won on their lesser fancied doosara. Dont forget "Missing you"  was heavily whipped in its last two runs. More than that the Rs. 94 Lacs winner getting only Official Rating of 58 is really a question mark to its class ?, whereas other lesser performed horses of her age carrying more penalty today. So MISSING YOU is a STRICT 'NO' for me today.

As per the terms of this race, penalties are as follows:

Kariega + 4.5 Kgs

Hunt for Gold + 4 Kg

Blazer + 4 Kg

War Hammer + 3 Kg

Trafalgar + 3 Kg

Missing you + 2 Kg.

So, Missing you, cannot win this race. Best Lay (Eat) Bet of the day.

Rrajesh said ...

On : 02-06-2019 10:28 am


any said ...

On : 02-06-2019 09:45 am

Hunt for gold win 

War hammer SHP 

shiv said ...

On : 02-06-2019 12:31 am

The KARNATAKA JUVENILE MILLION is considered as led up race to the upcoming Bangalore summer classics. Very interestingly this year an eye catching 8 outstation and just 3 local horses are lined up for the Sundays features event to be run over a 7 furlongs trip! 

Here is a short summary of the highly regarded classic hopefuls of the Indian racing circuit for year ahead!


KARIEGA 3y b f

Kingda Ka(AUS) - Smoke Ring(IRE)

Trainer: Vishal Gaikwad

Jockey: Akshay Kumar


Passionately breed and owned by  Nanoli stud. This bay fill is a Winner of The Forbes Breeders' Juvenile Fillies' Championship (Gr.3)over a mile trip at the tail end of the Bombay winter season. She had placed 5th in The Ebco Worksmart Breeders' Produce Stakes (Gr.3) 3.5 lengths short of "HUNT FOR GOLD" the winner. She seems to be more like a stayer this 7 furlong trip should be sharp for her to tackle! Akshay Kumar,  talented and lucky  pro in the saddle she can't be ignored! 



Western Aristocrat(USA) - Bluegrass Phenom(USA)

Trainer: J E Mckeown

Jockey: A Sandesh


Named after a historic place (Cape of Trafalgar ) in Spain, the naval war fought in 1805 between the British and Allied country (France and Spain) in the  Atlantic Ocean ! The British empire won the battle with out  losing a single ship! Now that's history. Coming to the point! 

This western aristocrat son is no doubt is a classic mold. He is Unbeaten in his 2 starts  and an impressive winner of "The Grand Annual Mile" at Kolkata over a mile trip. 


WAR HAMMER 3y dkb c

Air Support(USA) - Soviet Lake

Trainer: Prasanna Kumar

Jockey: P Trevor

Winnner of The Bangalore Juvenile Million (Gr.3) in the winter season, rattled the moderate field by 6 lengths!  he seems to be having  serious engine within him. This time is ability will be tested. 

Hot  favorite in the betting ring! 



Arazan(IRE) - Change Of Luck

Trainer: Dallas Todywalla

Jockey: Suraj Narredu

Emotionally named bay filly is  Winner of The Poonawalla Breeders' Multi-Million (Gr.1) has emotional attachments to his connection, she has improved a bit late but striked it rich at the right time! She is the one to be beaten. 






ace1 said ...

On : 01-06-2019 03:54 pm

WAR HAMMER and TRAFALGAR will fight it out.

Mad Max said ...

On : 01-06-2019 10:38 am

WAR HAMMER: Before Race No. 166 War Hammer 38, Star Appearance 31, Post race War Hammer rated 54, and Star Appearance 36.   Star Appearance since then won a race this season and rating gone upto 55 (9.5 Kgs up).  That itself shows a War Hammer is destined to go up in class and ratings.  He is the lone challenger from Bangalore (other one Malwa had a Mumbai run) can take on Mumbai, challengers ?

Rating according to stake winners:

Missing you 93,95,386  (Rating 58)

Hunt for Gold 29,15,100 (Rating 51)

Blazer 20,18,850 (Rating56)

Kariega 18,67,950 (Rating ?)

Agni 11,80,565  (Rating 50)

War Hammer 10,51,10 (Rating 54)

Trafalgar 8,56,000  (Rating 54)

Royal Crystal 7,09,810 (Rating 51)

Malwa 5,72,500 (Rating 40)

After seeing the stakes and rating of other horses,  I think it is going to be an open race. I wont play War Hammer. 

sachin said ...

On : 31-05-2019 09:24 pm

It's going to be ding dong battle between 

Missing You & War Hammer

Suraj is upper hand 

Trever will try hard

Zubin said ...

On : 31-05-2019 01:30 pm

Hunt for gold fight out with War Hammer..

Fitness will be a key to this Race.




Arsenal said ...

On : 31-05-2019 09:44 am

Missing you and mystic bay should follow war hammer