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Riding of Ryan Marshall

By C1000 | 03-Jun-2019

Dear All,

I would like to get the views of punters on Ryan Marshall riding on Brothers in Arms (26 May 2019) and Sahara (01 Jun 2019). 

As per me in both the riding he put his hands down before 50 meters from the winning post and allowed other horses to take over his horse. 

I played both these horse and lost because of his over confident and intentional riding to lost the race.

For more clarity please check his riding on CONSTANTINOPLE on 18 May 2019 where he was clear from the field and he was pushing the horse till he pass the winning post. It means that if the connection wants to win they will push the animal else he will hook the horse just like that.

Is the authorities who watch these races does not know that he is not tried his horses and why there is no action on him?



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13 Replies

Varun said ...

On : 06-06-2019 12:00 am



Thats racing brother,  Ryan Marshall is a jockey for preparing classic horses like Serjeant at Arms, he only gives trackwork just to prepare horses and to see how fit the horse is for the next assignment, please do avoid playing him in races.

Regarding punters loss, no one can be blamed, either jockeys mistake by easing his mount after final 100 mts, or owners doesnt want to win.

Its upon punters decision to play him or not.

godzilla said ...

On : 05-06-2019 12:15 pm

RM is excellent on giving track works to classic horses. Owners/Trainers can trust him.

The owners/trainers should give mounts on good horses in case of jockeys like R Marshal, R Shelar, N Jodha, Togrulu, and others who win rarely.


Ashok kumar L.S. said ...

On : 05-06-2019 11:24 am

R Marshall  is a ordinary  jockey when he raids hot favourite  horse  it is understood  this horse  will not win

Logic is very  clear in such instances  stewards  shoud make race null a d void

So the raceing  is fair enough or they should  make an enquiry  and satisfy  race lovers

Always  Honest  will  win


Srinivasan said ...

On : 04-06-2019 09:25 pm


In my life I have played R.Marshal twice 1. Speedsix (several years back) and 2. Saint Petersburg in Mysore.

He raids for his livelyhood. It is better to ignore him,because he rarely gets few winning mounts and most of his service is utilised in morning track work.

Please think hundred times before placeing a bet on R Marshal.

Thank you

Santhosh said ...

On : 04-06-2019 06:56 pm

@ Varun

Does an enquiry opened on a lost race will give back the investment of punter, owners may get the amount if some horse is disqualified after enquiry, but what about the helpless punter

Varun said ...

On : 04-06-2019 03:40 pm

Enquiry has been held after sahara lost the race, lets wait for official reports.

Aravind said ...

On : 04-06-2019 02:04 pm

Anyway now what you have said is BRother in Arms it's understandable coz of more competitive field. But in Sahara race there is none to beat him. RM s solely responsible for the loss.punters loss huge investments.

Srisri said ...

On : 04-06-2019 02:02 pm

Yes, your right his negligency and over confident on brother in arms lost the place ..

Deepak said ...

On : 04-06-2019 02:02 pm

Because he already told him like that instructions that's y raiding like,,,

Ashok said ...

On : 04-06-2019 01:47 pm

Never play Ryan marshal on fav,he never does justice to it ,as it is he gets very little ride and if his horse becomes fav ,he will be ride to potential 


AK said ...

On : 04-06-2019 01:12 pm

This kind of riding needs a strict action against the jockey but alas we live in India where racing is a Business than a Sport..

Hals said ...

On : 04-06-2019 01:03 pm

Yes u r correct. On Sahara R. Marshall once overtook the front runners was of the view that the race is safe for him , stopped riding and finally lost because of over confidence. If Trevor is engaged they might have got little less odds, say 70/80 paise but win is certain and now they lost the capital itself. When will they learn. Ofcourse many punters are also loosing on such horses. It better advised not to bet on such low class jockeys. Thanks.

Pardeep said ...

On : 04-06-2019 12:11 pm

Yes he completely stopped riding from last 100 mtrs over confidence riding.