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ARTFUL Simply Too Good For Rivals

By S C SHARMA | 05-Jun-2019

Full kudos to trainer C D Monnappa for training of Artful in ship shape condition and the full brother to Gintoki and half sister to Desert Lilly (out of Varenar-Sine Qua No) proved too good for her other 10 runners/rivals and smashed the field with a good turn of foot making it start to finish affair in debut run in a very smart time of 1.10.62 for a six furlong trip.

Being a first timer I thought she may need a outing but when tons of load coming in for betting, it was clear her connections are fancying her to trounce the opposition. Cracksman have to content for second place and wait for his turn to clear maiden status. My first choice was Cracksman and second choice was Artful but after watching the run of Artful I have to admit that she was simply too good and superb.

What impressed me most is Artful shot to the front and travelling at very fast pace and never allowed any rival to come nearer and won easing up and her timing for this trip is very very good, rated almost to class 1 and 2 horses.  Lot will be more heard about her in coming days and she will be real danger over sprint races and likely to retain her supremacy over others.

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smart-still-poor-punter said ...

On : 07-06-2019 10:03 am

@ S C Sharma

     It's always a thrill and soul-satisfying experience when a horse that we pick (which means we also tip?) comes to the fore and wins the race. Even if it raises a good gallop and loses by a short head or neck, we are not ready to accept the defeat because according to us the horse MUST win. It's here I say that the connections come into play. I have hundreds of examples to cite during my truncated about 25 years of racing experience. I used to burn the midnight oil on many days to select between an Aslam and a Pesi, a Satish Narredu and a Malesh Narredu and a Prakash and a Rajendra to conclude who is superior. From bloodline to track works and even swimming, I used to spend hours together selecting my horses. After doing all the hard work and playing my choice, I will find the result going negative. This is one primary reason why I gave up betting. I too have played in unitgs (10 K + 1 tax) for several long years, winning on a very few occasions and relatively losing most times. I am not trying to discouraging anyone here. In fact, I am a great admirer of your selections and used to wonder what would have been the fortunes if only some of your longer-odds been picked as tips by followers of money?

@ G C Raj

    Horse racing, since the days they were started centuries ago, had the element of gambling in it and, therefore, no one can call it genuine. Behind the scene arrangements are what mostly deciding that happen on the field. Unless and until the connections feel that it's the right time to bet, no horse can win. That's why the handicapper says every horse in a field has equal ability to win (from top to bottom weight). Similarly, fancied horses don't mostly favour the followers. The beginning of any season will be good to attract more punters and once the season hots up, you can see upsets ruling the roost. Even then we may curse the jockeys only as they are the ones who actually guide the fortunes of a horse. Very little do a majority of punters realise that the orders have already been given 'to run' or 'not to run'. Of course, the Classic races can be still relied upon but why you come across upsets there too is only due to the fact that many owners, having an eye on such plum events, don't reveal the real potential of their horses till then. Horse racing is a big ocean and our struggle will continue like this. Here again, I am not cursing anyone but just trying to share the truth. I still wish each and everyone all the best in their sincere efforts.

GC Raj said ...

On : 06-06-2019 11:22 pm

I agree with small still poor punter.

Best example is House sHAHRA in Bangalore .Even though it had the merit to win in the hands of R.Marshal, there was no green signlas from the connections.Eventhough my experience was telling me , putting RM as Jockey itself is negative, I thought this set is weak like that and I lost 10 k.

S C SHARMA said ...

On : 06-06-2019 04:03 pm

Small-still-poor-punter: We give our picks based on merit only but among our narrow down choices if a second best picked horse backed down heavily particularly in the case of first time runners than coming down of odds or drifting of odds matters most. But not in all other cases. As far as class 1,2 and 3 races are concerned and middle and long distance races are concerned merit works the best compare to short distance races and thats why even after backed down heavily number of horses loosing also. Mere backing of a horse by owner is not the only  criteria. Bloodline, distance, weight, jockeyship, track, rating, fitness of the horse, race day incidents and veterinary reports like number of parameters influence and effect the running of the horse and this we take into account while calculation of merit.

My other point is if merit and betting odds are matching than punter tempts and plays with extra confidence  and more than the normal stake and if not,  than punter changes his mind and choice and many times this also become a reason for loss. Every time betting trend and much focus and observation  of fluctuation in odds is not paying, number of times this will confuse also. So, don’t neglect merit.  Pay attention and focus on merit,don’t deviate. In long range and for selected class and terms races merit pays a lot.


GC RAJ said ...

On : 06-06-2019 03:56 pm

Dear friends

Cograjulations to all those WHO TIPPED THIS HORSE FOR WIN.

This horse not only WON like a champian on its maiden appeaernce and also clicked a smart time of a class 2 animal. Eventhough its track work was NOT so good  how it became so hot favorite ,

can any one in this forum please talk about its PEDIGREE please.

smart-still-poor-punter said ...

On : 06-06-2019 10:43 am

@ S C Sharma


     This is the point I have been trying to stress. Unless and until the connections fancy, the chances of a horse is winning is bare minimum. It means all the hard work that we do before the start of the race goes meaningless. Not many people are ready to agree with this and always feel that they are the 'King' in selecting the winning and placing horses. We may do any amount of home work but the ultimate king is the owner of the horse, who will have to give necessary instructions. If both the connections and our choice coincides, the horse emerges winner. That's all! 

SPS said ...

On : 06-06-2019 10:01 am

Dear S C Sharma

Don't take on ????

Mr. Sharat Sharma a Tipster of great repute has also recommended horse # 3 as his days best. I always follow his tips along with your tips . Although I lost 1.5 unit ( for me 10k +tax is 1 unit) but I least bother. Very soon it will be covered. Not  only this I am (+) by 5  units on of your tips.

I would like to contribute a penny from my long observation.

(1) First Run after gelding rarely Win.  (2) When shoes are changed from Aluminium to Steel is also a negative factor.

Market has senced this as seen by drifting odds. Unfortunately I played in the beginning over phone.


Surendra Prasad Sao

shyamk said ...

On : 06-06-2019 06:56 am

Aptly this rate it will repeat.

S C SHARMA said ...

On : 06-06-2019 01:28 am

CORRECTION:  In the above post by mistake it was mentioned by me that Artful is full brother to Gintoki. . Actual fact is she is full sister to Gintoki. I regret very much for this lapse and mistake occurred by me. Pl. read as full sister to Gintoki. Thanks.