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Ooty Horses Scratches before coming start the race.

By Abbas J | 06-Jun-2019

Hello All, 

Stop playing Ooty races, Every race at Ooty there is always Scratches/Withdrawn of horses, than why entered the horses. And if you play any Bet for Win/Place, Forcast,,Quinella or SHP ETC. Horses get Scratches/Withdrawn before coming starter order. Lot of punter don't notice last minutes withdrawn horses and assuming there horse last, either throw away the tickets or left for homes. This is another way cheating by the Ooty Race Authoities . So don't play Ooty races unless they allow only genuine withdrawn. 


Best of luck

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3 Replies

Skumar said ...

On : 07-06-2019 05:42 am



half your money goes in withdrawals and and 40% goes in jockeys falling down ... v v daisy centre ..... even if you term this RC as holiday recreation and fun .... the fact is u r emptied of your money which worries a lot, the punting clan is anyways a eternal readymade fool available to all RC”s.



raghavan said ...

On : 06-06-2019 09:03 pm

Abbas bhai,

Ooty races are for fun.  I am really shocked to see bets of 2000, 3000 etc in Ooty races.  Some people bet still higher amount.  Well.  Very few earn big, but the majority are losers!

My advice is for Ooty races do not bet more than 500/- per race.  As far as I am concerned, my bets are 200/- only.  Only when there is c/f trinella, I will risk 300/-.

Regarding your comment about withdrawals:

Withdrawals for good reason or dubious reason can not be considered as an attempt to cheat the punters.  I think bookies will pay the bet amount on withdrawn horses  next day also.  Now, as far as totes are concerned, the punter has to just keep the tickets in his wallet, see the full result in the comfort of his house, and claim dues if any the next racing day.  If he throws away the ticket, he has to blame himself.  I do not think club has any mischevous ideas.

The trainers, owners, bookies etc may indulge in dubious tie ups & withdraw a horse which had the fighting chance to win/place.  No one can do anything about that.   You call that fraud?  Well.  Tell me about something in race course which is honest!


S C SHARMA said ...

On : 06-06-2019 08:48 pm

Withdrawal of horses not new to punters. May be at Ooty it is happening very often. Each withdrawal has its own reasoning and without valid reasons (once horse is accepted to run,)  can't be withdrawn. Last minute withdrawals cause many problems for everyone.  In some tote pools and in bookmakers ring punters get refund but in some tote pools it is transferred on tote favourite horse. Number of times due to this  policy/decision of race clubs, punters  lost their jackpot and trebel for their no fault. As far as destroying or throwing away of betting cards or tote tickets is concerned, punters have to be careful. They are suppose to ensure all horses in the race ran or not and  if any withdrawals are there, not to forget to claim refund. If punters themselves overlook or not bother to check the withdrawals, nobody can help them. After all they have to value their money and careful in this regard. First winning is difficult and further if  they loose money by their own negligence by distroying or throwing withdrawn horses card or tickets  than  it is very very pity and they have to be careful. Race clubs will not  take any responsibility' for such kind of acts of punters.