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How To Eliminate Non Serious Contenders

By S C SHARMA | 03-Jul-2019

There is a saying -  Enter the water if you know swimming.  Similarly crossing the road at peak traffic is always risky, when you have alternate facility of subway/ safe passage to cross the road. If a person knowingly do above such things and invite troubles than nobody can help and rescue such persons.

There is only one way in racing to win by hard working and enriching the knowledge of profitable techniques and strategies and success cannot be a walkover unless you work hard to achieve.  Over dependency on luck, instead of proper working and undue belief in numerology and astrology  won’t yield successful results  always and will not help much in long run, until you decides to take good care and value your investment of time and money.  There are over a dozen ways to lose and search for excuses and blame game.

Horse racing is based on a system of handicapping and analysing in which  non serious contenders make the size of the field big and confuse the horseplayers. How to eliminate these non serious contenders, participating in most of the races? Pay little attention on the following points and eliminate non serious contenders.

1) Horses not seen on track for many days or not regular at track work.

2) Horses running after long lay offs or running after a gap of more than eight weeks. ( Exception classic horses and runners of graded races ) 

3) Horses troublesome at gates, often rears up badly, take slow or awkward jumps or drifting, shifting under pressure or in habit of going wide in straight.

4) Blood vessel broken horses, frequently suffering training set back horses or under long treatment horses.  Pay attention to race day and veterinary reports for drugs positive or pending enquiry matters related to running and riding.

5) Horses entered over unsuitable distance. Change in distance from sprint distance to long distance or from long distance to sprint distance. 

6) Running with classic contenders or in terms races where horse is disadvantageouly placed as per age, weight or points rating wise.

7) Paddock looks not encouraging or not good such as dullness, wetting or sweating, no skin/coat shinning, bandages in front legs, tossing up head frequently up and down or side to side, pinning back ears, stamping of feet, rearing up badly and not allowing the jockey to sit etc.,

8) More than 15 to 20 kg difference in body weight of the horse   compare with best performance -run- weight of past few runs.

9) Age group matters most in sprint races when running with youngster age group horses. Older age horses should run in their own age group, more so over running in short distance races.

10) If the rating of jockey and trainer is far below, less than five percent.

11) Avoid no whip jockeys mounts in middle and long distance races.Speedy horses can win over short distance races without whip.

12) Avoid horses ran three times and unplaced over the same distance and again preferred to run for same distance without change in equipment and racing centre.

 These are some important points to eliminate non serious contenders from actual race. There may be some exceptions but normally and by and large this theory works well and helps a lot in study, analysing and arriving at right fruitful conclusions for selecting a horse for betting.

Wishing everyone enjoyable and profitable racing.

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81 Replies

ruchi said ...

On : 10-07-2019 10:03 am

@ zedzz, no harm in charging nominal amount for service rendered There are people who charge lakhs ,what i charge is just peanuts.

Your   remark  "GREED"  was not in good taste. Any way lthats the way life is...

good luck and god bless you sir

Ruchi said ...

On : 09-07-2019 07:49 pm

@ Zedzz

Sir,I do recall when my blog was free and when I used to post in HT you were also one of the many who had benefitted by longshots.Its God's grace that I still maintain even today and which I used to day then when many of you were happy with the ratings.its by his grace that I got right intuition and analysis.

But then your term GREED was really not warranted for.what if someone charges for service rendered? It's the rule of life ,MUKESH AMBANI,charges for oil Sachin Tendulkar,virat all don't play for free.

Sir, my charges are very nominal when compared to lakhs what some tipsters charge.

It's very very nominal.

That is what I wished to clarify that's all and HV a good day

Zeddzzz. said ...

On : 07-07-2019 11:21 pm

Dear Sharma, 

With All Due Respect To You And Your Racing Knowledge. 

Just Want To Say That All The Points You Mention In Your Post Are Very Common.  Nothing New Or Extraordinary. These Are Good For The Very New Or For The Punters Who Don't Want To Study And Yotally Depend On People Like You, Who Alwayz Tip The First Or Second Favourites As Choices.  And Fortunately  For You,  Now A Dayz The 1st n 2nd Favourites Are Winning Frequently.  Never Seen You Tip A Horse Whose Odds Were More Than 3 To 1. Even 3 To 1 You Did Not Tip Until Now. 

Gone Are The Dayz When The Late Vamanan Used To Tip Only One Horse With Logic And Very Very V Confidently At Quite High Odds.

After Vamanan,  Saw Ruchi Gave XxXxX Tremely Good Tips With Logic And D R. At Quite High Odds. Unfortunately Hiz Greed Took Him Away From UK. 

We Have Some Very V V V V Good, Sombre And Ever Relaible Tipsters Like Dharmesh, Kabir,  Chanakya, The Ever Green Godzy And Many More Who All Are Giving Selfless And Greedless Services To Poor Punters.

Mad Max Struck A Purple Patch In Between. Whatever He Uzed To Tip, Started Clicking. Suddenly Hiz Strike Rate Gone Down, But Still Doing Good.

Raj Original Also Came With A Purple Patch. He Strike Rate Waz Also Quite Impressive. Still Trying Hiz Best.

We Had Some Oldie Goldies Such Cruise_Bangalore,  Golden Viper (Still Writing On Other Website).

Compare With The Above,  Believe Me You Are Absolutely Nothing.

As For Prakash Gosavi,  I Rate Him Lower Than You. 

You Are Just A Good Writer And An Average Tipster. 

That's All.

Ruchi said ...

On : 07-07-2019 12:52 pm


Thanks for the clarification .I was getting both these horses in my working but got mislead that since it's not on track it may be difficult

I really thank you for this clarification.I appreciate the humble way you have clarified and look at the  very arrogant way the same point was replied by the so called Racing expert in some other thread

My confusion was many times the body weight goes up wen horse is not on track after last run.Such horses HV lost so.....

Reddy M said ...

On : 07-07-2019 12:24 pm

sir, I value your tips / sujession seriously. If any other system is working for others they have all the liberty to fallow their own system, as your system is your own. No body is forcing athers to fallow. In fact I feel that some bookmakers agents are in this healthy debate to confuse the gulliable puners. pls do post your tips for ardent fallowers. Thanks. Reddy, M.

Transparency said ...

On : 07-07-2019 12:22 pm

Yesterday stated that Moon is strong and denoted by Card/Draw No 2 /7.Played Fav at 70p Won 700

Played Indian Democrat lo(No place odds) lost 1000

Played Chauhan No 2 in place 70p Won 700

Played Diamond Rs 500 Win place 1000 lost  1500

Played Mischief 500 win 1000 place Won 3500 and just scrapped for  overall profit while enjoying barbeque kabab ,fish along with pint as usual whenever attending .(No replies to few liars here as it is known to Real Attending Punters and Bookies ) Everybody is at liberty to follow whatever theory which ends in few pennies plus rather than empty pockets and Nobody knows odd while posting so playing bet is self choice .


On : 07-07-2019 12:15 pm


In his lead post Mr Sharma seems to have given thumb rules which will be useful mainly for newcomers and beginners. There will be exceptions. The connections are also aware of these filters and hence some shrewd trainers try to beat these filters time and again. If possible, for the benefit of all Mr Sharma being from the industry may like to share the names of such trainers and their method of preparing the horses despite there being no reported track work.

 Chanakya and Kolramsri,

 My question is about the need felt by those who conduct such classes or tipping service. The only reason I can see is that it creates a legal source of income and a name (brand) for them.

 Aswin Patel,

 Your post of 4.7.19: From the race goers point of view I am yet to come across a winner finding class or paid tipster who guarantees a minimum strike rate or degree of certainty or percentage returns. The inherent blind spots or blind areas in racing do not allow them to do so. I sometimes wonder what could be the use of the learning if it does not give a significantly high strike rate. I guess the classes however would provide intellectual stimulation, a sense of organized learning and the paid tips are a substitute for lack of time or ability to do one’s own selection.


ruchi said ...

On : 07-07-2019 07:24 am

See my post in this thread on the wonders of ASTROLOGY.In this thread itself i had mentioned the connection between VENUS (6) and MARS (9) and how they WIN one race following each other or during the day.


This pattern works either way in CARD and DRAW. That is IF DRAW win then DRAW Follows.

So another proof of ASTRO for Doubting thomas. 

raghavan said ...

On : 07-07-2019 05:46 am


I read in an advertisement in BOL race book.

75,000/- is the fees, prescribed, but people who are really serious and who book their seat in advance will get a hefty dividend of 25,000 /-.  The handicapping class is conducted by Prakash Gosavi.  The fee includes GST and also charges for breakfast, lunch, snacks.

20 seats!  This I was not knowing.  Anyway, giving margin for all expenses, air fare etc, I think P G will be richer by min 5 lakhs.  A decent amount.  Let us just cheer Prakash Gosavi.  Because he had earned a very decent amount as paid tipster and also as instructor in racing subjects.  He has the required track record and commands credibility.  PEOPLE ARE READY TO PAY FOR HIS LECTURES.

If, I, you or Chanakya desire to run such lecture classes, we may advertise that for every student who join the classes we pay a stipend of 20,000/- per day plus all expenses like a/c accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, liquor.

ASWIN PATEL said ...

On : 07-07-2019 01:14 am


Track work is neccesarry, NOT ESSENTIAL, besides if a horse is running within 3 weeks one can ignore that neccesity if  the last run was suguestive it can be taken as a mock race .Track work is a pointer to present day fitness ( condition ) that's all

Any imporvement after the run is what one need to look for.besides noting the horses weight after its last run would enable you to make a better judgement.

kolramsri said ...

On : 06-07-2019 10:26 pm

Most sensible posts from ASWIN PATEL (4.7.2019) and in no uncertain terms there is another one from GLASGOW PRINCE. (5.7.2019) remains unattended. I never sought any tips from anybody, To pay and get tips somewhat appears, the height of madness. As such, I have no idea.

Chanakya reported somebody charges 75,000 rupees for three days tuition. Even after wasting 52 years in Horse Racing, I am yet to pinpoint 2 place bets, which will get15/10.It is the biggest shock of my life., that the tricks of the trade can be mastered in 3 days time. If you don' get any further posts from me, you can conclude that I am paralyzed. One solace is there. Raghavan assured me he will pray for my health.,

Deepak said ...

On : 06-07-2019 09:10 pm

Shramajii who ever say are my well wisher and I will follow you..awaitinh for tomorrow pic sir please post sir

Indian_Turf_Record said ...

On : 06-07-2019 08:36 pm

BLARNEY STONE was also selected by Purshothm, Ramesh Gurrapu, Splendor and againstodds. 

Ruchi said ...

On : 06-07-2019 08:19 pm



won after horses were NOT ON TRACK AFTER LAST RUN


" Horses shd be on track after last run"

Guys if racing was that easy then the likes of experts here would have roaming in audis


Mahie said ...

On : 06-07-2019 04:05 pm


Good to see that you kept your word after result and appreciated Ruchi. 

No harm in opposing someone, however it should be on right grounds and right set of words should be choosen. Specially when you refer to someone like Ruchi who has proved his point many a times and was a regular contributer to this site up to couple of years back. 

Thanks and best regards


S C SHARMA said ...

On : 06-07-2019 03:49 pm

GODZILLA: I need not to bring mirror to show your face to you are others, because it is visible to others, not to you, because you don’t want to see and face the reality. You forgotten the words that kids can pick winners,  ladies picks favourite horses, and when non favourite wins you make hue and cry, start blaming  race clubs that they are  setting races as earlier you did in case of RWITC. Number of times you suggest horses to play any amount, recover all losses and the result you know ?   horses not even placing on board, than you say I played some other horse and recovered. 

You have the right to play any horse of your choice but and  claim the success  after the race but not making fool to others, before the race you pick different.  You  guide according to your plan or strategy . When questions put to others by name, you come in picture and start your interpretation. When I submit my post, your reaction is it is a simple and known to all. May be because you think yourself as master. Just read what others say about you. Readers take their own stand regarding  complimenting and rejecting. Readers gave you many awards by reacting angrily and showing their resistence to your many non sense activities which I need not to quote here, to maintain decency and decorum. My point  is you stick to your views and strategy but don’t give others school boy treatment, thinking yourself as a principal.

KV said ...

On : 06-07-2019 03:23 pm

BLARNEY STONE THE 15/1 shot almost won and ran a fighting second

MY HATS OFF to the DYNAMIC HANDICAPPER and ASTRO guy for such a out of box choice.I now fully endorse his statement can the so called experts give such choice Think?

Ruchi said ...

On : 06-07-2019 02:51 pm

@ Mahie

Yes my mistake it is written by seshadri iyer I got confused with the set of books titled THE WINNERS COURSE. Which is written by Dr Satysnarsyana.

Dr Satysnarsyana was from a small town called Machlipatnam in Andhra Since I have some affinity to read Astrology books I have this set too 

chanakya said ...

On : 06-07-2019 01:33 pm

@ Aswin P.,

Fiirst point -  type  my  name  correctly.

second  point-  I  know, PG  is  a very  good, knowledgeable person  in  this  game  and needs  no  backing. I've  attended  some  of  his  free  classes at  RWITC!  Because  of  his  expertise  he  can demand  and  get  what  he  wants - was the  point, I made.

third  point-  try  to  understand  the  meaning  of  the  words -  I use...  

KV said ...

On : 06-07-2019 12:36 pm

Hello friends

I came to know from sources that the so called ASTROLOGY expert based on his expertise on Rating and Astrology has tipped to his friends BLARNEY STONE AND AMBERCROWN BOTH outsiders .Both each way and clims sure to place

He challenged some here to give at least one fluke outsider be it even for place


My take he will fall flat and both the above will not come.If even one of the above outsiders see the finishthen hats off 


kolramsri said ...

On : 06-07-2019 12:07 pm

.Anyone gives more than one in the selection column, it clearly indicates the lack of confidence and an element of uncertainty. Do all the punters play the first choice given by the racebook they have in their hands? No.. People ask an opinion., in the fond hope, it matches with their choice. Books and Newspapers show only one side. Always a winning side. Many write in such a complicated way, which makes you think they are experts and dabble in millions. Not so. Some may be college dropouts, had some experience as a Pencilar with a Bookmaker. If you are in the ring, you will be bombarded with a plethora of choices, when the card is tricky, Don't create a bet, all because you are there. I am yet to see a Newspaper or a Race Book, which gives a list of horses which will not Win. Because of they themselves in the dark. Always a list of winners only, from the available information, which punters also knows. Ruchi is right. He asks for a single outsider, and not to choose from a bundle thrown at him.

godzilla said ...

On : 06-07-2019 11:09 am


I am reproducing below my posting on playing Automatic


Ranganathan Saheb

Yes agreed. Worst selections by me. However, I could make up half the loss by playing Automatic place at 3 1/2. Instead, if not behaved like a chicken hearted  guy and gone for a win bet on Automatic, I would have been the richest puntersand left the Race Course. Still lot to learn and play some cross batted shots to come out of the grave. Automatic was quoted at 15 to 1, closing, which I missed. 


Can anyone call this as Self Praise ?

Yes I tipped IsntShe Lovely. The odds were only 40nP. Should I have no right to bet on other good horses if the odds on my choice were cramped ?

I expect you will respond.

raghavan said ...

On : 06-07-2019 09:05 am

Glasgow Prince,

Why or how persons with decent academic record keep on losing money in horse betting?

Your academic brilliance has no relevance in raace betting.  At the best you may stop betting for the day after losing 4 or 5 bets.  You are sure to visit the race course next day.

Some people say gambling is a disease.  Some people say it is ego problem.   You may be earning 1 lakh or 1.5 lakh a month and without any profit from horse betting you can lead a comfortable life.  But, the lure of tax free gain from gambling is too tempting.  And needless to say you will be sucked deeper and deeper and there is no way you come out of that trap.

The Government has done a great thing in introducing GST which is 28% for race betting.   If you look at the statistics of foot falls, there are thousands of tote players from BNG who have said good bye to racing.  I think, that is the best achievement of present Government.

Do not spend money on learning the winning strategy.  Try to give up the habit of betting.  I know it is difficult.  But that is not impossible.  Do I sound like a pessimist?  Whether my words are too negative?  Let it be.  

It is better to be pessimistic and avoid betting rather than being optimistic and lose your pant & shirt.

Why I am betting in races in spite of knowing that race betting is a sure loss exercise?  I have no answer.  The biggest chance to stop betting came when the Govt announced GST about 2 years back.  But, I am continuing.  I only hope to stop this in an year's time!  Let us see, what FATE has in reserve for me.

Ruchi said ...

On : 06-07-2019 08:15 am

@Mr Munich

This topicstarted  somewhere and going somewhere. My emphasis was that ASTROLOGY does work and may be I also went overboard in my narration in favour of same 

Secondly I have observed that in Horse Talk it's the lesser modest tipsters who really predict well and really give Goli  bets.

My emphasis was on the so called experts ,there are about 5 or 6 of them who dish out first and second favourite regularly and by way of law of averages are able to get a somewhat healthy strike rate.

These are the guys who are praised sky high by many HT  members time and again,

My so called challenge was for this breed

Any way it's a well established fact that even a expert who is really a master or thinks he is a master averages only 30 to 40 percent strike rate and to win continously in racing LUCK  is required and no amount of knowledge  helps.

Knowledge is only for post mortem and stories 

Mahie said ...

On : 06-07-2019 04:45 am


The book - new techniques of predictions is written by H R Seshdhari iyer. 

I hope both of us were referring to same book. 


ASWIN PATEL said ...

On : 06-07-2019 12:25 am

Chanayaka,  Is someone REALLY charging 75 k to teach beyer nos ?  This is news,

GP has met some of the writers who are well known and conduct classes. If my memory is correct, he is intrested like most of us to crack the code, he discusses what he knows if the bargain is fair and not to ridicule.

He is a very studious student.

Raj-original said ...

On : 05-07-2019 10:29 pm

Numerology and Astrology is a laughing stock not only in Racing but in all feilds.

The weakest of the weakest incapable humans Belive in them. And there are no  dearth of them on this planet. 

Raj-original said ...

On : 05-07-2019 10:24 pm

Here is the one point all punters have to follow so none  of them loose money.

*QUIT RACING* That will bring you to huge profit in no time.


Rajaraman said ...

On : 05-07-2019 10:09 pm

Sharma Sir there is a very very old saying if you say something is there you need to explain how what when where if you say no are don't know you don't mind why waste your energy Sir No one can be a Horse's Racing Expert it's not only here all'over the world every one has to accept it thank you so much

MUNESH said ...

On : 05-07-2019 08:23 pm

Mr Ruchi 

You are making too loud noise and throwing challengs left and right. Here is first selections of Mr Harsh on invitation day. 3rd march 2019. Out of 8 races 5 of his first choices won. they are

1st race Divine glory 4/10

3rd race Mekas 20/1

4th race Mauritania 4/1

5th race Sarjent at arms 5/10

6th race Wave raider 7/1

You can check on HT 3-3-2019. Better restrain your self.

chanakya said ...

On : 05-07-2019 07:14 pm

@ Ruchi,

In  continuation of my  earlier response  I  must  add that  it  is  very  difficult to  post  a  high  odd runner in  his  selections by  a professional  tipster...

However, for your  information  I  did  post  3  high  odd winners  in Bangalore races  they  were - Constantinople(8/1 - race  no 6), Touch  Your  Destiny(8/1 -race  no 7) and Capstone (20/1-race  no 79). All 3  were  bracketed  in  an open race 'frame'  and  I did  bet them in  my 'betting  on  all races  of  the  day' format.


@ GP,

Some one  has  already  got   more  than  20 pesons who  are  paying  75,000  each for  3  days'  training. I think  giving  free knowledge  is  rarely taken  seriously. Beyers  nos. are  one  example. 

High  education  or  qualifications  have  no  relevance  with  success in  racing. Many  of  us  have  experienced  the situation  where an  illiterate  mechanic does  a  better  job  than  an qualified  automoile  engineer. Experience  and  expertise  in  the  field  is  more important  for  success than  the  qualifications... 

Ruchi said ...

On : 05-07-2019 06:53 pm

@ sudhakar Reddy

Dr Satysnarsyana is no more.He was the principle of college of astrology at Bangalore.He has written several books on astrology but never on racing.

Then I understand some of his close associated compelled and convinced him to write this book NRW TECHNIQUES OF PREDICTION.This was specific to horse racing .This is based on Nadi principle.

Mind you Dr Satysnarsyana was dead against gambling and after this was printed he immediately withdrew it and burnt even the manuscript.

My dad in those days when I was just a kid, was amongst the lucky few who could get hold of this book and HV it since then




On : 05-07-2019 05:04 pm

Reading the ongoing debate, I have two questions for all.

1. If a race goer knows how to win in racing why does he need to run a paid tipping service or winner finding classes to earn? Why can't he make all the money he wants just by betting?

2. As someone has said, highly educated people go to races but can't make a success of their betting. Why do they go to the races at all then? What do they get out of it and at what cost?

Ruchi said ...

On : 05-07-2019 04:00 pm

@ Chankayaji

Well said,Yes it's only a few ,very rare people who have some insight on this taboo subject called ASTROLOGY can understand what we are talking and experienced

The most unfortunate part is if the likes like us push this subject further immediately people will jump and say...okay predict the next ten winners starting from tommorow at Bangalore

I fully agree that yes Handicapping,study,timing,dynamic rating s a must as a base system but it's ASTRO that helps hit nail on coffin and get out of blue rank flukes


Godzilla said ...

On : 05-07-2019 03:48 pm

Correct it as aghast instead appaled.

godzilla said ...

On : 05-07-2019 03:43 pm


Why personal attacks ? I only mentioned my method to play races ! Does it require so much hatred from your side ? Your write up is certainly not in good taste. I am appaled.

crk said ...

On : 05-07-2019 02:19 pm

@SC Sharma,

Agreed and appreciated.

One of the most important factors,  especially in the context of races in India, is the flow of money till the gates open. If one can observe, scrutinize and interpret this data, in most cases, one will be able to narrow down the real contenders from the false ones. This elimination of false contenders, leaving out the (right money )backed contenders along with the shortlisted merit-based horses, will be where the winner is likely to emerge from.

The above skills, that is handicapping and the correct interpretation of the monetary conundrum as mentioned needs to be aligned with the knowledge and information of the various connections and interrelations that exist amongst them in each racing centre.

Tick all the boxes above, one has a reasonably good chance of success. Difficult, but not impossible!

Not to forget...LUCK!


P.S. There is no escape from the hard work and time that has to be invested, if one wants to survive racing.( Note, the operative word is 'survive '). 

The decision is yours to make, and look at it anyway it is a tough call!

All the best, friends.

Hals said ...

On : 05-07-2019 02:08 pm

Dear Sharma ji, it is baffling you are getting so many unwanted counter arguments, but for what, only those people knows. For all HTians one who gives some inputs is to guide fellow punters or new punters, that is the reason these inputs were given by SCS. To take it or leave it it is up to the individual. There is no answer in this world for WHAT IFs and unsolicited counter arguments for the sake of arguing, there the egos of some people guides. As per general debate, not arugments, please be possitive and share your experiences which may help fellow punters, especially the new comers. Thanks.

S Sudhakara reddy said ...

On : 05-07-2019 01:14 pm

Ruchi sir, He are you. I am interested in numoralogy application in horse racing.kindly help how to apply. Kindly let me now where can I get NEW TECHNIQUE OF PREDICTION by Dr Satysnarsyana,principal college of astrology, reffered by you.

chanakya said ...

On : 05-07-2019 01:13 pm

@ Ruchi,

I support  your  point  of  view that  Astro  and  numero do point  out  clearly  the  winning  as  well  as  the  losing  number many  timesTo prove  my  point I did  post  on  this  very  forum  12 LOSERS , based  on  handicapping  and astrology; between 25/12/15 to  3/1/16 who were  favorites and  lost  their  race. They  were  picked  up  from  Mumbai, Bangalore,  kolkata, Hyderabad,   and  Mysore races  run  during that  Period. Similarly, I  also  posted  10  winners   based  on  similar  principles  just to  prove  that Astro  does  give real  help in  finding  a  winner. I  can  repeat  the  exercise  but  what  is  the  use! It is  useless  to  ask/make/ force  a 'blind ' man  to  see  the  truth  again and  again.

Most,  perhaps  all the  punters  do  not  know  that the  'ascendent'   moves  1 degree  every 4  minutes and if  the  race is  delayed by  that  amount  or  more  the various 'relationships'  get  affected., thereby affecting the effectiveness  of the  prediction ...

These people who blame betting  on  races is a  losing certainty should truthfully ask themselves - did  they spend  enough  time, effort  to  understand  this  game,  and  improve their  system or  method  of  betting; did  ther  ever honestly  analysed  the  reasons  of  their  failure, did they  ever  used  ALL  THE  INFO  available  in  public  domain  to finalise their  bet...


If  the  answer  is  YES - they will  always  be losers in  racing  and  must  leave...

If  the  answer  is  NO - they  still  have  chance  to  recover their  losses  by  making  etra  efforts

JSI said ...

On : 05-07-2019 12:22 pm

Dear S C Sharma,

Very good write up.

Many times you feel it is a game of luck, or owners, trainers or Jockeys fix the winners. But since there are many variables the detailed study with considering the points given by you will help you to decide the picks or choices.

It is very difficult to remember the points and analise. One should do it himself by considering these points and compare it with analysis with the person like you and select one and play.

That way the success rate will be better.

All the best. God Bless you

Hacker said ...

On : 05-07-2019 11:21 am

all these numerology and stuff can be used only once the races are completed to analyse the result and claim this won because of this and so 3 to 4 horses for win shp thp place and if any one by any means ends up on board and then claiming this is because of astro numerology is not the way. 

To win a race you need systematic review of the entire card along with that things should happened as planned that is what we call luck of the race.this my go our way sometimes and sometimes might end up in the other direction because of several live and practical factors that influence the result like pace of the race,track conditions,horse ability,jockey skills etc.while these are playing their role do not try bring in some other factors in the form of numerology which adds no root or no practical results to it.If numbers can win money all these numerology and astrology doctors could be in Forbes list not here. 

Just try yourself for week close your eyes don’t see the race card and bet on your numbers randomly you will end up in 80% loss to 100% loss. If you might have unknowingly placed bet on some good horses you might end up with 80% loss other wise it’s always 100%.

with systemic knowledge of racing i can’t say you can win lakhs of rupees but you can sustain a bit if you are too good and if you have enough luck you can come out with a smile. Racing no where in the world is a place to earn. This should either be fun or place to invest the amount which you can afford to loose so that you can end up with some quick bucks or loose some money which won’t trouble you much.that’s it and that’s for ever.

This is just for awareness of young punters coming in to racing. By no means my intention is to hurt anyone.


Ruchi said ...

On : 05-07-2019 11:20 am

There are certain glaring and clear indication which seldom fail

You would have noticed the very close dynamism between VENUS (6) and MARS (9)on a day when (6) wins card or draw one can expect (9) to win in subsequent races and vice versa.

KETU (7) when in aspect during the one would be amazed to note the regularity with which CARD SND DRAW (7) keep on popping in win and place.

There are many such planetory patterns which I have minuted in my notes.Patterns that don't see form,past performance,jockey,trainer etc.This is what I was mentioning where Astrology helps to get some really,really good bombshells.I do agree that handicapping is amust and a real guide.But then in the method of DR one can get real good outsiders but I find in HT non of the famous tipsters ,never ever give a long just revolves around the top three tips given by one and all

I DNT even see a rank fluke recommendation even for place leave adisde Win from any of you learned gentleman

This is what needs to be intrspected

raghavan said ...

On : 05-07-2019 10:28 am

S C Sharma,

Godzilla is a senior punter, tipster, htian.  I do not think he has indulged in self praise.  I normally do not take sides when two persons are arguing;  I do not take Godzilla's side.  Nor your side.

I do not think he has indulged in self praise.  But, for argment sake I agree to  your observation; that  he had indulged in self praise.  In that case also, I feel you could have conveyed your feelings about the subject without mentioning self praise.

That apart, let us see how we differ in viewing things.  There is nothing wrong in positive thinking, optimistic vision.  But, in racing, nothing works in accordance with the punter's expectation.  It is easy to dismiss my dissent note.  But, you can not gloss over the plight of so many punters who are in big numbers and who have lost heavily.  Only a fraction of punters gain one day after losing in a row for four or five days.  You do triple somersaults, pray Almighty, come to the race course after visiting Laxmi Temple, do hard study.  Nothing works. Your money has to reach the bookies and it will reach its destination safe.  If one has drinking habits and he spends one note from his budget in racing on drinks, to that extent he should be satisfied.

I have paid aleast 40 persons any sum between 20/- to 40/- in the last three years.  They are perfect strangers and ask that amount for bus fare, coffee etc.  You cannot help it.  Ashwathma is cursed by Krishna to remain alive but to suffer in pain tll the end of Kali yuga.  The race punter's plight is even worse than that of Ashwathama.  And no amount of positive thinking will help such sufferers.  He has to visit race course in spite of his difficulties.  And he will be relieved only when he leaves this planet.

Now, tell me what you can achieve by being optimistic?  Or being positive thinker?  Can you overwrite facts?  Can you change harsh realities to sweet memories?  

You say you are positive thinker.  Agreed.  Think positively.  Stay cheerfully.  Gain and gain in race betting to amass enough net worth so that you can buy luxury cars, deluxe bungalows etc.  But, do not slam someone who has negative vision and pessimistic views.

raghavan said ...

On : 05-07-2019 09:00 am

There are many people who call me  pesimist.  My only fault is I speak harsh realities associated with race betting. 

Punters have no chance.  Inside the race course bookies are the Kings.  You may be gold medalist in IIT, senior advocate in Supreme Court, noble prize winner, industrialist. The bookie may be college drop out.  But he is the King.  

Your superiority complex, hypocrisy, ego, and non stop bundlebaaz will lay smashed when the results are announced and white cone hoisted.

One horse among the so called non serious contender will come with telling strides to demolish your jackpot, treble, win tickets.  I do not say such horses with a tag of 'no hoper' will win in every race.  But, when they strike, they strike like thunderbolts.  You will be abusing jockeys/trainers.  I narrate 2 incidents.  

Long ago.  I think 1995.  There was BNG derby.  5 horses were running. Shroff ridden horse was fav at 70ps.  MAM's horse was 2nd fav at 6/1.  The other three horses considered no hoper.  Even on horse Aslam Kader was riding the place odds were 2.50/2.75.  There was one more MAM horse.  Native Chieftan.  Quoted at 400/1, (60/1 for place).  End result.  The 400/1 horse won by 400 lengths!  My jackpot ticket costing 1600 (that was a decent amount those days) demolished.  In the first leg I had kept Shroff & 2nd favorite.  Subsequent legs passed.  But, my ticket already reached dust bin.  

The 2nd incident is quite recent.  Tamara (Suraj Narredu) was favorite.  Lost by a narrow margin to Perfect Legacy.  Do not know bookie's odds.  But, in GST era it paid 510 at tote.   Jackpot on that day was 6 lakhs+.  

So stop all this talk of careful betting.  You can not say whether the horse is a serious contender or not by looking at odds.  I am using he word 'contender'.  Winning is an entirely different proposition.

All I know is to suggest "cut your losses".  If you are betting 2000/- as a regular measure reduce the bets to 1000/-.  If you are betting 10k, then let your bets be 3k or 4k hereafter.  I do not ask you to bet 100/200.  But, just ensure that bookies do not go home with gunny bag full of your bank notes.  Do not sing apaswara that "one gets only 10/- profit if he bets 10/-".

"I have won 50,000/-.  I have won 2 lakhs".  Some say.  Agreed.  One may win big amount once are twice in his betting career like passing jackpot, single ticket exacta etc.  All together there may be less than 1% who have earned handsome amount.  But they pocket their winnings silently and maintain stoic silence.  The biggest noise comes from biggest  losers!  !% punters may be winners.  Other 1% may be marginal losers.  But 98% are losers only. 


raghavan said ...

On : 05-07-2019 06:47 am

Who want to bet non serious horses?  

There are negligible number of punters who bet three or four least fancied horses 1 or 2 ticket each; and once or twice in the season pocket 800/-.  90% of punters straightaway avoid horses quoted at 12/1 or above.  

It is only our presumption that they are non triers.  That they are not serious contenders. But, sometimes they strike like thunderbolt, and it shall not be possible to forget the shock even after years.

A case in point.  There were 5 runners.  It was derby race.  Fav was Shroff ridden at 70ps.  2nd fav was MAM horse at 6/1.  The other three were considered dummy pieces and quoted 12/1, 15/1 & 400/1.  Yes.  400/1 on a MAM horse and place odds fr the same was 60/1.  

The MAM horse quoted at 400/1 won by 400 lengths!  Native Chieftan is he name of that horse.   I think jackpot paid some 20+ lakhs on one ticket!

Majority of bets will be for top three fancies.  Some rare cases will be there where punters try 4th, 5th or 6th favorites.  

Races are run.  Result announced.  And you know that you have lost.  You bet for win, the horse finishes 2nd/3rd.  You bet for place. OR eachway.   The horse finishes 4th or worse.  If you are a tote player and taken SHP/THP/or both, the horse wins!

This is happening since the races started in India.  We will have only the choicest abuses for jockeys/trainers.  

As I have mentioned in another thread, there is no limit to losses in the race.  The best option available is "cut your losses".  If you are normally betting 2000/- then reduce that bet to 1000.  If you are routinely betting 10k, then for heavens sake bring that down to 3000 or 4000.  

Do not counter my suggestion by saying "if you bet 10/- you will get only 10/- profit".  No one has a chance to win in races.  You may be gold medalist in IIT, may have several post graduate degrees, may be scientist, successful lawyers or engineers.  But inside the race course, you are no more than a punter.  The bookie, who may be college drop out will tonsure you.  

Some speak as if they know in and out of racing!  They claim huge profits by way of betting in races.  Everything bundlebaaz.   Do not give any credence to them.  

So, leisurely master all the theories in race betting, learn to win by getting numbers through Astrology & Numerology,  make friendls with trainers.  But, till you master those, bet low and ensure that bookies get only pea nuts for all their efforts.

Like a man who wins in a lottery, with luck &/or hard study, some may have won  in race betting.  I will put such worthies at 1% among the punters.  May be another 2% to 3% might have lost small amount or in no loss status.  But, the majority always are losers and bookies are the constant winners.  So also some high profile trainers and owners.

All your ego, superiority complex, arrogance & duplicity will be mercilessly smashed when white cone is hoisted.


Satpal said ...

On : 05-07-2019 12:00 am

Respected Sharma Ji ur one of the best person of India race members crew

ASWIN PATEL said ...

On : 04-07-2019 11:55 pm

Mr S C Sharma.

I was waiting for this selling services mode which usually follows a string of success.

Questions to you IF YOU CARE TO RESPOND.

1 ) Are you a winner in this game , i.e does your balance sheet show a positive return. If so please give an example of future bets along with amounts , also consider a limit of say 1 lahk Rs kitty till the end of Banglore season.

2 ) If you are successful in your feild why, then do you want to teach others this trade and assuming there is Philanthrophy involved then WHY charge for it .

I do notice you give two selections per race and as some one pointed out earlier they are usually FAVS, this season the statistics for favorites is around 50 % maybe more , do you expect this to continue ?

A request to you , please share your knowledge , without burdening poor punters who as is are losing money in this field.

IF you do know how to EARN in horse racing , sky is the limit for you to generate MORE money than you would get from punters and in FAR LESS TIME.

If you are charging for services rendered that is palpable BUT PLEASE DONOT GIVE THEM FALSE HOPES OF SUCCESS UNTIL YOU CAN PROVE OTHERWISE.

Remember there are many a family destroyed by this endavour false confidence speeds up this processlet that not be on your conscience.


GC RAJ said ...

On : 04-07-2019 10:02 pm

1) Dear sharmaji

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.But I differ with you in first point ,so many times horses won without any track, swimming report, 

For this noted writers in their post race comments after the race ,said breeders might have given the track secretly in their studfarm, 

Is it possible ???

2)  Dear Decent punter

Thanks for sharing your post race analysis for Tuesday kalkatta race.Even though it would have benifited many people if you had shared this before race

Still I request many people like you share their practical experience like this.

Definitely this will help.

Ruchi said ...

On : 04-07-2019 09:24 pm

@ Sharmaji and others

Yes handicapping I do agree is the back bone.I too as a main system do the Dynamic handicapping and back it up with ASTRO.

Yes the Dynamic ratings time and again consistently throw out GOLI bets and these when supported by ASTRO indications ,are real joy to back

My followers other day had such a tip when I had suggested 27/1 shot AUTOMATIC.

My only observation with great knowledgeable tipsters is Not a single and I repeat with conviction NOT A SINGKE GUY of the few frequently talked up tipster,they never give a rank fluke.

A outsider dies not figure in their tip at all it's all fancied first fav or at best well backed second or third which are tipped in every race book

That is what needs to be addressed and great tipsters like you shd look into and confidently give some GOLI bets be it Win or good pkace

SPS said ...

On : 04-07-2019 07:38 pm

Dear Ruchi

Who does not want to WIN @ higher odds. Whether it is Astrology, Numerology or Talent to identify the hidden horses. Simply making claim will not make you hero. Please give whenever you find a selection of higher odds by following any of your preferred method. On first selection I shall invest 100/- ie 10 tickets. If lost then next time 200/- if again lost then 400/- If again lost then 800/-. Finally 5th time maximum 1000/-. Total loss 2,500/- MY pocket does not allow more than this. If not won single time among five attempts , then you have to admit the truth.  Your selection will definitely win once and if  I keep on doubling the investment ,Not only losses will be recovered , there will be good profit also.BUT IS IT PRACCAL????


Raj -original said ...

On : 04-07-2019 07:24 pm

99% of  seasoned puters who are in field  for few years follow at least  11 our of 12 points raised all the time.

Still 100% of them are loosers at the end. 

So it is clear nothing, nothing on this Earth can bring punters to profit level in the long range.

But surely by observing just ONE point all can achieve huge profit.

I will tell that point Later. HTns can predict that point till then .

Krish said ...

On : 04-07-2019 07:10 pm

Great! Your theory sounds good. Practically we all know different results were seen commanly.

Viky Singh said ...

On : 04-07-2019 06:28 pm

Respected Sharma Sir,

As per the request of many HT followers you are givjng  your valuable time to write these Articles to make us more aware about racing...Thank you very much Sir...With regards.. U r the best person in this form who is ready to do manny things to make HT people happy and can earn good money through your good and valuble tips for them i cant y any one critize the other person for such good writups if u dont like it leave it no one is forcing u to do what mr sharma is saying  be a little gentle and thanks him for the hard work done by sharma sir i am very happy anda aplause to u sir thanks a ton for your hard efferts for all of us salute to u sir.thanks and regards  from viky singh.....????????????????????????

S C SHARMA said ...

On : 04-07-2019 06:27 pm

Ruchi: I only mentioned over dependency and undue belief and mentioned not possible always to get good results. Numerology and astrology based selection's success rate is very low, that's why we search for good horses, trainers and jockeys and combination of all and give more importance to handicapping based results.                                          

@ Decent punter: I always give only one or two tips for betting and after satisfying myself and analysing on all possible parameters. Past many years I am running a consultancy and available on my site. As clarified earlier each race two selections are for best use in tote pools like Jackpot, Treble, Tanaka, Shp or place and helpful to many. Number of times I give only picks but no tips for betting when race card looks tricky or conditions not looks favourable to punters. Increase or decrease in body weight of the horse occurs mainly when diet or exercises are not in balance. Horse's good form and likely good performance can be assessed by number of others parameters also which we take into consideration before forwarding our recommendations.

SPS said ...

On : 04-07-2019 06:02 pm

Respected SC Sharma

With respect to two valid points of DECENT PUNTER & 3rd. Point by myself:- 

1) Please & Please give SINGLE selection in few selected races whenever possible. If you don't find anything confident than go as usual with two selection each race.

2) Regarding  Paddock Parade & Horse Weight We have to help our selves as it is a last minute decision.

3) I am regularly studying your selections and have been  regularly benifited. My objervation is most of your Winning Selections are odds on fav.  but in a post elsewhere you have mentioned "not to play your selection for WIN or PLACE if it is below EVEN". In last two three months I have not found a single selection of yours which has placed EVEN or More. Please review your own statement and guide us.  It is not a criticism but my humble effort to polish the gold to give more shine.


godzilla said ...

On : 04-07-2019 06:01 pm


Cool down sir. I have not written anything against you. Your personal attacks on me hence baffles.

You have naratted your way of playing Races and I put forward my method to play Races. There is nothing wrong in expressing ones opinion.

All said and done, I agree you are the best in Kindly allow others also to pen their views please.

Ruchi said ...

On : 04-07-2019 05:03 pm

@ Sharma ji

Good write up indeed but I don't agree with your point that ASTROLOGY AND NUMEROLOGY is crap and cannot fetch winners.

With due respect to you and some fellow tipsters with good consistency,just end if day retrospect winners given by you and many

90 percent are fancied runners tipped by almost all books/ papers etc and fetching at best 3/1 max.Have your kind posted any outsider more than 5/1?? Consistently and any time rank outsider NEVER

Just read book NEW TECHNIQUE OF PREDICTION by Dr Satysnarsyana,principal college of astrology,where he has given system to mix Astrology and Numerology and believe me you can get many times bombshells 30/1 etc.

shaps said ...

On : 04-07-2019 04:29 pm

With all the above keenly interesting points one goes through, one gets a perfect winner at times. But what happens ??????

Sometimes our selected horse wins, when allowed to run on merit.

But many a times , the Intentions of connections, comes smiling all the way, and punters loose and go home with empty pockets. Make a note of such connections and play with caution in such races.

Also many a trainers wards run after a long time, and show no morning works.They then win.These are the hidden tactics of connections. Be aware of such connections.

Decent Punter said ...

On : 04-07-2019 04:13 pm

Sharma sir, I have highest possible respect towards you for the way you post your selections which are truly helpful only for study based punters  (one who knows basic rules of racing.). This reply is not to criticise you or anyone sir. Can you please answer a few questions.

1. Sir most of the times you are the first one to post your selections. Now as per your head post point #7&#8 are most important factors which I follow strictly I. e., body weight and paddock looks. But very unfortunately these factors can only be noticed in live relay. So how can you justify your selection,?. The question I am raising is because many lesser knowledge punters are following you blindly. Sir, you might change your selection based on body weight and paddock looks during live proceedings but the poor unknown lesser knowledge punters don't bother and back your selections. All I mean to say is sir please put a reminder with your selections regarding paddock looks and body weight.

2. Sir, you are a senior pro. I have a genuine question/concern for your followers. Every senior punter knows no one can win by playing all races. Sir, why don't you give your best possible selections only like a max of 3 races instead of giving selection in all the races. I have a strong feeling you will be becoming a demigod if you give your best selections on any given day.


Thank you sir.

S C SHARMA said ...

On : 04-07-2019 03:34 pm

@ Godzilla: No one is claiming about giving all race winners. When a experienced person like You mentions I played Automatic and recovered half of my loss, whereas the real fact Automatic was not your pick or in your selection. When all your tip fails, you pick another thread to self praise yourself. I have seen number of views on this forum rejecting, dejecting and cornering you but you still believe in self praise. Let your good work be appreciated by others,  why are you bent upon not to indulge in healthy discussion and when some other person places some  good tips or facts useful and beneficial to many, you keep your self busy in finding faults. Because no one is taking you seriously.

Godzilla it is your habit to find faults with others and you are not repairable at any cost. You always see half the glass empty, when others see half the glass filled with water. That’s the difference of  your viewing things with negative intent. I always prefer to see the things with later version and positivity that half the glass is filled with water.

Decent Punter said ...

On : 04-07-2019 03:15 pm

Totally valid points by Sharma ji and Pharlap.

I would like to give a classic example how a coup can be planned by the connections. This is from Kolkata races held on Tuesday.

Now coming to the point friends, Lumos ridden by Md Islam was ignored by punters only because of jockey and no reported track work. Lumos is closely matched and better handicapped than the piping hot favourite Lady Two as per race number 131 previous season. Lady two was reported in tracks and shining in track trials so punters went all out on this horse whereas Lumos was not sighted in track. But the great trainer made Lumos race fit by giving a lot of swimming which majority punters ignore. I grabbed the opportunity and backed it as per handicap. This was a perfect coupe by the connections.


MANY many many invisible things in race which makes it interesting to crack it.

kingsfork said ...

On : 04-07-2019 03:13 pm

The same favourite wins backed by connection, the same favourite loses eaten by connection. is there any study to find the mind construction on the paper?.

godzilla said ...

On : 04-07-2019 12:37 pm

All these write ups are good on the face of it, but no one is still born to give winners in all Races.

Careful and Cautious are the last words to be used in Racing. My suggestion is, if you incur one thousand loss on your choice, increase your betting amount to two thousand in your next choice and that is the way one can make money and come out of losses in Racing

 Play cautiously is like telling a person who is engulfed with fire to come out safely.

Siva Ramakrishna said ...

On : 04-07-2019 12:36 pm

Respected Sharma Sir,

As per the request of many HT followers you are sparing your valuable time to write these Articles to make us more aware about racing...Thank you very much Sir...With regards...Siva Ramakrishna.

chanakya said ...

On : 04-07-2019 12:17 pm

@ SC Sharma,

Some  very  nice and  good  points  brought  out  by  you and though  I  do  not  totally  agree with Pharlap's  observation  but don't  undervalue  the importance  of  them. Your  points help a punter  to  weed  out  non- triers but  many  times -  roughly 20%  of  races  are  won  by  those  who are  more  than  6/1  to  10/1; thereby  confirmiming  that  now a  days  connections  do  try  all  the  tricks  at  their  disposal to  hoodwink the  handicapper...

kamlesh said ...

On : 04-07-2019 12:04 pm

i totally agree to the points of @ pharlaps, those are the ways to pass the coup specially by hook oar crook

wrong distance, deceptive looks, apprentice jockeys.

there r many in all centres who do not show workouts almost in all centres ,if u go thru books properly u will come to know which trainers r they.

give good tracks hook the horse similarly no work next run canter.

today lost due to good jockey next change the distance & use apprentice jockey pass the post  or wait for 2-3 runs again gamble pass

you can see records of  mkjadhav, imtiaz sait, darashah, dsilva, sequeira, sharavan,  etc & 1 of the worst trainer meshwer

thks & rgds

wild card entry said ...

On : 04-07-2019 11:49 am

Excellent sir, request other experienced people to add more points which can help the poor punters

Deepak said ...

On : 04-07-2019 11:42 am

Thank you Sirji for such a valuable advice. I  have almost lost. But will follow u Sirji 

starone said ...

On : 04-07-2019 11:25 am

Well elaborated  Sharma Ji,

This is really a valuable insight into judicious investment in horse racing.  Unfortunately most of us have been just recklessly throwing our money without much evaluation.  Infact one significant factor which is of prime importance is the notion about a particular jockey, trainer, or owners  whether they will go for win / place at miserly odds or their intentions are for classics, like wise or so on so is  bookies' fav.    Another thing is most of the times one fails to understand when the horse is being tried or no.  Like yesterday  in third race horse no. 2 March to Victory ridden by NB Kuldeep, deserved to place atleast but in last 200 meters the jockey didnot make sufficient efforts and Bonito ridden by Anil Bandal all the times in past won ( though I had selected but could not play)   Similarly Invicta ridden by Akshay Kumar tracked well but did not figure on board.  The trick is perhaps what we as a punter think, the trainers/jockeys or owners donot seem to be contended with the odds hence get it pulled.   Very few Trainers/ Jockeys/ owners are honest.    

Thanks for sharing  valuable information, surely will help me & many others.


Nithin said ...

On : 04-07-2019 10:49 am

Thanks You So much for the Valuable Information. Sharma Ji. 

kingsfork said ...

On : 04-07-2019 10:48 am

As much as you are cautious in horse racing you tend to pick favourites, which is a losing proposition, treat it as a game that's it.

smart-still-poor-punter said ...

On : 04-07-2019 10:36 am

Brilliant Mr S C Sharma!

You have almost given all the cautions required before making the hunt. Now, it's for the hunter to learn how to catch his 'prey'.

Blaming our luck or going to racing on drinks or drugs are not going to help. Similarly, feeling like having controlled the entire world by winning a single bet also will not help in the long run.

I have tried all these...but still failed as a punter during my 25+ years' career. But that doesn't mean others should also. I think being a disciplined punter, on the lines suggest by Mr Sharma, can certainly yield results. 

The million-dollar question, however, is how many race-goers really have the patience to wait and go for the kill instead of surrending onself to the bookies?

wild card entry said ...

On : 04-07-2019 10:19 am

Excellent sir, you have given wonderful write up with patience, request others who are well versed to add up more points, to benefit poor punters. 

Hals said ...

On : 04-07-2019 10:11 am

Very good points Sharma ji, one more point I would like to add i.e. bodyweight of particular horse. Except for a few, particularly classic breeds and a few other, it is better to avoid horses with more than 500kgs in 3/4yr olds and also below 400 kgs.

Hope you are enjoying your US trip with family, best wishes. Thank u.

AK47 said ...

On : 04-07-2019 10:02 am

Well, I followed the same thiary for the past few years. Still I am not benefited. Some think other reasons are there .

Rajaraman said ...

On : 04-07-2019 09:56 am

Sharma Sir very nice write up great thank you

Satpal said ...

On : 04-07-2019 09:04 am

thanks a lot for information

sir well connected was 17 kg less so I didn't played it but she won

Deepak said ...

On : 04-07-2019 06:13 am

Thank you sharmajii for such a valuable information. Please post your valuable tip for Bangalore and KOLKATA for this weak end Sirji. Awaiting sir 

Pa1 said ...

On : 04-07-2019 05:14 am

Sharma Sir, Thank you for information.

Pharlap said ...

On : 04-07-2019 01:13 am

To Respected Writer

Not Challenging your knowledge its very interesting writing up hence taking time to even discuss about the top, hypotheical scenarious but relevant, thats all.

Below reply is only to make the topic interesting, and to influence Stake holders to make (IND) shown in pedigree more often in internation circles..


There are more mysticals out here, have been always//just like lot of footballers.


A good horse should never lose unless he does not want to run that day or tried is best


Few questions to writer w.r.t indian racing

1) Horses not seen on track for many days or not regular at track work.

What if he/she is race fit without public knowledge?

2) Horses running after long lay offs or running after a gap of more than eight weeks. ( Exception classic horses and runners of graded races ) 

What if he/she just started to gallop fine late in his career ..?not sure if its right example but Indian Bolt, may be.

3)Horses troublesome at gates, often rears up badly, take slow or awkward jumps or drifting, shifting under pressure or in habit of going wide in straight.

What if harmonal issues are dealt and horse is more calm now?

4)Blood vessel broken horses, frequently suffering training set back horses or under long treatment horses.  Pay attention to race day and veterinary reports for drugs positive or pending enquiry matters related to running and riding.

what if the horse some how recovered, due to x, y and z reasons?

5) Horses entered over unsuitable distance. Change in distance from sprint distance to long distance or from long distance to sprint distance. 

What if the horse running style is changed and hidden 5th generation dam line influence just realised?

6) Running with classic contenders or in terms races where horse is disadvantageouly placed as per age, weight or points rating wise.

What if the horse has suddenly picked up form or adequately rested for a coup with class in tact?

7) Paddock looks not encouraging or not good such as dullness, wetting or sweating, no skin/coat shinning, bandages in front legs, tossing up head frequently up and down or side to side, pinning back ears, stamping of feet, rearing up badly and not allowing the jockey to sit etc.,

what if there is deception ? its usually difficult to spot sometimes when enacted well?

8) More than 15 to 20 kg difference in body weight of the horse   compare with best performance -run- weight of past few runs.

What if the difference was a deception, first you reduce unknowingly and then you add without knowing horse trasnformation

9) Age group matters most in sprint races when running with youngster age group horses. Older age horses should run in their own age group, more so over running in short distance races.

May be nefyn speed six or other older international sprinters like the ones you see in dubai carnival could prove it wrong?

10) If the rating of jockey and trainer is far below, less than five percent. 

What if the Trainer, Jockey and the horse needs some insiration and they ought to deliver that moment(self motivated)?

11) Avoid no whip jockeys mounts in middle and long distance races.Speedy horses can win over short distance races without whip.

What if the horse does not like whips? it can happen too.

12) Avoid horses ran three times and unplaced over the same distance and again preferred to run for same distance without change in equipment and racing centre.

What if there is 5th generation dam line influencing the distance which is not time tested and and just known on the race day?

1>>>>I have one point, if GST works well, favorable to beautiful beings, forget about estake holders...Indian Racing will for sure evolve

Horses are close to Humans, like other pets (horses are integral to all religions to everybody who could relate, correlate).