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Jockey P Kamlesh

By gg 18 | 04-Jul-2019

Where is jockey P Kamlesh? Can someone throw some light to it?

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godzilla said ...

On : 08-07-2019 09:52 am

Kamlesh has been a great jockey. I have played many of his 10 to 1 mounts. Those days will not come back.

Nowadays nothing but favourites. Bookies in Pune are on strike and one cannot play in tote where neaarly  30% of our betting amount goes to taxes.



Jersey Guy said ...

On : 08-07-2019 09:23 am

He has been working with Herbalife! He retired from Horse Racing after a fall in Pune Race course. He has the fear in his mind so he gave up morning track work as well. 

Satpal said ...

On : 06-07-2019 12:42 am

He is preparing for his  comeback 

Venu said ...

On : 05-07-2019 02:48 pm


Turf king said ...

On : 05-07-2019 02:32 pm

P kamlesh used to ride in Mumbai/Pune for CD Katrak. Havent seem him for may be 2 years. If I am not mistaken he had won the Pune Derby in 2015-16. Dont have much information about him. But would say if he had the right mount he used to get in winners.