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Whose Role Is Important In Racing And Winning?

By S C SHARMA | 07-Jul-2019

Today horse racing in India is a very big hundred and hundreds crore rupees insustry with thousands of thoroughbreds and hundreds of stud farms and the racing activity is continuing almost throughout the year. Racing is a effortless revenue riser to the governments and race clubs though after the introduction of GST the collections are fallen down and so also revenue. The racing activity of nine race clubs in our country are supervised and monitored by six turf authorities.

In horse racing everyone wants to win, but in winning  of horses whose role is important ? The short description is -

I) HORSE: All horse’s know how to run and it is inherent in their blood and nature by birth keenness for running either in straight lines or in open place. As thoroughbred horses only allowed to run in flat horse racing they require special and separate training as per the racing competition and requirements. Breaking and training of the newly born starts any time after 1yr and their racing career starts around the age of 2yr. For racing purpose the date and age of the thoroughbred is set by calendar rather than the actual birth date. The youngster horses reach to their pick form by the age they are 4 yr old and good horses prefer to retire any time after the age of 6 yr as per the decision of trainer and owner. 3 to 7 year old horses are compared with human age years between 18 to 28. Thoroughbreds are purchased at stud farms in private sale or at public auction conducted by race clubs.

The purchase price of a horse depends upon bloodline and the performance record of Sire ( Stallion ) and Dam ( Mares ). Similarly if a female horse wins more number of races or wins or places in classic races the breeding value will be increased to manifold. Thoroughbreds are given training for running as per urgings ( slow or fast running ) and to accelate the speed whenever asked for by reminder of urgings and by cracking whip. Trainers groom them accordingly and instruct the jockeys to guide the horse accordingly and extract the best.

II) OWNER : He is the one who invest money for purchase of good horses and take care of monthly training, feeding and other management related expenses including medical care, which cost him between 20 to 30 thousand per month per horse. Owner unconditionally trust and support trainer and establish good contacts with him and jockey to get best result. He often visit on tracks and to stables to ascertain progress details of the horse and get acquainted with other updates and racing activities which help him to decide future engagements of the horse. Horse can be purchased individually or in partnership with maximum four partners in a horse.  Now a day’s racing syndicates are becoming popular to share the increasing cost and maintainence of thoroughbreds wherein limit of 10 partners is permitted but to be represented by one for practical purposes.

III) TRAINER: The breaking and training services of young thoroughbreds are carried by license holder trainers who are well acquainted with all matters pertaining to a race horse. It is the duty and responsibility of the trainer to supervise the daily care and conditioning of the horses at stables and on track and properly prepare them for competition on race track. He will ensure the horse receives proper training, feeding including nutrition value diet and proper veterinary attention. He spare maximum time at track and at stable and gather maximum information and feedback from various concerned persons including riding boys, jockeys, syeces and stable zamadars  to further improve his wards.  Trainer’s role is important for —Plan workouts,entries in appropriate races,race strategy,maintenance and management of all related activities including judging the capacity, speed and stamina of the horse and keep them racing fit and injury and disease free. 

IV) JOCKEY: Jockeys give exercises to horses and ride them in races. They are responsible for maintaining riding equipment’s including helmets,saddles,boots,whips,elastic girth’s, goggles and riding pants. They need to aware about horse’s abilities and follow the riding instructions of the trainer and if situation demands they can take their own decisions according to the pace of the race. Jockeys have to be athletic, light weight, fit and trim and posses of required riding skills. 

Whip is a tool to jockeys to use in case of nessesity to remind the horse  to accelerate the speed and gain crucial momentum. Whips are not to be used excessively if the horse is not responding or to cause injury or to simply beat the horse. If jockeys are found using the whip not in accordance with prescribed limitations and restrictions than they can be warned, fined or whips can be denied or withdrawn for a specific time period  

The results of any race depends upon the above four, how they work hard and work  as a team with better understanding and planning and strategies. 

This is a informative post may useful for someone if not for all . Kuch to log kahengey, logon ka kaam hai Kehna... mujhe logon se Kya  lena?

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38 Replies

S C SHARMA said ...

On : 12-07-2019 06:28 pm

@J S R: Your query regarding use on equipment on horses requires more space and a detailed post but mainly equipment’s are used to correct the habits of horses and to ensure better performance from them and trainers decides about this.  Like T.S. Tongue strip, to tie down the tongue from getting over bit. Nose bands : Used to control horses who carry their heads awkwardly. BLK: Blinkers to prevent a horse from diversion of attention and remain focus on racing and to avoid drifting, shifting.  Like this many equipment are used and trainers do on experimenting.

Ayaz : You raised a  valid query regarding punters. Punters are running the race clubs and contributing to the government and club to make and remain in profit and not bothered about themselves. They are the maximum sufferers and  are in maximum losses but they are not accepting and taking responsibility and not working hard to correct the mistakes and learn lessons. Their non serious and casual approach only costing them losses. They should take corrective measures to come out from chakra vyuha, dependency on others cannot help them much and they should think seriously about this.

Krish said ...

On : 10-07-2019 08:15 pm

One simple method to check whether favorite horse is winning or not? Take an average of picks posted by tipsters in HT. If average exceeds 70% & more then just leave that horse and look for another one. You will be more successful in saving your money. Even if favorite wins you are not going to make any good return. 

Siva said ...

On : 10-07-2019 07:39 pm

Animal weight is also one of the main criteria in winning horses. 

Matrix said ...

On : 10-07-2019 02:22 pm

Pls inform us on wat to watch at paddock. How to decide winning horse at the paddock

Bobhotha said ...

On : 10-07-2019 12:23 pm

mr.sharma today my choice is 6th race horse number 11 will be playing 1 lac in Hyderabad race course bookies. Just Lear how I got it? Yesterday your choice 12 lost because it was already beaten by 2. It’s intelligent game and reading is required .

J S R said ...

On : 10-07-2019 11:36 am

Thanks Mr Sharma, for your basic info. may i requestyou to please enlighten us with the equipment being used on horses and its effect on the races.thanks.


Bobhotha said ...

On : 10-07-2019 11:22 am

there is no rules for winning and losing. Don’t blame trainers and owners as they do there work to win. Punters should be intelligent as you will have 20 bookies who will fool you as the number of punters are more.

any said ...

On : 10-07-2019 10:59 am

Thanks Admin..

Another sure value for money is no more with us....miss you Ruffina

chanakya said ...

On : 09-07-2019 10:18 pm

@ SC Shaama,,

It  is  the  horse. 

If  he is  not  there, owner, trainer, jockey will  become  extinct... 

Ayaz said ...

On : 09-07-2019 09:03 pm

You forget to mention details about PUNTER.

Ayaz said ...

On : 09-07-2019 09:01 pm

Punters role is very important in racing.

godzilla said ...

On : 09-07-2019 08:37 pm


With your valuable guidance and follow your choices, punters will definetly play an important role and outbeat Bookies.  You are a God sent person to all the punters. Most of the people have been benefitted with your tips. I am sure the good spell will continue and punters including me will take your advise and play responsibly and cautiously.

Raikanti A.K. said ...

On : 09-07-2019 08:10 pm

Just a great thank you for information.

Shinkeruppper said ...

On : 09-07-2019 07:22 pm

You have given a wonderful document for a good educated punters.

If we get a few more people like you it will very good for us. 

I am very much grateful for the document you've posted today.

Thank You.

shaps said ...

On : 09-07-2019 01:08 pm


Let's not fire all our bullets at Mr Sharma. He is doing a magnificient job.May be his latest topic hasn't gone well with many. So be it. It would nevertheless help many a newcommer and some with less knowledge of racing.

Mr Sharma has in the recent past posted very good topics which many an experienced punter also appreciate. So one lighter one now should not dis-courage him.

Most of his topics are really worth it. His analysis are  also commendable.

Hence, let us put a stop to this criticisism.

Mr Sharma, a coin has two different sides, so does punters on this site. Do continue your write-ups as many many have benifited from it and many others appreciate your knowledge.

Comments -ve or +ve will come and go. but let us continue with our racing.

godzilla said ...

On : 09-07-2019 12:48 pm


Fine assessment.

godzilla said ...

On : 09-07-2019 11:28 am

Sharma is doing a fine job by revealing everything about Racing. Sharma Continue educating Racing public.

Assesser said ...

On : 09-07-2019 10:13 am

Please let us know whether your "informative note" is for novices who have no idea about racing, or is it for any normal racing enthusiasts? Sorry, but this does not add any value to anybody.

You may have a long experience in racing, but please do not undermine the knowledge of all others.

I would suggest that instead of trying to preach, post your selections (not just favourites projected by all blogs) so that your true overall depth of your knowledge can be evaluated. 


guru said ...

On : 09-07-2019 09:36 am

Dear Sharma

I am follower of Horse talk for more than 15 years and my heart always used to rule the mind when punting. Now a days despite all the studies about horses and the minds of the connections I have successfully depeded on my intition while betting. I have a very good habit of not betting in more than two races in day. In the fillies trial my intution told me to back Thailand based on her earlier second to the favourite but I decided to back the favorite purely based on her earlier run and its rating. But I hestitaed for a moment when I saw the odds of Thailand for palce which was available at 4 and above and at the last minute backed it for palace at 4.50 and the result is well known. The same thing happened with Sahara and Bold Move last week. So it is more about your good luck as well as being firm in your choices 


SATPAL said ...

On : 09-07-2019 01:31 am

Sharma ji this is very ordinary topic every body knows that 

S C SHARMA said ...

On : 09-07-2019 12:31 am

@ Kingsfork and Krish:  Your rating and class is different and cut above the rest,  if you have any  doubt or dilemma in mind than  better to avoid such things for well being of own. If it is very hot outside or raining very heavy what we will do to safeguard ourselves ? 

kingsfork said ...

On : 08-07-2019 11:31 pm



Missing is a punter required point, how to know who is on a job & how to know who has the late burst to win the current race.

please enlighten me who is punter since 1984.

Rethvik said ...

On : 08-07-2019 10:30 pm

@SC Sharma Sir

No Words to say about your description just a great writing to understand every one


Transparency said ...

On : 08-07-2019 10:00 pm

The most important aspect is Punters and Crowd as without them it's loss making business venture due to absence of any one accepting the onus of Sponsoring the Big Graded Race  ,In Dubai there r no Bookies (leave those Malbaris unofficial )but yet it's having the highest stake and all over World best horses  participate..Few Regular Guys  thof assignedRacing Blogs sponsored for the task of increasing the interest of Viewer have in fact misuse it for personal gains by posting abuses and instrumental in taking the Sport in last decade towards Nadir  .In short they have killed the golden goose which lays the golden eggs for Bookies as well.

S C SHARMA said ...

On : 08-07-2019 08:50 pm

I always intend to place the facts and important info thinking it may be useful or beneficial to some one, irrespective of likes and dislikes as I have no role to play in anyone’s business - loss or profit. I am not over confident and still eager to learn and enrich and enhance my knowledge in matters related to horse racing. I adopt cautious and responsible approach that’s the reason of my long standing in this field without getting hurt or retired hurt. I took everything positive in my stride and whenever some failures come in my way,  I do further introspection and focus on my analysis and study and that’s the only answer to my critics as well, who many a times drag me into unnecessary controversies.

I am very thankful to many of my well wishers who always stood with me firm and their trust and support is my asset and satisfaction.

ASWIN PATEL said ...

On : 08-07-2019 08:32 pm

A similar write up on the role of the Race clubs, Stewards, Racing officials and book makers operations would complete the understanding of horse racing 's what and most importantly WHY.


Krish said ...

On : 08-07-2019 08:07 pm

In my school/college days I learned in physics pull is more advantages than push. In pull force minus gravity and in push force plus gravity. Hence pull is very commanly applied by Owners/Trainers/Jockeys for their advantages. Still we horseplayers never learn from the lessons.

Ruchi said ...

On : 08-07-2019 07:31 pm

All these long grandma stories are known even to the bookseller and auto driver who throng the course.

To really get a  winner or place horse with good odds day above 5/1 one needs to analyse a race with OUT OF BOX thinking.

How is it that the horse with best track work fails?

How does a horse with good consistent rider WINNIG SPIRIT ( ridden by ZERVAN last Sunday ) ZERVAN is on purple patch this season, lose to BOLD MOVE. A horse ridden by a 5 kg whipless claimer?

Loss of DESERT GOD in Mysore derby and after that, it became invincible and won the INVIATION.

It's these answers and many more such are required to really master this gamei 

I am passionate about racing since  child hood and in it from  45  plus,years practiced many systems, handicapping, numerology,astrology AND AM STILL LEARNING

Here is a write up by a master who has mastered all but cannot give a 5/1shot

Racing is not just knowing like somebody put in this thread ,for sure Horses Are required and there are trainers who train and jockies who ride




On : 08-07-2019 05:16 pm

Mr. Sharma

You are the most impartent (The punter), because you are the one who is paying for all these things to happen.

Betting on racing is niether GAME OF SKILL nor GAMBLING,

IT IS BUSINESS. In BUSINESS you have to decive to make profit. The things are so inter wooven such that it is very difficult to make profit and most of the owners are loosers.

What you see is only on the surface (Owner, trainer and jockey. only three parameters you have indicated) other 25 parameters which happen behind the screen.

As in Film industry you have to see only before the Silver screen not behind the Silver screen, because it is very UGLY.

p g said ...

On : 08-07-2019 05:10 pm

Come on Mr Sharma, please grow up. These kindergarten issues can be told by each and every punter.

Come with some worthwhile issues.

Garga said ...

On : 08-07-2019 03:32 pm

Oh I see

Horse racing means ,HORSES run,They are ridden by Jockeys,I see and trained by Trainers wonderful!!!!

any said ...

On : 08-07-2019 02:53 pm

as per trainer wise horse in traning posted by RWITC Darlling RUFFINA Is not listed under Trainer Dallas Todywala... Can anyone tell me where is she?

is she avaibale for upcoming pune season ?


She is retired from racing and send to stud for breading


smart-still-poor-punter said ...

On : 08-07-2019 02:33 pm

This is something known to everyone but presented in an interesting way. That's Mr S C Sharma!

There is no doubt that the 'horse' is superior of the four but sadly if it's not going to be run on merits, then? Today it appears that many owners are more instructed to ask their trainers to pull than push? 

The most pathetic role is that of the jockey's. There is a never-ending debate going on as to "Who's the best rider?" Sandesh or Trevor? Chouhan or Srinath? But the reality is that almost all of them know how to apply and release the brakes very well. All depends on the orders from above!


Siva Ramakrishna said ...

On : 08-07-2019 02:15 pm

Respected Sharma Sir,

There is a saying..."One can increase his knowledge through sharing to the aspirants"...A real Master always shares his wisdom to his followers... ofcourse not to all...Thank you Sir...Thank you very much...You are the only one who continue your writings to make minimum and necessary knowledge to the Racegoers like me...Always expecting good Articles about racing from you Sir...With regards...Siva Ramakrishna.

Bellamkonda Suresh said ...

On : 08-07-2019 02:06 pm


Dreams said ...

On : 08-07-2019 01:42 pm

This is how it works , but when it comes to winning a race , all these are minor and Major is some other factors. 

This learning you will get only by experiance and from few dead investments . 

godzilla said ...

On : 08-07-2019 01:22 pm

Class write up.

Aravind said ...

On : 08-07-2019 12:50 pm

Ofcourse Racing Industry in India is struggling. Clubs runs under losses.they keep on British era in conducting races. Not implementing innovative systems to bring in more revenue.untill 2008 it was just in lakhs business for bookies in Cricket but once IPL invented it's crores!! I have been writing in this forum since 2015 that race clubs shd work out novel systems to generate revenue as well bring inore public to enjoy racing as in England, Dubai etc.

I witnessed Dr. MAM used to visit race track at 5 AM along with trainer David and Jockey Jagdish to have on hand knowledge abt horses Tobe participated in coming weeks. That was involvement of Owner in those days. At present most owners largely depend trainers and only racing day presenting themself. 

As far as trainers are concerned very few trainers in India has skill,knowledge, experience to train in horses. I know one trainer in Chennai used to google everyday abt training a horse. Infact long back he fed his horse Flakes (human consumption) imported form Singapore which has expiry date!! Some trainers differentiate feeding system for Cl I and cl VB horses. But Dr.MAM never do such kind to his horses. All horses whatever class they belong get equal quality of feeding.

Finally my request to all Race clubs pl work out for new system and move to Next level of racing. We are here to give suggestions,Ideas.