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Jockey Akash Rajput in Calcutta

By Racingpost | 10-Jul-2019

This youngster have the ability to make a horse run better, any one noticed? How he rode white walker twice? now  Amourous white, he rode in a classic style, what a fantastic finisher he is , have a look to his racing carrier, his balance in the saddle, power of whipping and sense of humour of riding, i’m Following him from a long time,he is one of the best, but did’nt caught by the right eye. He became a champion of delhi 2018 and won the derby as well. I believe He have a lot of supporters becouse of his honesty in riding.

Your views plz.

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4 Replies

Honest Jamadar said ...

On : 14-07-2019 07:48 am

*Akash Rajput has a terrible attitude and for an young lad has too many dubious associations! Hence no major stable wants to be associated with him. It's rather easy to develop a bad reputation (even if it's not true) but you need to go to each and every person and try and convince them that you are a honest bloke. Owners trainers don't mind a failed gamble but what they hate most is someone who is capable of double cross. Most Delhi boys have this unfortunate reputation and hence few stables want to engage them. Dhanu S Deora is far more talented, yet the few instances where he had questionable rides, is enough for big stables to stop engaging him. *P.S The information I have shared is based on what I hear from various trainers and I haven't seen anything myself to make these accusations. So it's based on hearsay. 

Race lover said ...

On : 14-07-2019 02:00 am

There is no riding  on it watch it properly .

The horse is start to finish horse till 1200 .

Watch the horse early races .

Race  lover 

noble eagle said ...

On : 13-07-2019 11:24 am

very true, he is a excellent rider,has improved a lot if he maintains he would come into limelght, imagine c.umesh an average rider who was mostly confined to madras and ooty,can be in demand all over india,why not akash.

crk said ...

On : 12-07-2019 05:49 pm

@ Racing Post,

Good observation, RP. Akash Rajput's riding on Amorous White was excellent. Possibly, it is early days, but it would pay to keep an eye on his mounts.