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By godzilla | 09-Aug-2019

Yesterdays Bangalore truncated Races:

1. In the second Race, Aachen was high priced favourite, 3 to 1 and above. Suraj on Aachen made the horse to travel 7 horses wide from 1200 mtr onwards and ensured it loses the Race.

2. Ambrosia is a class animal. Trevor adopted the tactics of keeping the horse last throughout and alerted it at 400 mtr, thereby making it impossible to win the Race.

These two Races were glaring on the negative tactics adopted by the Champion Jockeys.

Its the duty of BTC Stewards to make a note and pull up the erring jockeys.


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5 Replies

wild card entry said ...

On : 10-08-2019 11:37 am

Yesterday in bangalore for champion jockey cup, when trevor was supposed to present the cup to the winner, why did they give habanero ridden by jockey treover to mount on the same race, it was clear cut he wont win habanero, poor punters woud have invested on habenero unknowingly based on jockey, this is how they loot openly.

ksmrow said ...

On : 10-08-2019 10:20 am

What about run of watchmyscript

Ran true to trainer script asked tomuch

To do on yesterday track condition.

Lawrence said ...

On : 10-08-2019 07:20 am

Well said brother

RaviRao said ...

On : 09-08-2019 11:29 pm

Its Right

raghavan said ...

On : 09-08-2019 11:29 pm


Your observation may be correct.  But, such things are happening too frequently.  O K.  Mischief has to be spoken about.  The erring jockey/s should be pulled up and hefty fine should be imposed on him.  Fair enough. 

We can talk about the mischiefs only when everything from our side is correct.  We bet at half tax.  Why are you silent on that?  Oh!  Tha is permissible!  you may say.  Where such permission is granted.  If there is such permission, why Mumbai bookies remained in lockup for about 12 days and are presently out on bail?

Race betting is our weakness.  We are addicted to that.  And the stake holders will decide ways and means to exploit our weakness.  The stewards just order one or two enquiries in a fortnight  just to reassure the punters that mischief makers are being dealt severely!

There is no remedy to the problem  that you have highlighted.  You have to bet and just hope that horses will run according to merit.   Never ask any questions which the stewards will dismiss as awkward!