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To boost Tote collection Race club should also Invest in Tote.

By Krish | 10-Aug-2019

To attract race players to play on tote, club should also play on tote atleast Rs. one lakh rupees. For the calculation purpose let us take an example of 3rd race result of Pune dated 10th August 2019. If club invest Rs. 100 000 in each Win & SHP. Here club should play in each and every horse with equal amount.

1. No of horses 8. Investment on each horse Rs. 100 000/8= 12500. No. of tickets 1250. Win dividend dropped to 75 from 82(just for calculation purpose)

75 x 1250 = 93750 plus club commision 15000.

Total return 93750+ 15000 = 108750

2. In SHP. Dividend dropped to 200 from 247.

200 x 1250 = 250000. Total return for club = 250000 + 15000 = 265000.

By this method club will never make losses.


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5 Replies

Krish said ...

On : 13-08-2019 04:20 pm


Thank you for your response. If rules does not permit to club bet on horses then there is no point in discussion.

Thanks once again.

Srinivasan said ...

On : 13-08-2019 10:29 am

@ Krish

If club invests ?100000/ , even this also subjected to tax + Club commission.

I Have calculated for 10 horse field where club invest ?10000 on each horse and gets 1000 tickets on each horse.

Case 1 - paid divident ?40 then club gets $40000/ loss

Case 2 - paid divident ?100 then club gets $100000/ Even

Case 3 - paid divident ?133 then club gets $133000/ Profit

This clearly shows that club incurr loss if the devident is less than $100/. Im 96% percent of cases the divident is less than ?100/-. This is not a viable proposal.




Srinivasan said ...

On : 12-08-2019 07:29 pm

In Bengaluru the tote divident shown on the monitors just before the start of the event is the same amount paid after the race and some times ?1 more than the the tote.

I donot know about the other centers.

satz said ...

On : 11-08-2019 11:02 am

insiders are always playing in almost all the races after the race is started and before the white cone is hoisted. very few are aware of it. only difference is, they do not invest money, they simply punch the ticket and encash their money.  I am awre that most of them will not believe this, but this is the hard fact. it is happenining every now and then. 

keep a watch on the tote, after the race is started and before the white cone is hoisted, the tote divident displayed will change slighty by a rupee or so in win and place.

JSI said ...

On : 11-08-2019 09:34 am

Yes it is very good idea and race club should adopt