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Last Race Pune

By Decent Punter | 11-Aug-2019

I request you friends to watch the replay of Pune last race where Thomas Hardy won the race. Carefully observe the race after bend I.e. from 400 metres onwards. At this point Thomas Hardy is being whipped to get a response whereas Dazzling Star is on tight reins. Now watch the video on top of your screen where after bend you will get to see split screen one is straight head-to-head view on top of your screen and normal view in the second half of your screen. Carefully observe the riding of Sandesh who is just waiting for Thomas Hardy to pass him. He is not whipping the horse nor he is pushing the horse vigorously. Totally made up race. Please watch and post your views.

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16 Replies

alonesoul said ...

On : 14-08-2019 09:21 pm

The Sr.V.O. reported that DAZZLING STAR showed signs of distress after returning from the race, The filly recovered after cold water hosing and First Aid treatment  and was sent to the stables.


Decent Punter said ...

On : 14-08-2019 06:31 pm

Raghavan ji ..Karnataka/kerala/maharashtra are going through difficult times due to heavy flooding and heavy rains...lakhs of people are affected but your response is like ..arraay baba at least the repairing guys & umbrella selling guys are doing good business be happy for them.

Kumar Bangalore sir...can you please tell us where did he whip the horse and pushed hard??? There is a huge difference in whipping and just tapping the horse which is called a reminder. He just tapped once after turning for home.

I am not arguing for the sake of arguing

 I agree mischief can't be stopped by professionals in racing field. But when we post some comments/complaints every now & then, they will at least know punters are watching with lense and may be they will be careful in future (I know this is too much to expect).

raghavan said ...

On : 14-08-2019 05:53 pm

Godzilla jee,

Good.  You won decent amount.  There were many punters who went home on that day with  just their shirt & loin cloth intact.  In fact I won only in the last race, which is the subject matter in this thread.  I had 3-1 forecast, 25 tickets!  Of course a small pittance compared to your winning.  But, chaltha hai.  

Two days Pune racing is scheduled for tomorrow & next day.  Let your winnings multiply.  

Ramesh said ...

On : 14-08-2019 02:26 pm

Well said Raghuvaran good thinking keep going one day one bet is good for all 

kumar_blore said ...

On : 14-08-2019 12:40 pm

I viewed the race couple of times, sandesh whipped & pushed the horse yet the horse wasn't responding and clearly lost the race. If we keep doubting every rides of so called top jockeys,then the best thing would be to avoid horse racing (I don't say races are run honestly everywhere).

Most of the owners or trainers choose these so called top jockeys when they sense their mounts having decent chances in a particular set,it's our job to pick the best mounts among such rides and try our luck.If racing was so easy most of them would be at the races,being a owner I have seen many instances where horses doesn't run the way we expected when fancied and run like a classic horse when least expected.

Just enjoy races and gamble within limits is what I have learnt from my experience. 

I have given my views,best wishes for your future bets.

godzilla said ...

On : 14-08-2019 10:49 am


In Pune, its rain, rain, rain. Only yesterday it was bright sunshine thruought, Again heavy rain predicted for the next couple of days.

Good horses, with top weight, are not taking risk and trying. Thats why on Independence day, there are many 0 to 20 cartegory Races listed. Let things get settled. Then the Races will be competitive and the horses will win on merit.

However, my stomach is full as I backed 5k each on Bushtops 10 to 1 for win as well as Awesome one 5k at 2 1/2 odds.

One should select Races and play.

raghavan said ...

On : 14-08-2019 06:49 am


"Punters should as a protest stop betting".

I do not know whether this is made up race or not.  Thomas Hardy was favorite and it won to the relief of majority of punters.  

Sandesh is a big jockey and you feel that if no action is taken, then punters should stop betting.  

Well.  Your suggestion is the best response.  Punters should stop betting!  But, is totally unrealistic and impractical.  The best thing among punters is that they do not bet only in days there is no racing.  (Live or off course).  

There is a possibility that bookies may go on strike.  But punters will never go on strike.

nitesh said ...

On : 12-08-2019 11:12 pm

This absoulty madeup race this is height, RWITC one of the topmost center and top jockies if they do like this malpractise and stweards not taking action on them or trainers, best punters should stop playing races for fes days best option.

C1000 said ...

On : 12-08-2019 10:10 pm

Both Tomas Hardy wins are made up race and both race A Sandesh is second.

Watch Tomas Hardy first win race also.

raghavan said ...

On : 12-08-2019 10:06 pm

Decent Punter,

You have not understood what I said.

I neither sided with Sandesh nor sided with you.  I only said whatever Sandesh did, it has helped the punters to some extent who were reeling under the onslaught of outsiders.

Mischief is mischief.  If Sandesh has not allowed his mount to run to its full potential, then stewards should question him and if Sandesh fails to give proper explanation he should be punished.  Whether any enquiry is called as far as running of the races is for stewards to decide.

But, has he done the mischief?  You say he has pulled the horse.  But, let us await the report of the race day incident.  Whether he has played mischief or not, whether he should be questioned, and in case he is guilty, whether he should be punished or excused  etc are for stewards to decide.  I think punters can express their opinion one way or other.  But, the punters can not decide on the issue.  The stewards are there.  And we expect them to handle the racing issues in a no non sense manner.

We two need not quarrel.  You are satisfied that Sandesh has a lot to answer.  I do not hold any soft corner to Sandesh.  At the same time, personally I do not accuse him either.   I have long ago stopped talking about the mischiefs of jockeys & trainers.  There are people supposed to decide on that.

For argument sake, let me agree that Sandesh has indulged in dirty game.  Is that the first instance or will that be last instance.  As long as racing is there, jockeys run their horses as per the MOU signed by the stake holders.  Some gets caught.  Some go scot free.

Ashok said ...

On : 12-08-2019 08:58 pm

Off late sandesh is the worst jockey who never tried his best on money fav ,u can confidently say his horse when he is fav 

All over India is same with him 

He has joined the ranks of Suraj Narredu 

GT said ...

On : 12-08-2019 08:58 pm

Hi am also inconclusion with the way Sandesh rides, he has been disappointing thess few Pune racedays and that could be the reason he was not on bushtop or may be other way round for better odds mounted Parma .


Decent Punter said ...

On : 12-08-2019 08:18 pm

Raghavan ji I find your reply very baffling and surprising. Just a simple question to you..did you watch the video and if yes did Sandesh gave his best or not?

Shiva ji is there any rule to not whip or at least push vigorously if the horse is one paced? He just tapped the horse once in the straight so I expressed my doubts.

raghavan said ...

On : 12-08-2019 06:43 pm

I do not know whether Sandesh pulled the horse.  At that point of time, majority of punters were in resigned mode.  The favorite won.  And, there was a sigh of relief.

Among a good number of punters who were fortunate to have some cash balance recouped some of the losses.

I do not think Sandesh has played mischief.  But, agree with you.  Opinions vary.  Of course, for me not only Thomas Hardy has to win, but also Dazzling Star should finish 2nd.  I had forecast 3-1.  

So, if as you had observed, Sandesh has deliberately not allowed his mount to run on merits, he definitely has helped a good number of punters to go home with reduced cash balance at least.  Of course, as you have observed, if Sandesh had indulged in some mischief, he should be definitely questioned and suitable punishment be imposed on him.  Let us wait for report of race day incidents.

shiva said ...

On : 12-08-2019 01:23 pm

See the Dazzling Star is one paced Horse,, which we have seen in Mumbai also failed as favourite....

This Horse just go with his full speed and in the end get fussss

Karthik said ...

On : 12-08-2019 12:09 pm

Ur 100% Right sir it's a pakka made up race Sandesh gave up the race