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Winners and Runners up declaration for THE PTR Bangalore Summer 2019 Contest

By Dominic S | 12-Aug-2019

Dated :- 12-08-2019

From :- S.Dominic , Trainer , Bangalore

To :- All the Contestants and THE PTR Contest Management Team Members,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the winners, runners up and the top 5 podium finishers of the recently concluded THE PTR contest for Bangalore summer season 2019.  I thank S Kumar (SK) for inviting me to do the honors.

I have been going through this contest for many years now and this contest has gained popularity over the years and can be considered as most successful being run in India  The Zeal and Enthusiasm with which the contestants participate itself shows the popularity of this contest. Year on Year, as I see there is tremendous growth in contestants joining this contest.  This contest is not only viewed in terms of one’s planning investment for Live Races but also displays a contestants hard work in selecting the right horses after going through long hours of study through which he plans for his stakes in this contest as well.  This contest, therefore is very useful both ways to the contestants.

This year the Bangalore contest though kick started 4 days late but gained pace very quickly and the momentum was in full throttle within few days from the commencement of the contest.

Compared to last year this year, I was made to understand there is a drop in contestants as a final percentage and this may be due to various factors prevailing in this sport and I trust that there will be enough impetus for the ongoing Pune contest which has commenced recently in style and I wish all the contestants and the contest management members, all the very best. 

I congratulate Mr. Vamps Venom who was in the middle bunch right from the time the gates have opened and flew like a Rocket in the last 200 Metres or so crossing the winning post in style, thus throwing the leader, Mr S.Kumar to the second position.  Mr Vampsvenom’s final day Win Roll ensured him the First Place in the contest and I was made to understand that he has been an outstanding player in the various contests being run in Congratulations Vampsvenom for winning this contest and look forward to many more from you in future.    

Mr S.KUMAR as I have been seeing and noticing him in many roles as co ordinator, architect, Shrewd planner of various contests and as a Able Writer in horse Talk has also been involved in various management decisions pertaining not only to these contests but also in various analysis of this sport in general.  Over a period of 10 years or so he has been associated and contributed tirelessly in horse talk and I congratulate him for being leader in the contest till the end only to be beaten at the winning post by Mr Vampsvenom.  I congratulate SK for his outstanding fighting spirit in this contest and bad luck that he missed the top rank.

Mr Abhay-Pune who is also one of the regular old timer and outstanding HT’ian for over a decade now has been displaying his class till the very end of this contest and stood 3rd in this contest.  His single roll about a month ago or so in this contest displayed his class and authority on this sport. Many congratulations Abhay-Pune for the 3rd position in this contest which is presumed to be very tough and this sport in general which goes through many unforeseen circumstances in real live action.

I congratulate Mr Againstodds for being a true sportsman and contestant of this contest for marking his 100 % Attendance in this contests and he is also one of the very regular contestant in various contests held in Horse talk . 

I also congratulate all the contestants who participated whole heartedly and in true sportsman spirit.

Here is the top 5 leader board chart with their respective scores.  

1. Vamps venom -          82,35,000

2. S Kumar          -         37,09,034

3. Abhay Pune    -          20,88,000

4. AK                   -         11,29,168

5. Againstodds    -          10,61,000

Mr Vampsvenom, Mr S KUMAR and Mr Abhay-Pune – you may contact ADMIN to collect your respective winners and runners prizes. 

I would also like to place my appreciation to all the management committee members of THE PTR contest which name includes Mr Dharmesh Nagda ( Chief Judge to the contest ), Mr Libero, Mr S V K Raju, Mr Rakesh Menon, Mr BKD, @The Doc, Mr Raghavan for being integral part of the success story of this contest and also lending their tireless service at all stages during the tenure of the contest. Infact these names are synonymous for nearly a decade in various contests being conducted in Talk).

Mr GS has done outstanding work single handedly in  the entire compilation of all the contestants scores and has been tirelessly working and lending support not only to the contestants but also to the management members of the contest.  This is no easy task but Mr GS has made it look very very easy.  Many congratulations to you GS.

I also place on record the space courtesy partner to these contests and the team at for successfully running these contests for almost a Decade now and requires every compliment possible for promoting this sport immensely through these contests and also ensuring that is number one horse racing BLOG for all of us which includes providing so much of data and statistics apart from creating horse talk as a forum  to discuss and debate various matters pertaining to this sport in general.

I conclude this presentation by once again thanking my dear friend SK for inviting me as chief guest for the awards declaration for the Bangalore summer season of THE PTR Contest and wish everyone all the very best.

Thank You

Warm Regards


Trainer, BTC

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20 Replies

bonding008 said ...

On : 15-08-2019 11:34 pm

Congratulations to all winners , ptr contestants , Sir Dominic , to all coordinators , I.R. Administrators and staff  for their wonderful support to making this contest a great success, wishing you the very best .

ramiyer said ...

On : 15-08-2019 05:45 pm





Ashok Bhojraj Chawla said ...

On : 15-08-2019 12:57 pm

Congratulations Mr.Vamps Venom. Mr.S.Kumar ji.  Mr. Abhay ji. Thank You so much , Team Members of PTR & ADMIN .

againstodds said ...

On : 15-08-2019 11:30 am

@SKumar sir, while thanking you for all the appreciation, I feel your words of compliments which I have received innumerable times itself is the biggest gift and a gift in kind may not be needed.  Kindly accept my request.


With respect & warm regards

Dharmesh said ...

On : 14-08-2019 01:49 pm

Hearty congratulations to Vamps venom, SSK and Abhay-Pune. 


Thank you Mr. S Dominic & Indiarace. 



Skumar said ...

On : 14-08-2019 08:56 am

Esteemed Dominic Sir,

Best Greetings of the Day to you Sir !!!!!!!!!!

At the outset , I on behalf of all the Contestants and THE PTR Contest Management Team and Our Principal Space and Prize Sponsors , thank you for sparing your valuable time and accepting our request of the invitation to you to be our Chief Guest and declaring the Winners and Runner-up of the Just concluded THE PTR Bangalore Summer 2019 Contest. 

Sir, I also place on record our sincere Gratitude for the Overwhelming and in depth presentation on the Contest and also addressing our contestants as well. The depth in which you have into your presentation after asking from me so many details of the contest and its contestants shows your deep sense of love and affection to all of us and portrays your simplicity inspite of hectic schedule you have everyday.

Sir, a million million thanks to you for such a wonderful comments and observations addressed to all of us. we stay thankful always for your kind favour to all of us. Its been a absolute privilege for the contestants in specific who are now very highly motivated and charged up with your motivational address to all of us.


Esteemed Shri Zeyn Mirza Saheb,

Best greetings to you and the entire Team at

Dil sey Ham Sab ka Shukriya Kubool Ki Jiye  and and as the famous line goes,  " Hazaaron Umangey Jaag UTI Aapkey AANey Se" is the feeling of all of us at HT. Though your presence was long felt as our support and Messiah for all of us at HT in We wholeheartedly thank you for your big heart in sponsoring this years THE PTR Contest Prizes for Winners and Runner-up. 

Sir, a brief overview on the history of these contests Vis a vis MOM-DAD-BRO-POP contests, Tom and The Jerry Contests , SK Sagar JI's annual Four Winter Derbies PTR contest and the current Rage which is ongoing " THE PTR" Contests are all the Hallmark with which garnered the Respect and accolades of the "P" community and stood as a Strong Platform for one to participate in these virtual contests ( In real time action, these contests are benchmarked by contestants themselves to do the in-real Live action Finance planning and therefore the Investments) . Sir, what makes this sport more special but  always goes un recognised is that over 90 % of the investments come into this sport from Micro Investors and who form integral part of our "P" Community and some of these are hailed as the ardent members of our Horse talk Forum. Sir, by you coming in , this year especially, into our THE PTR Contests , there are lot of  happy faces among HT'ians who now feel that there some body who is recognising the "P" Community. The Magnitude of this impact can be felt by you Sir, once we revamp all the Above contests and keep interests ALIVE of one and all. The brief Stats of peak entries and posts from IR'ians into these contests are listed below :-

A) MOM-DAD-BRO-POP Contests :- Peak 187 , Avg 66

B) TOM and Jerry Contests :- Peak 294 , Avg 88

C) Sagar Ji's Four Winter Derby PTR Contest :- Peak 121, Avg 51

D) THE PTR Contests :- Peak  223 ( Six Years Back) , Avg 52

Sir, we have added the 3 R's ( Recognise-Reward-Respect) as a symbolic Gesture and actual Depiction of our Intent towards one and all connecting and in specific Horse Talk. 

We, Therefore request you once again to come in and support us in a big way so that the confidence of our members are Intact and those who can cherish always as an Elite member of our Horse talk in IR'ian Family. Look forward earnestly to an communication from you in this end and also going ahead to make as a strong platform where the respected HT'ians can come in more numbers to express their views , seek support in terms of their need and also take the pride of being a contestant in our various Contests. We as Team know very well after the Introduction of GST , there is a drop in all revenue points, Dividends pay out to the Rail Birds and overall profitability of this sport in general. However, inspite of all these what one must note is that the endurance and confidence of the "P" community which is keeping the sport intact inspite of all odds. Your support will go in a long way to further strengthen their confidence and also get the impetus to further go into these lIve time action in Various Rc's.

Sir, We as a PTR Team are best for known for our committment with which we execute these contests, strong and high value Principles we carry , Strict Administration and Member Friendly relations and PR we deliver day in day out through these Contests and association with

Members Like , Dharmesh , Libero, BKD , Madmax, GS are few who stand out as examples for delivering various high expectations and we have garnered our selves the respect and thus attained the Bench Mark Supplier Status among the various members in IR Family.

We seek your suuport and Blessings at this moment and thank you once again for your kind support in this years THE PTR Banaglore Contests.

Dear All Contestants / My partners in Crime at  THE PTR Management Committee and Admin@

Thanks a million million times for your support , cooperation and Participation and one more contest ended with Grand Success. 

Vampsvenom and Abhay-Pune , Please send your correspondence address to and mail Id as given by Vipin and he will ensure that you receive your Prizes respectively.

@ Against Odds :- You have been a stand out in these contests and able support whenever we at Team THE PTR need you and you instantly come in with your Support post. This year your 100 % attendance record speaks volumes of your true sportsmanship and we at THE PTR Team Salute You with respect. 

As a person who takes instant decisions whenever I feel something makes me extremely happy , I have decided instantly to express my deep sense of appreciation to you and therefore I request you to send your correspondence address to VIPIN and I am sending you a surprise gift / token of my appreciation for your sportsmanship and within my small available resource and Means . Please accept the same and please mail your address to Vipin.

Coming to my partners who are the core strength of these contests and I personally thank each one of you from my heart for your wholesome support and motivation in this contest. There is NO contest without you people and it is as simple as that. The below personalities are heart and soul of these contests.

A) Dharmesh Nagda

B) Libero aka Santosh


D) Raghavan Ji 

E) @ The Doc 


G) BKD - the eternal mentor for all of us 

H) Virgo Rao Sir :- Die hard supporter of our Team and this sport

and many many others as the list is long and these precious people contribute time and energy for these contests. :- Thankful to you guys as ever and without you we stand minisculed ...Million million Thanks.

With Best Regards to one and all and with an assurance we will stay as competitive as ever whilst maintaining the best Team Spirit and Sport spirit at all time we remain....



TIGER said ...

On : 14-08-2019 08:35 am


@Vamps Venom- Congratulations on winning the competition. You exceptionally well deserve this congratulations for your diligent and hard work.

@S Kumar ji- All the hard work and commitment are paid off with your 2nd position. Congratulations. You have outshined your ability.

@Abhay Pune @Ak @Against Odds- Congratulations all for your accomplishments and wish you numerous congratulations on your future games.

Thank you @Admin, Shri Dominic Ji, Dharmesh ji, Mr Libero, Mr SVK Raju, Rakesh Menon ji, BKD Dada, The Doc, Mr Raghavan and Especially Mr GS for supporting and being the most important part of the competition.




Auriga said ...

On : 14-08-2019 12:17 am

PTR contest organisers and Indiarace admin...GREAT JOB in holding such an event even though horse racing is going through crisis all over India...I think such contests should be marketed better and made to get the crowd back to the stands and hope this industry strives like it used to...

This should be introduced like Dream11 or other sporting contests and even pushed by the turf clubs of India.

Thanks to esteemed trainers such as Dominic sir...who encourage such events...and grace the occasion. 

All the best....

Santo said ...

On : 13-08-2019 10:24 pm

Hearty ???? congratulations to everyone.                     All the best for next contest ????????

libero said ...

On : 13-08-2019 09:25 pm

Dear Vamps Venom ji

Hearty congratulations for the superb show, hats off

Dear SK ji

Good show sir ji, congrats for the runner up birth

Dear Abhay Pune, AK & Against all odds

Congratulations for the podium finish

@ Dominic sir

Thanks a lot for accepting to be our chief guest, thank you for the superb presentation

@ Admin 

Thanks a lot for allowing the contest and sponsoring a few gifts too

@ all participants

Congratulations and thank you all for the superb show in the contest



BKD said ...

On : 13-08-2019 05:54 pm

Hello Everybody,

Heartiest Congratulations and Shaabaashi's to.....

-Vamps Venom ----The have always been one!

Remember..MDB / TOM & JERRY Contests.....Hats off to you Bro!

-SK-----Having made all the running (literally) and to be stung by the Vamp's Venom, at the all important end....bitter but sweet!

Congratulations and commiserations SK, although I had tipped you to be the potential winner, long way from home!

Never mind now...instead, take a leaf from your exemplary  performance here while we all look forward to yet another scintillating run in Pune.

Besides,your ceaseless efforts in masterminding the PTR operations, fully deserves a standing ovation!

ABHAY_Pune: You had a hard nut to crack in the home stretch, with the in-form SK, maintaining a commanding lead,....nevertheless, your consistency did pay off and you were able to hold on commendably.  An encore in your own backyard is coming right up!

AK & AGAINSTODDS:  Die hards like you, never give up...and you guys have  proven it once again....admirably so!

I was delighted to read Dominic's meaningful write up and his positive attitude as reflected in the presentation, which has indeed livened up the entire proceedings. Thank you sirji, for your valuable words of encouragement!

Finally, a huge round of applause for all other participants,, PTR admin, while not forgetting our new Rakesh Menon in-the-making, GS, who had so graciously volunteered to don the thankless mantle of data-warehousing.




The Doc said ...

On : 13-08-2019 03:03 pm

@ Vampsvenom,

Congratulations for the top spot. You have always been a consistent performer in every contest in IR so far. Keep it up. 

@ Skumar

Hard luck SK ji. You got beat in last furlong. Congratulations for the runner up birth and better luck next time. 

 @ Abhay Pune

Congratulations for finishing in top three. 


@ AK, Againstodds

Congratulations for the podium finish. Good luck for next time


@ GS

You are doing a fantastic job. Its the most thankless job in the PTR but u r doing it so well. Hats of to passion and dedication. 



AK said ...

On : 13-08-2019 01:58 pm

Hi all


Thank you all for your kind words.

Congrats to Vamps sir n good try to my fellow top 5ers.

Now to my home course Pune n waiting fr the obstaclesie 1lk limit to be removed


Amit Kumar


GS said ...

On : 13-08-2019 12:25 pm

Thank you Mr. S Dominic Sir for your very nice write-up while announcing the results with your messages to the Winners.

Heartiest congratulations to Vamps Venom for winning the 2019 Banglore PTR contest with a remarkable performance.  

Congratulations to  Skumar Sir and Abhay Pune Sir for finishing 2nd and 3rd in the contest. They are well known names here and consistent performers.

Well played AK, Againstodds for finishing in the top five.  

As in all previous PTR contests, the overall performance of the participants has been well above average. There is no doubt whatsoever that this is an Elite group and it’s a privilege to be a part of this group. Of the 48 participants as many as 3 finished with a positive score  exceeding 12,00,000 (invested amount) and this despite the fact that there is about 30 % deduction in the tote dividends Taking these deductions into account the Par score is worked out as 9,00,000, and as many as 8  scored above this level. 

I am a little disappointed at the lack of response by few participants in coming forward to post returns opening balance and clossing balance at respectives dates. I hope they will do the needful sooner than later.

Congrats to all the participants who took participation in this prestigious contest.Looking forward for Pune season.All the best everybody

Thanks to Skumar Who accepted me to coordination team and all his support during the contest.

Thankyou Dominic Sir for your wonderful words about me 

Thankyou Againsodds for you appreciation.

Thanks to the Admin. India race for their full support for the contest.

Thanks With Regards

againstodds said ...

On : 13-08-2019 11:24 am

Congrats to Vamps Venom sir for this super performance. Most of your choices were at good odds and success rate was definitely praiseworthy one. Keep it up. Congrats to SKumar sir, always a team leader and having your own way of presentation in a friendly manner. Wish you much more success.  Congrats to Abhay Pune sir, always selecting good choices independent of media tips or the fancy of other learned tipsters.  Wish you all the best.

Congrats to PTR Team for conducting this contest excellently.  Thank you GS sir, you have made this difficult job looked easy.

Thanks, Mr Dominic sir, for this nice presentation of the result.

Thank you Admin sir for facilitating this contest.

Bobby said ...

On : 13-08-2019 09:48 am

Hearty congratulations to the top five and all the other contestants for their support and participation in this competition of skill.

Vampsvenom said ...

On : 13-08-2019 08:37 am

Hello Respected Admin, Friends, Ht members and whole team of India

Firstly I would like to express my appreciation to RESPECTED S.DOMNIC sir for the dedicated efforts, the hard work and the outstanding quality of service and quality training for your outstanding contribution in the horse racing industry. Thank you so much sir for your kind words and will try always to give best whatever from my side.

I would also like to express my appreciation and congratulate Respected S Kumar Sir and Respected Abhay Pune Sir for their great efforts and also would like to congratulate runner ups and all other contestants who have given their best for the contest. 

Good luck to all participants for pune PTR contest. 



B.V.S.PRASAD said ...

On : 12-08-2019 11:06 pm

Congrats to 1st & 2nd achievers

A great review by sir S.Domnic & keen observation on PTR contest his words are a great boost for all of us. Thank you very much sir please give your valuable suggestions for our members.

raghavan said ...

On : 12-08-2019 09:12 pm

Hearty congratulations Sri Vamps Venom jee.

S Kumar, Abhay Pune, A K & against odds:  My heartiest congratulations to you all finishing on board.

And, my sincere thanks to all participants who made this contest a big success.

My thanks to Sri Dominic for being Chief guest.  And my full thanks to the co ordinators of the game.

And finally, my thanks go to the horse talk Admin and staff.  

ADMIN said ...

On : 12-08-2019 09:12 pm

We , at Team wholeheartedly thank Shri DOMINIC JI for accepting Joint invitation of THE PTR MANAGEMENT TEAM and Team , to be our CHIEF GUEST for the announcement of winners and runners of the “THE PTR” BANGALORE SUMMER 2019 Contest and also for excellent presentation on the overall overview of the contest being concluded in HORSETALK at .... thank you so much sir !!!!

Vampsvenom , SK JI And Abhay-Pune , please forward your correspondence address so that Team can despatch your respective prizes .. you may mail us at :- thank each and every HT member / Contestants of THE PTR CONTESTS for your overwhelming support , interest and cooperation of the contest ... will give maximum support  in the future contests being run and planned to be run in HORSE TALK FORUM ..

Skumar ( SK JI ) TEAM acknowledges your support and hard work for the success of these contests and also closely working with our Team ... we also place on record the services of ENTIRE “THE PTR” contest management team in high esteem and a big thank you individually to them from our hearts...