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Can Astrology help in reducing losses?

By chanakya | 05-Sep-2019

Punters use various systems/methods to win from races. Using astrology is one of these attempts.

Many years ago in first eclosure of Mumbai( then Bombay) I saw an elderly man with a bundle of charts in his hand . Out of curiosity I asked him about these charts and he replied that these are astrological charts for the day. He moved to the ringand betting on a runner - which was 20/1, he paid 100 rupee note to the bookie who gave him back 2rupees. The bet was Rs. 80 + tax& commission etc.

The runner won and I tried to trace him but could not find him in the crowd.

This incidence gave me an idea and impetus to learn the 'basics' of astrology to use in finding a winner or a loser of a race.

I found that to find a winner will not be that easy because every 4 minutes the ascendent moves by 1 degree forcing the practitioner to modify his stategy but it is possible to find WHICH FAVORITE IS LIKELY TO LOSE.

Using the easy way out I started posting my advice (warnings) on my blog that in race no. X horse no. Y will lose.

From 20/7/19 till date; on Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata - OUT OF 17 PREDICTIONS ( WARNINGS) 16 WERE CORRECT - only one was wrong! .

It is said that 'money saved is money earned'. ; therefore wqe must try to identify and find out 'false' favorites to cut down our losses...

Ofcourse,as a corollary-- the 'layers' can use this information to eat the favorites and win hundres, thousands and millions, provided they have the guts and the capability...

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11 Replies

Garfield said ...

On : 07-09-2019 11:26 am


Chanakya can never lose in racing..

ITR can never win against Chanakya



kolramsri said ...

On : 07-09-2019 11:05 am

I am learning astrology. Based on my horoscope, on 18.11.2018 and 19.11.2018, and 20.8.2019, I posted 3,6,9and 1,4,7and 3,6,9 respectively. The problem faced by me is after, 3.15 p.m. this sequence disappears. On calculation, Playing the suggested numbers will show a modest profit (Tote)on the above given days. For the time being, I think it is better to stop after the Third race.

Attn Chanakya. I don't know what method you follow? Try to calculate on your Horoscope.

Sun said ...

On : 06-09-2019 11:23 pm

@Indian Turf Record 

Kindly allow people to have some comfort in proposing and broadcasting some new theories It is unfair on your part to keep record of tips by tipsters though you for one come to our help in fetching records of horses from time immemorial 

Thanks for your record keeping 

Srinivas said ...

On : 06-09-2019 11:11 pm


Fibbing is a quality not everybody is capable of pulling it off.   However, Chanakya has mastered it so well that he paints his actual losses into so-called profits.   With your revelation, he stands fully exposed.

Yathendra said ...

On : 06-09-2019 10:53 pm

In horse racing 70% depends on the horse current form n  bunch and decision and previous records 20%depends on the connections (owner and trainer)5%depends on the Jockey (how much he executes the horse power) remaining 5% timing (some times good horse not taking jump n some times hangout problem n Jockey fall n several conditions) so please depend upon the actuall strategy don't depend on numbers and mantras it is waste of time and money I saw so many members like that they all won 20/1  odds only 1 time in 100 races and just think about yourself how many 20/1 horses won in a season

chanakya kaushik said ...

On : 06-09-2019 10:37 pm


I  appreciate  your  comments. But  they  need correction. 


First, let  me  give  the  names of those  17 (16 correct  and  1 wrong)

1) Banglore 20/7 winner Three wishes(race3) came  down from 5/1 to  9/4 while Honey  Trap went  up from  12/10  to (9/4).  In  race  no  5 favorite  lost. oth  predictions  came  true.

2)Bng 21/7 - fav  of  race 5  will  lose : Niccolini- favorite -lost.

3) Bng 2/8 -- fav  of  1,2  7 will  lose : fav  of  1 won,; 2 & 7  lost.

4)Hyd - 4/8- Favorites  of  races  2,3,8  will lose - All 3  lost

5)Pune- 15/8- -Favorites  of  races  1,2,5,7 will  lose - ALL 4 lost.

6) Kolkata-20/8-  favorites  of  races  2, 6 will lose  - BOTH  lost.

7)Hyderabad- 2/9-  favorite  of  races  1&8 will  lose - Both  lost




1) Bng -2/8 - I gave3 losers- 1 won, but  2 lost: result -1 + 2 = +1

2)Bng 8/8-I said fav of  2 & 3  will  lose -race2 fav lost; race 3  fav Honey  Trap (17/10) was nowhere (6th.)  but  Sadaqat (odds 5/1)  won  the  race .

UNFORTUNATELY  you missed or  dismissed  or  avoided 2  winners  in  the  same  thread - Abira (7/4) and  Northern  Alliance (won  next  day)

3)Bng  9/8- I said  1st. race  favorite  will  lose - he LOST.

4) Pune- I said ThomasHardy will  lose but  it  won - FIRST  wrong.

5)Pune -15/8 - Flying  Dragon(odds 4/1)  was  NOT   favorite  but  Dragonmoss(odds 5/2)  WA . Dragonmoss - favorite LOST.

6) 16/8- Yes , Cupido won the race as a  favorite but in the  morning  Patriots  Day  was 3/2 and  Cupido  was 9/4 trined  by  the  most  controversial   trianer of Mumbai...

Learn  these   extrneus  pressures, ideas,  informations  to  fine  tune the  final  reportaire ...

Srinivasan said ...

On : 06-09-2019 09:03 pm

@ Chanakya

To find at that time  in race course (It is nothing but the position where the sun rays are falling) and planetery position 1. Download Drik Panchang the kundilini (south or north depends on you) and with in a flash you get it. 2. On PC type Drik, you can explore what you want.

On September 11 Mercury enters Kanya rasi where he is exalted and it is his own house, the chances of no. 5 winning more and he will be there till Sep.29.

Long time back I was following astrology, not now!!!

Garfield said ...

On : 06-09-2019 07:03 pm

Just give us 3 favourites that will win ,not words like 

Favorite of Race Nos.1,2 and 7 false favorites - will not win

It makes no sense at all.

Krish said ...

On : 06-09-2019 04:21 pm


Your are one of PHD student try to earn PHD degree by picking negative results. Unfortunately your effort was failed by Indian Turf Records.  Please look for diffenent method. FYI, I have seen that astrologer with big naama on his forehead and with astrological charts. He was a regular visitor at that time in Bombay race track.

Gamble for love said ...

On : 06-09-2019 03:20 pm

No...only hard work can save you in racing..

Don't waste your time in astrology/numbers study..

Buy a good internet connection and watch the runs and make a strongand pure  opinion about horses. Watch video again and again. 

Key....forget about owner, trainer, khabar., and must read race day will enjoy.


Gamble for love 



Indian_Turf_Record said ...

On : 06-09-2019 02:52 pm

@ Chanakya

     Given below are some of your postings.

     02-082019 01:37 pm:-

     "Favorite of Race Nos.1,2 and 7 false favorites - will not win ..."

     [Race No1 was won by favorite PALM READER]

     08-08-2019 01:35 pm:-

     "Favorites of races nos. 2 and 3 will lose"

     [Race No 3 was won by favorite SADAQAT]

     09-08-2019 12:32 pm:-

      " Astro says: summer million and today's first race favorites will lose"

      [Favorite NORTHERN ALLIANCE won summer million]

     10-08-2019 01:11 pm:-

     "race no 6 - Thomas Hardy will not win"

     [THOMAS HARDY won]

     15-08-2019 01:11 pm:-

     "TODAY favorite of no. 7 will not win - false favorite ..."

     [Favorite FLYING DRAGON won Race No. 7]

     16-08-2019 01:54 pm:-

     "favorites of race 4 & 5 are FALSE FAVORITES ...."

     [Race no. 5 was won by favorite CUPIDO]

      Perhaps, your assertion that only one prediction proved wrong needs revision.