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The Army Cup

By Mad Max | 08-Sep-2019


I request Horse Talkers comments please

I prefer Afroz Khan ridden 4-VERSALLIES over AON AON AON (Suraj) and MARINETTI (Akshay Kumar).  Please post your comments.



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16 Replies

Umesh kumar said ...

On : 09-09-2019 10:16 am

Good choice form Thanks

Seshu1234 said ...

On : 09-09-2019 10:11 am

Pls give one horse for Monday sir... Waiting your tip

crk said ...

On : 09-09-2019 12:06 am

@ Mad Max,

Congrats for the right choice.

racebro said ...

On : 09-09-2019 12:01 am

MM good one. I predicted PP to beat Versailles, it was my 2nd choice. Should have played Eachway, missed it. Played PP.

Transparency said ...

On : 08-09-2019 08:41 pm

Cgrts to Dharmesh as well you .

Lucky laxman said ...

On : 08-09-2019 08:04 pm

@Mad Max, once again you proved yourself the best amongst all. .Keep it up sir. .. 

GS said ...

On : 08-09-2019 05:16 pm

@Mad Max
No words fr me to appritiate..
I dont know why you stopped playing PTR come on..start playing

star contendar said ...

On : 08-09-2019 04:29 pm

great selection, are really great.

Ashokmysore said ...

On : 08-09-2019 04:12 pm

I salute madmaxsir good analisis

Ashokmysore said ...

On : 08-09-2019 03:23 pm

Aon aon aon will win hands down

star contendar said ...

On : 08-09-2019 01:54 pm

go back marinetti, stand in the que collect money, go again and back isabella for good double and go home.

starone said ...

On : 08-09-2019 01:33 pm

PONTIOUS PILATE should win it again from Marineti...

crk said ...

On : 08-09-2019 01:23 pm

Pontius Pilate last victory in Class3 against Aon Aon and Marinetti was excellent and with more in hand. Versailles victory in Class 4 over 1100m was a labored and lucky one over Zamora.

My choice, therefore, is POINTOUS PILATE.(in spite of the handicap.)

Decent Punter said ...

On : 08-09-2019 12:46 pm

Marinetti can win without extending. Strictly my opinion.

Ashu Mys said ...

On : 08-09-2019 12:41 pm

Aon Aon Aon win the cup

Deep said ...

On : 08-09-2019 12:34 pm

Marinetti should win this against any other horses.