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Betting Strategy

By starone | 11-Sep-2019

We as punters donot have a strategy in placing bets like bookmakers do have.  The bookmaker surely knows how much to eat each horse proportionately so that whosoever wins the book will be in plus.  Similarly, we should also evolve a strategy in betting.  The foremost is capital, based on which we can design.  Winning contiuously is not possible hence when placing bets one can play selectively, may be one bet a day, per week or in 15 days or even month (but its not practically possible) 

Strategy no. 1

KBC of betting :  Like in KBC one has to answer 15 questions to win 7 crores, similarly in case 15 bets in a row can be rolled without fail one can make lot of money.  The problem is selection even if you roll on places or win only sure shot bets are to be predicted and backed upon

Strategy no. 2  :  Playing kenchi  : which most of us dont know how to play.

Strategy no. 3  :  Playing a roll on 2 or 3 

Based on selections or tips if you roll on 2 or 3 or more the returns are huge, e.g., if 2 betting odds are even and you roll on both then the return is 3 times and incase of 3 bets if odds of all  are even ( for example)  the return is 7 times....  hence accordingly one can make huge profits.

The problem is there is no set pattern or style of racing, so are the selections / tips.  Some one may tip a few, but in long run is bound to fail, such being case, one can be more selective and play his/her own tips coz then its easy to figure out the mistakes/ drawbacks.  

Most of us for our ego sake without realising will give a selection just by hunch or may by without understanding the handicapping and several factors which come into play.  The problem is most of us are not being honest with ourselves forget being with others.  So honest one selection / tip can change the course of your betting plan.  If one follows KBC plan - can make huge profit even by roll on 4th bet or 6th or 8th bet.  A small roll of  1000 can yield good returns. 

Dear Friends let us start a new thread - can be KBC or Roll for the day/ week etc.. where in  single selections are given.

Request you all to give valuable inputs for the benefit of all.


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Madhu mysore said ...

On : 12-09-2019 10:09 am


MS Dhoni said ...

On : 12-09-2019 04:50 am

@starone I totally agree with you....but kenchi will be accepted only for few centers if i am not wrong.