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By raghavan | 12-Sep-2019

Sorry friends.  I do not tip.  

I used to give my selections.  (in zamana).  When I was co ordinator in PTR games.  That must be about 5 to 6 years ago.  Anyway, when I felt that majority of my selections are big big flop, I just stopped tipping.  Certainly, no punter has lost 5 paise because of me in the last 6 years..  

However, I have seen that many horsetalk members are honestly trying to help punters by giving good tips.  And, that certainly helps punters. 

For eg, those who followed Godzilla were rewarded yesterday with a handsome 5000/- + for a 2000 bet.  Those who play wih bookies got still higher amount;  but I take the Mysore dividends at tote for the purpose of this post.

Captain Cook gave Cavallo velace.  A person playng only for place will get 2600/- plus.  A person taking each way (1000) risk will be getting  7400/- plus.

Just two persons I mentioned.  There may be many who have done better than Godzilla & Captain cook.  Or there may be those whose 2 selections failed & two selections passed giving the punter a modest gain OR a least no loss.  Sorry, friends.  I have not named them.

My main idea is to speak against any person who tips a dozen or 15 horses and directs us to select 4 horses and play 2 for win & 2 for place.  And, after the races are over, brags 500% profit/125% profit etc. 

Suppose my tips are  1) Star binder, 2) Turf magic, 3) Streaming Gold, 4) Super Success, 5)Master of Universe, 6)Knotty ash,  7)Punjabi girl &  8) perfect legacy.    I do not think anyone will blame me for giving bad selections.  They are good.  Some even may say "excellent" before the races.  But, I remind punters that there was only one correct jackpot ticket passed.  Punters suffered modest to heavy loss though 4 favorites won!  My own performance is not much to crow about.  I had taken 9-6 forecast in 1st race, 12-1 fc in 3rd, 8-12 in 4th.  Was in loss of 1300/- with these bets.  Took one treble ticket 1-6-6 (3rd treble).  25 tickets.  Gone.   Played 6-1 forecast in the last race, 25 tickets.  Clicked.

But, what you will feel, if I had asked you to bet maximum 4 bets and then, after the race had I bragged 900% profit?  My logic is roll bet on 9 in first race,  & roll the winnings on 1 in 2nd race, 12 in 3rd race & 6 in 8th race!  At best my tips can be considered average because 4 won.  People who were in plus after first 3 races, would have gone in red by the end of 7th race.  They may try to salvage something by betting no-6 in the last race OR might have stopped idea of any further bet.

I think, the tipsters should follow one moral code of conduct.  Keep silent after the races.  Let the winners cheer this or that tipster.  No problem.  Tipsters  on their own  should avoid any temptation to arrogantly brag.

Horsetalk members are decent.  They are not at all bragging.  So, why my post?  It is addressed to one person who indulges in self praise to the maximum.

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Captain cook((((KOLKATA))))) said ...

On : 12-09-2019 10:32 am

Raghavan sir firstly thank you for mentioning my name......You just correctly pointed out...there are many tipsters come with there selections like no favourites will win,,,play all the mount of p Trevor,,,today lucky no is 5,,,play no. 5 each way on every races,,,,,,and like today sun is strong,,,,the next day moon is strong,,so play this horse,,, and some comes with letterology horses starts with the letter A will surely win on race no 1,,,,these are really very pathetic to see such posts  in this forum......Mark my words--- Those who are trying in this way to gain something you will not be able to be in profit throughout your entire life..**********Wake up indian punters you all are in the dream world,,,do a single bet if you loss for back to back 5 days also you will be able to recover your loss on the next meetings..**********dont back more than one horse...let your friend win on every races,,,let him make money by playing all just keep patience and bet the best horse of the day ,,,there are many good tipsters here i dont want to name can follow them you can take advice ,,suggestion,,,but my request do a single bet for the whole racing cant imagine how much you will be in profit in the upcomming days...god bless you everybody have a healthy life..lastly if you cant control yourself by betting each and every races then avoid going race course contact somebody who will do all the work related to race course.....he will keep you update...he will hand over your winning amount to your will be mentally free for the whole month........these are all suggestion.if you wanna apply it in your life then fine and if you dont simply avoid my post.