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Indian Racing Needs to Resume

By ayyarnet | 02-Apr-2020

 Anil Mukhi : Sir :

In your well written article you have provided Food for Thought to the concerned authorities. Unfortunately the authorities may not be in a mood to listen to your points. Welfare of the animals, sycesand other people in the industry must be taken care of. If the animals are not given proper physical training and kept idle it will affect their performance to a large extent.

The other point  on line waggering indeed interesting. When the club can accept our Bank  Cards at the course they  can also accept te same like Amazon or other on line marketting people. This will certainly help Senior citizens to watch the Races from their home and bet through their Bank Cards. I do not find anything wrong in it.  May be they can start with Tote 

and winning stakes promptly credited to their bank account or issue some sort of coupon which the players can redeem from the club. Accepting the bet may not be a problem with the Bank card details or from a suitable deposit but crediting the winning amount be a problem they may not be able to credit immediately to our account.

Thanks for the timely article.



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Berjis said ...

On : 13-04-2020 02:01 pm

In the present situation the Central government, even if convinced, will find making the necessary legislative changes to sanction online gambling, a matter of the lowest priority. 
In any event conducting races will result in non compliance with social distancing and even after the lockdown is lifted, it is unlikely to be permissible. 
We must accept that racing is unlikely to resume in India till a vaccine is found or at least for this financial year. Solution lies in Clubs and owners jointly providing subsidies to professionals and staff to meet basic necessities and horses shifted to stud farms or other makeshift facility in rural areas. May sound drastic. Better to act before owners default on their obligations. No one is there to buy auction  horses of defaulting owners. No one is there to buy horses this season. If there can be no IPL one year, there may not be racing too. 

MPReddy said ...

On : 05-04-2020 04:24 pm



ayyarnet ji, l have gone through the article written by Mr Anil Mukthi on  April 2nd under Top stories in the opening page of doubt an excellent article which makes the reader  to think .Also I read his letter in HT  on  4 -4 -2020.I too welcome  On line betting system is very much in India,in racing field .     As Raghavanji told the time may be ripe after 5 to 10 years later only. Usage knowledge of Laptops, smart phones or I pads etc is necessary for on line betting.we know very few people can do it.Leaving this matter a side,if necessary arises interested punters will acquire required instruments & knowledge and engage them self online betting.

The income tax will be collected for gain of Rs 10000/-at one center and seems to be for Rs 20000/- at an other  center.To escape this deductions he  has  to play in small amounts.    HERE I have a  doubt.As this is on line betting,every transaction is recorded At the end of a day if a punter wins , for example  Rs 30000/-will he come under TDS or nor? As per my knowledge , YES  he has to shell down Rs 9000/- from his winning amount.So what I feel flourishing of on line betting depends on tax pattern that levied by the Government. and knowledge developed by the punter.

Punterbychoice said ...

On : 04-04-2020 04:18 pm

If Indian racing wants to sustain in near future online wagering is the only way.

Only this way tax chori will stop. Govt and club will be in profitable position. I am sure government will reduce tax that one wants to loose punter because they're the spinalcord. 

Now clubs duty to advocate this to government authority but  I don't think clubs are not in a mood to stop this menace.

Ride with the wave either be dinosaur. 



No.hypocrisy said ...

On : 04-04-2020 11:32 am

Online betting - revenue increase?? No. logistics - no , GST minus.

No online betting - entry fee average 50*3000 , canteen tender, bookie stall fee,etc... We would think rationally.

Course don't depend on punters who bet 50 or 100rs it's a fact...

Anil Mukhi said ...

On : 04-04-2020 06:36 am

I thank everyone who has posted here for their kind comments.

Purely from the point of view of the horse racing community in the country, the most important issue is the welfare of the horses and those wholly dependent on the sport (such as jockeys, riding boys, farriers, grooms, etc.). Resumption of the flow of funds is vital.

From the point of view of the Indian nation, controlling the virus/kick-starting the economy are the two most important current issues. Conducting racing without spectators kills two birds with one stone. Livelihoods are restored and revenue flows to the state without actively spreading the virus. It's perhaps the only sport that can do this -- neither cricket nor football matches can be played without close contact between participants.

All that stands in the way is the mindset of certain people. I'm afraid I don't buy the argument that online wagering on horse racing will by itself lead to devastation of punters. Online day-trading on the stock market provides an equally good opportunity to destroy one's finances -- the problem, if any, is with the punter, not the system. Online is merely a conduit, a more modern version of telephone betting, which -- although illegal in India -- takes place all the time.

One could also make the argument that those who stand in the way of online wagering on sports in India today are actually depriving the country of desperately-needed revenue which punters are voluntarily offering.

Let's hope that wisdom prevails!



Sinndaar said ...

On : 03-04-2020 11:38 pm

Anil Mukhi Sir , excellent article by you on post Covid-19 racing. You have thrown light on all the possible aspects of horse racing in such circumstances.  All the club authorities should also think in this direction about the future of racing and try to implement new ways for resuming racing. Now the betting is restricted to the physical presence of the public at the racecourses only . Online betting will enlarge the scope of betting from anywhere in the world , reduce the unnecessary hassles of  travel to Off course centres and betting can be done on tours also. Hope the turf authorities of India takes a note of your article and does the needful in the interest of racing.


ayyarnet said ...

On : 03-04-2020 09:44 pm


When I entered te Race Co9urse for the first time at Mahalaxmi Race Course 

(1975 ) there were no Pcs but only IBM 1401 occupying the entire hall. Quite a lot of girls used to punch the card only for Jackpot for other Pools manual ticket only. Later Pcs came  and in due course of time RWITC used to update their functioning of betting system. Now it is time for RWITC to update further by introducing  online betting. I do not attend late night Races conducted by RWITC If online betting introduced we can play late night Races also from home. The main problem could be crediting the winning stakes to our account. At the Race course we get our dues immediately but I am not sure about on line betting. I do not have any idea 

about on line betting. 

If any of friends are already indulging in online betting pleaseexplain us.




ayyarnet said ...

On : 03-04-2020 09:35 pm

Mr.Faiza Patel ji 

Would you mind enlighten me how we can play on line using our Bank Card. Betting may be easy by giving details of our card how we will get our payment. Being a gamblig site is there any guarantee for te safety of our card. I am interested playing Australian Races where I maintain a good friendship with a Trainer there. More over one of my favorite Jockey NT Callow is riding there his performance quite good and he always places his horse rarely miss out of board.

Please explain me how to bet on line and receive payment - that is most important.



ayyarnet said ...

On : 03-04-2020 09:28 pm

Reddy Garu :

Anil Mukhi ji is a Racing Jornalist. You can read his Article in the opening page of India Very often he arites interesting article and it will not posted in HT but as a Guest Article in the opening page.



Faizan Patel said ...

On : 03-04-2020 06:44 pm

Hi you can play online from you're home today it become easy task for everyone. 

Heera said ...

On : 03-04-2020 05:57 pm


You and Anil Saab said correct. But remember, our retired/old club authority members and our country politicians never change there mind. There want to live life in same rhythm. 

We want young and energetic people for any change in the system.




raghavan said ...

On : 03-04-2020 05:30 pm

Anil Mukhi,

You are a senior racing journalist.  And I do not even  pretend / try to refute your views.

What I state is the ground realities AS PER MY UNDERSTANDING.

Japan, Singapore, Australia,, USA, Hong Kong & other countries allow on line betting.   And there are customers (bettors) who use this facility.  So, you are presuming that if online betting is allowed in India also,the turf clubs will get decent commission, GST will be up, there will be income tax receipts so on.  Well.  A rosy picture indeed.  

Whether the betting tax & club commission in the countries  you mentioned is at the same level as it is in India?   In india, betting tax (gst) is 28% and club ommission is 5%.  I think betting tax in India is the highest among horse racing countries.   Correct me if I am wrong.  

The next thing is the number of people who are betting in India is extremely low.  The population in the 15+ districts where betting is possible may be 15 crores out of which less than 1,50,000 indulge in betting on horses.  And, out of that more than 90% bet with bookies.  At half tax.  So barely 5k to 10k are betting at tote.   But for those bets with bookies, clubs get negligible commission and Government gets very very small amount as GST.   For eg bookies get 800 as half tax for 8000 bet, but they may remit not more than 50/- as gst. (for 8000 bet, the bookies require to remit 2240/- as gst & 400 as club commission).

In India, betting on horses is considered a sin.  More dangerous than consuming alcohol.   Strictly speaking, it requires not more than 1000/- per day for a man belonging to middle class to bet on horses.  But, the ground reality is, a punter, belonging to middle class, may blow up even one lakh to three lakh rupees in one day.  How much the rich people bet daily is anybody's guess.

And, precisely for this reason, the Government is not allowing online betting.  One thing that is most common among politicians is they are not race bettors.  I can say that 99% of our politicians (councillors, MLAs, MPs & others) do not know or understand what horse race betting is!

So they will fight tooth and nail any proposal to introduce online betting.

Now, let us say all politicians soften their rigid stand against race betting and  Government allows online betting.  But who will bet?  Paying 32% towards tax puls club charges.  Only those tote bettors who may number less than 10k.  I do not think Government will dig a mountain to catch a dead rat.

As things stand, at present there is online betting facility in small measure.  Bookies take betting through whatsapp.  We have to wait for at least 10 more years to see official/legal online betting 

rajesh kumar khatri said ...

On : 03-04-2020 04:54 pm

sir, iam a race horse owner,i welcome ur inputs,but our stalwarts should come forward for this. they r already busy in cutting the stakes to the owners. they r forcing the owners to quit the game . in UK all the newmarket trainers and up north in lambourn they r taining there horses by maintaining social is still going on singapore, us and australia sans spectators. they have robust online wagering in place ,our people should have thought about this way ahead.its high time they come up with online betting module ,its win-win situation for everyone.

MPReddy said ...

On : 03-04-2020 01:39 pm

@ Ayyarnet  2-4-2020.  #######.   Who is this Gentleman Anil Mukthi Ji ,what he has written,where it can be read ,what the topic head that you have mentioned and why U have covered different matter, all this is very much confusing me .I think Icould not reach/ catch your letter . Don’t think otherwise,please explain me what this all about.I know that u are one of the Good HT writer .With that opinion only I enquiring the matter.


On : 03-04-2020 01:17 pm

As Of NOW **** RACING BANNED ** All Over India **** May Or May Not Resume in 20 20 :

Guru said ...

On : 03-04-2020 12:44 pm

All said and done it is not possible to start the racing now because there are bigger issues to be sorted out