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Authentic Win Ky derby 2020

By Ravi Gowande | 07-Sep-2020

Authentic Wins Ky Derby 2020 at 8 to 1 Odds beating Tiz The Law who was considered as certainity. Most important thing is owned by syndicate. approx 4200 individuals who are owning Micro share of Authetic at 206 Dollors each. promoted by Micheal Behrans. Syndicate Racing is the future of thouroughbred industry all over the world. Hopefullt  Stud farms/Breeders/ Owners/Turf Club Officials/Club members understand the improtance of syndicate racing and support the syndicates.  I am also very happy all my efforts for the last 25 years in researching the pedigree of races horses is giving results. After the Defeat of Set Alight, Tiz The Law is second horse I was confident will not win the Ky derby based on Pedigreestar Analysis. in 2009 Indian Derby I could not predict the winner. But this time I have given the winner which was my first choice. Big Money Champion Jockey Mike Smith made an error in giving up the mount of Authentic. As everybody thought he will not stay the trip. Astrologically well supported Win of Authentic will be game changer for Syndicate Racing in thoroughbred industry.

Ravi Gowande


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Ravi Gowande said ...

On : 11-09-2020 06:41 pm

To All,

Ownership of race horses is allowed under corporate laws in india. Any Private Limited company or LLP company can own race horses for racing as well as breeding purpose. It needs to be mentioned in articles of associations and Memorundam of associations. Unfortuantely turf clubs are not very keen to register ownerships in LLP or Pvt Ltd companies as most of the transactions are happening in cash or buying and selling happens in cash. 

Ravi Howande


venkat said ...

On : 11-09-2020 10:10 am

I agree for thoroughbred racing to survive and then flourish, legalalised syndication is the only way forward. I doubt existing corporation laws permit ownership of horses. However, according to me, a LLP structure or a vanilla partnership will be within the ambit.

If anyone can access the Articles of Association of these clubs in India, we can understand what kind of amendments need to be carried out to enable this. If the Club's management resists there are ways of getting the amendments hrough.


JP said ...

On : 10-09-2020 10:41 pm

I have seen horses with ownership like Mr.X representing M/s Y Blood stock p ltd or syndicate. So this means the horse ownership is Ltd company or syndicate. Ltd company is group of people only. I think breeders cannot dictate who should be the owners but I feel the clubs had some restrictions and they are not there now.

Ravi Gowande said ...

On : 10-09-2020 09:45 am

To All,

Unfortunately Indian Stud Farms,  Owners, Club members and Club officials do not support Syndicate Racing in any way. They want to remian isolated from the world and want to run in closed group only. Indian Thoroughbreds have the capability to compete in International Stage. this is my personal opeinion based on my research and experiance in the last 25 years. Breeders themselves do not have confidance in their own produce. I have tried in the last 3-4 years to promote syndicate racing in Mumbai and Chennai Race course but I am a Person not wanted by the establishment. Please read my post on May 1,2020 My Vision for Indian Racing Industry even 50 % suggestions are implemented it will change the situation considerably.

Ravi Gowande


JP said ...

On : 10-09-2020 07:41 am

In Bangalore atleast I know of one trainer who has "UNOFFICIAL SYNDICATE" ownership. He offers ownership for RS.2-3 lacs in a horse. The deal is no registration or other formalities but whenever the stable wins or places the syndicate owner will get a message as soon as the horses starts to leave the paddock. The order of messages will be: 

Registered owners first

Then the order according to amount paid for UNOFFICIAL SYNDICATE.

You may also get to receive the cup if the horse wins for your personal satisfaction (paddock visit, photos and leading the horse etc) Then the cup the trainer will take it to be handed over to the real owner if at all one exists.

When you get the message to back the horse , you will also be intimated about the amount you have to back for the trainer. This trainer's syndicate has horses valued more than 20 times the cost of it's original purchase value.

I was wondering how some trainer's horse gets such last minute rush to bet specially when the horse has no form, track or merit.

Rudolph Furtado said ...

On : 09-09-2020 07:16 pm

"SYNDICATE OWNERSHIP RACING" is common in U.S.A where akin to shareholding in a Company a Individual buys shares in the ownership of a horse. In fact in 2000 i received a T-Shirt  from "West Point Thoroughbreds Inc"  after writing and inquiring about their horse ownership business which is a roaring success.I wonder when India will have "HORSE RACING SYNDICATE OWNERSHIP"  although it does exist in the form of a small group of owners owning a horse but nothing like 50 or 100 owners in a shareholding of a horse partnership. The "COMMON PUNTER" could be a active participant in Horse racing through this form of "SHARE OWNERSHIP' in horses. Better late than too late. 

V S V R said ...

On : 09-09-2020 02:00 pm



HP++ said ...

On : 08-09-2020 08:06 am

That is America this is India.Micro ownership is a dream in India ,just as online betting is.In any other western country on line betting wud have started immediately when covid started giving a chance to bet on foreign races.In India the thinking process starts after a decade

Aravind said ...

On : 07-09-2020 05:31 pm

Congratulations G Rampal. It's going to open door for many in India to firm syndicate for purchase of Race Horses in India. Ravi Gawande forecasts come true soon.

GT said ...

On : 07-09-2020 03:42 pm

Greetings every one !!!

The micro ownership is interesting, which will make a Horse race lover to get closer to own a horse and only for those genuinely interested person who's dream can come true. Let me try owning one soon. 

S C SHARMA said ...

On : 07-09-2020 03:04 pm

    Today I read a article on this in Times of India and it is really a matter of proud for all of us that the 41 year old Indian  bloodstock agent Mr Gaurav Rampal become the first Indian co-owner of a Kentucky derby winner "Authentic ". He purchased a share as a micro owner in June and his life time dream comes  true with less risk and with a small investment. 
    This is really a new concept and definitely will attract many more new micro-owners with affordable investment. Actually G Rampal was instrumental in India too, to his owners in buying horses like Alaindair and Trouvaille.  Due to Covid - 19 pandemic restrictions he could not visit US but enjoyed watching the upset win of Authentic alongwith his many other micro-owners from  home. The colt won a purse of 3 million US dollars. 
   My congratulations to Mr Rampal.