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Racing after Shutdown - Do's & Don't s

By Anil Xk | 11-Sep-2020


The much awaited racing season is going to start from October end onwards , after this gap to be healthy we need to follow up some do's & don'ts for our betterment.

1- Personal hygiene and sanitation 

2- Physical distancing( I think the term social distancing is wrong as it isolate one from society)

3- Do not be panic or get angry if anybody cuffs , because cold weather season it is normal people may affected by cold

4- Keep and follow Q system religiously

5-Always wear mask and glouse properly.

6- The horses are not properly conditioned due to shut down , don't rush with heavy bets

7- After proper work out and mock races only can analyse improvement of runner, be patiently sit for chance

8- Most of the juveniles lost an important time in their physical development , so try your bet only on performers

9- Big owners who bought from big studfarms will try to take stakes money , so bank on them

10- Small breeder cum owners will try for flukes

11- Senior jockies may try their best at the beginning of the season are they are bound by agreement with big stables.

12- Hard whipping jockies will have upperhand in places

13- If a winner horse in a race is running just back it 

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5 Replies

Clever said ...

On : 21-09-2020 04:36 pm

Yes spectators will be allowed with entrance fee of Rs300.

Anil Xk said ...

On : 19-09-2020 12:24 pm

Punter and gambler are different personalities.

Punter is a fan and a sports lover

But gambler is an addict looks for easy money, 

ayyarnet said ...

On : 13-09-2020 07:32 am

Erthwhile spectators for MRC ven during the normal situation hardly any worthwhile spectators for MRC races !  MRC can not conduct a Racing program when there is no offcourse betting.  We have seen often MRC announcing that Races are postponed for Administrative Reasons. So hardly any difference whether spectators areallowed or not !

Most of the punters are interested for Bangalore Races only.



Srk said ...

On : 12-09-2020 09:56 am

Hi everybody

Boss Madras race course has announced that racing is going to start with less spectators MRC has asked permission from the government so all the clubs should get United and start racing with spectators and have precautions all the best for all the clubs God bless everybody

sp chaudhary said ...

On : 11-09-2020 10:21 pm

Do you think spectators will be allowed inside ?