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Race fan to punter, tactics used in years

By Anil Xk | 19-Sep-2020


In another thread I explained my change from racing fan to punter and later back to race fan.

Interestingly I used many tactics in my last 27 years in betting. I likes to share with you all for just accadamic purpose.

I started racing at 1993, learned to read card by the end of the day only. The winter record book is seeling by somebody,  I bought one and started reading it. Found very intersting fact , that favourites of price 0.8-1.25 is coming in second place and the winner most probably above 3-1 . But due to work character I can't been a regular except Sunday's. Pedigrees of Tecorno and commonland are winning in short and middle distances attracted me a lot. 

Found that some trainers are trying only in some distances and they patiently waiting to develop horse to suit the distance. Eg MK.Jadhav strike rate is superior in mile and 1800 m races. MP. Jodha is superior in long distances ( during his last year's he changed to sprint)

The first year I just played fancying name and colour( frankly if a single grey in the ring I will play it)

Second year developed a technic to play selective by season non performers with more than 8 tries.

From third year till 2002 selectively played by following five or six horses per centre.And playing favourite below 1.25 price shp, Srinath mount on Moses or valvi as trainers.

Two visits to hkjc given some better assessment through speed and weight and trainers pet distance. Later started on assessment of those factors but hectic work schedule prevented from losses .

Then after 2003 started playing the big investor's as they are keen to take back investment through stakes

2004 gone abroad ( Malaysia) till 2009 and  restricted racing only on Saturday and Sundays,  

2009 to 2012 worked at japan  played only foriegn jockies visiting japan and legendary Y. Take in classics.

2013 returned to India and lost heavily in mindless betting of doubling strategy.

2014/15 worked at SA and Algeria for projects and bet only on Pat Strydom

2016 onwards fully involved in racing on working days as my official meeting s are often, till 2019 then completely shifted to online ante post bettings 

The highlights of my betting data is so funny as my winning percentage with champion jockies in India is very poor, normally I play on mediocre jockies or once in a lifetime winning jockies. 

During the period

Used tactics of playing flukes in class one races

Favourite shp 

Pending horses after 8 trials( means one year term)

Pedigree based

Broken and repaired horses

Non performers after changing stable

Weight based 

Trainer jockey combo

Best timing

Never applied all tactics at a time so losing is predicted, during hot days mainly supported timing performers.

Anyway after this much of years also staying healthy in the scenario is god's grace.


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6 Replies

Chase said ...

On : 21-09-2020 07:09 pm

Mistakes, Failures, Wrong Decisions happen. If we don't learn from our mistakes, we are condemned to repeat the same mistakes.

Learn , Analyse and Fine Tune Your Selections. No need to play on all your selections. Wait and watch. Control your impulses. Wait for the right opportunity to play. Don't be greedy. Slow and steady wins.

Anil Xk said ...

On : 21-09-2020 11:12 am

@ Srinivas

This is a public forum, and we debate all topics related with race. Man, machine , material, and technology. I just tried to say how much a punter changes by trying his own methods in years. 

Krish said ...

On : 21-09-2020 12:52 am

Cool ones... looks different kind of selection.. Good try... Hope you enjoyed racing????????

Srinivasan Varadarajan said ...

On : 20-09-2020 12:23 pm

Dear Anil,

I do not understand what you are trying to say, please dont try to explain your experience and wich is not useful for any punters.

Bhambore said ...

On : 19-09-2020 04:46 pm

I have been a punter for past two decades .It is my observation that the the end result in any field always is out come of law of formatin,to illustrate this there is no better example than the races won by trainers ,owner and their connection.It is to be decided by the punters and distribute the races rather than trainers and owner so that each owner earns the cornbill.


Heera said ...

On : 19-09-2020 02:58 pm

Funny research/experience..I hope everyone has this story, even I have...when I think now, I feel I made big mistake coming into this sport.

I still remember, myself and my friend played 1 number horse , coming from 1 draw and race time is 1pm...