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Mumbai Jackpot Payment

By Zubin | 21-Sep-2020

Dear All,

Does anyone have any info about how to claim the Jackpot ticket for the last Mumbai races. Pls guide. I was unable to claim the same as the lockdown started from next day. Or Do I have to simply wait till racing begins..



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8 Replies

Zubin said ...

On : 23-09-2020 03:16 pm

Thankyou all for your valuable revert.. I am form Mumbai and also aware of the 21 day factor.. But avoided venturing out due to Lockdown. Anywhich ways the matter of 21 days should not be a problem as it was country wide Lockdown.

Will certainly Contact Club asap and explain the situation.

Thanks once again to all


chanakya said ...

On : 22-09-2020 06:46 pm

Go  to  1st. enclosure office, close to  bookies  ring  on  the left  side and  contact the manager or  any body  in  that office. They  will  help  you . You  may have  to  fill  a  form, giving  reasons - which  is  a  formality. If  it is  a small  amount you may  be  paid in  cash  otherwise  a  cheque  will  be  issued...

raghavan said ...

On : 22-09-2020 11:31 am

Dear Zubin

Where are you from?  

Normally the winning tickets should be encashed within 3 weeks.  (At BNG, the tickets are valid for only one week).

However, you can write to RWITC explaining the circumstances under which you were not able to encash that ticket.  The club, I hope, will react favorably and give you suitable instructions to follow. 


HP++ said ...

On : 22-09-2020 11:02 am

Go to the office on the ground floor with the ticket...of course if it is open after LD

V S V R said ...

On : 22-09-2020 01:11 am

As per rules of hyderabad race course  the  payment on winning tickets can be claimed within seven days.if seventh day  happens  to  be  NO RACE DAY, the payment can be claimed on the next race day. Due to covid  there are no  races till today. Hence payment can be claimed even now. You will have  to meet race club authorities and explain your problem. The time limit and procedure  may be same in case of  bombay also. Pl contact club authorities. It happened in  my case also but  I  could encash  my winning tickets a few days back

Vishal Agarwal said ...

On : 21-09-2020 11:01 pm

It is valid for 21 days only. 

IMRAN said ...

On : 21-09-2020 07:02 pm

Your  so late!!!

heera said ...

On : 21-09-2020 06:30 pm

Your need to go to race cource and submit the ticket with a letter, you will get it.

i did it same in hyderabad and i got the amount after 5 days.

Regards, Heera