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Bangalore Winter Season Racing from 1st Nov - Announcement by BTC

By Raaz | 22-Sep-2020

On BTC website, there is a new announcement that the managing committee of the Bangalore Turf Club limited is pleased to announce the commencement of the Bangalore winter meeting 2020-21 starting from Sunday, 1st November, 2020. It has been further decided that the prospectus for the first five days of racing will be released shortly.

The prospectus for the remaining part of the season will be announced on or before second week of November, 2020.

For the kind information of members and all racing patrons.

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17 Replies

M P Reddy said ...

On : 28-09-2020 01:19 am

Friends , don’t get surprised even now also if the starting date is postponed !!!!

Love trevor said ...

On : 27-09-2020 05:21 pm

On line is a best way to bet no disturbance of any kind of which we will our mind in tote or race course so it is a different experience I think hope it will come soon 

Pradeep, Pune said ...

On : 27-09-2020 01:31 pm

Dear All,

In the given situation it appears that On line betting will come into picture for some time. It's fine with techno savvy punters to opearte & bet. But I thought for quiet long since the Covid-19 days as a common punter & strongly feel that it would be wise, easy & practical to bet on races at any Indian racing when we are back at racecourse & the whole scenario is as before 12 Th March 2020. It also includes the COLE/ BOL/ VEL book in hand a day or two early in hand(hard copy).

Rest only few punters can bet on races in very limited manner of WIN/ Place bets. I'm afraid of the putting my bank account also at stake with hugely rising Cyber crimes.The other pools also will be difficult to bet at.

More than 6 months have passed with NO RACING. We have braved the situation & let us be patient for the normalcy to be established thro' a vaccine to enjoy racing in old style ONLY..

amazonite said ...

On : 27-09-2020 10:55 am

there is hardly any excitement  in hearing  the news of btc.punters have explored  different avenues of betting options and have been used to international racing and have started  tipping int races.for btc  they have been caught  in time near yet so far.

Srk said ...

On : 27-09-2020 09:55 am

Hi good morning everyone

Boss online what is the club going to gain,5 percent profit and 10000/maximum betting after this year who will back 10000/they will bet More so tote or bookie's ok I'll back each race 20000/ ilI' not back in online we want to go to BTC and see spectators in the then I will get Josh to play horse racing. .. online no support from US friends

Krish said ...

On : 27-09-2020 12:26 am


Sorry I am from Bangalore, i had a curiosity to know how will the online experience... may be as per you it will be different from international racings. I wish our online race portal will be somewhere near to them atleast. I feel it will be close to fixed odds type? Will sèe

Ksmrow said ...

On : 26-09-2020 07:21 pm

Hello krish,

You may have international racing experience iam of view that you are based in canada or usa.

In 2008 i was in London as visitor stayed there for two months at that time i opened 

a Ladbrokes account with cash of  £50 deposited at a betting shop giving required 

Details in prescribed form while processing asked to give a temp password in few minutes they gave me Ladbrokes card with a/c number.activation time 24 hrs or 48 hrs i don't remember exactly now,afterActivation it is simple go to Lad broke web sign in with your account and click on horse races you can see today races of various centres can have access of race card with odds you can go for win,e/w, place and placepot some of the other bet types which you can make in betting shop window not avaliable, the betting ammount  £1 or £2 or 50cents is minimal for certain types of bets, my bets mostly £1 to £2 for win

For placepot it is between£5 to£10 (it is just like jack pot but 6races placepot)  from

Ladbroke site you can read all the details of horse form

Before placing bet.

After coming back also continued betting with that little intial ammount of £50 i was able to place 480 bets in 6 months period, as soon as result of the bet declared your balance added or deducted accordingly, the withdrawal you can tranfer to Your bank account  or any other Accounts you wished.



On : 26-09-2020 03:52 pm



Shiv said ...

On : 26-09-2020 12:16 pm


Its a good move from the truf clubs to go online. As per my experience in betting online on international races it's really very cool! But when it come to India it'l could be totally a different stories! Many punters don't prefer online transaction, may due to lack of knowledge or security concerns! 

But I personally feel the illegal book maker will benefit at large!

So It's good the truf clubs issue online bookmakers license for betting companys with royalty sharing agreement. It would also generate good revenue's. 

It's good for the sport in long term!


Krish said ...

On : 26-09-2020 01:34 am

Online bets in racing is new experience to us... but if one has international online betting experience, it will be better if they share there experiences 

Clever said ...

On : 24-09-2020 05:33 pm

Forget online betting it will be a flop.There has to be a way out. Entrance to race course should be 300 minimum and 500 maximum and definitely should follow physical distancing, mask should be mandatory. Entrance should be first come basis say 30% to 40% of the regular attendance.

Matrix said ...

On : 24-09-2020 04:22 pm

If they conduct online betting, they need only a handful of staff. What will they do with tote operators? They will go on strike demanding work.

Rocky said ...

On : 23-09-2020 11:55 pm

Dear, to my knowledge they will start only when bookies are open. Do any one think they will start without bookie.????????



reaz ahmed khan said ...

On : 23-09-2020 10:10 pm

nice to hear that bangalore racing is scheduled on 1st November 2020 , then betting prospective should be transparent for the punters as because due to lock down app should be preferred as per the rules of the government of india

Cruise_B'lore said ...

On : 23-09-2020 05:44 pm

Hello folks,

In short, Great News!


Pratheep said ...

On : 23-09-2020 05:07 am

Dear friends,

                        Good news for all racing community  but what about Central Government  did they get permission from  Indian Sports Authorities 

Rakesh p said ...

On : 22-09-2020 10:54 pm

Can anyone tell how btc is going to do betting, if through online, what happened to the betting app it's almost more than 2months since it got permissions for online betting, what is the status of it