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When will racing start - My view on Government thinking

By dancing dynamite | 06-Oct-2020


The million dollar question is " When will racing start"

Race goers are the most optimistic community I ever came across.  Let me narrate one incident.  Once, in DRC, the main entry point to RC was closed due to some reason (dont remember exactly, may be VIP movement) and therefore a small gate from other side was open.  The punters and bookies all had to walk about a mile to enter the main gate, and the path was may be the outer sand track.  And i saw, both punters and bookies literaly running to the race course, so that they can bet/take bets.  One thing was for sure, either of the community would win, but both were so optimistic, and I (punter of course) was bemused to see the humans running faster than horsess.  Of course I was also walking faster than normal. hehe.

now back to million dollar question...... IMO, racing will be the last thing to open in the country, because the moment racing opens, every other community will shout on the government that if racing can open, why not our business.  and govt. knows that..

Let dig a little deeper and predict future.  The best recourse from corona which we are anticpating is vaccine.  What does this mean actually?  This means that we cure cororna, not prevent it.  So even if the vaccination comes, the "new normal" has to go on for may be years.  After the vaccination also, the mask and other precuations has to continue..

So why stop racing, the government should start spectator racing, with strict SOP.  Race clubs and equipped with CCTV.  So any person who violates the SOP should be banned for life for entering RC. For example, a person without wearing mask is banned for life. or alternatively a 1000 Rs. security be deposited at RC, and if a person is seen violating SOP, he deposit be forfeited.  If RC officials lax in their duty of imposing SOP, they should be fined/jailed.  Only alternative TOTE window opens, queue be with social distancing.  Alternative chairs to be occupied.  Alternate bookies stall to open and so on.  Free santisaters dispensation machines...... Delhi Metro formula basically.

Let the racing begin...

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raghavan said ...

On : 07-10-2020 11:04 am

Punters are not optimitic.  They are desperate.   They should thank God for any savings in the last 7 months when there was no racing. 

How desperate they are? 

I do not remember the exact details.  But there were races at two centers on a day.  However at Delhi there was betting on races at only one center.  Well.  Racing at that center was cancelled.  But, Delhi conducted IVB on the 2nd center.  They gave to the punters, the race card & past performance details of the 2nd center that was available in the computer.   (May be bolrace or indiarace).   And, that was enough for the punters to try their luck on that 2nd center.

"Racing will be the last thing to open in the country".  I agree with you.  But, there may not be any other business establishment that is still closed and awaiting  permission to reopen.  In any case, even if there are some business companies, they will not demand permission because the Government has given permission to racing.  

"The Government should start racing and permit punters inside the race course in addition to online betting".  O K.  I have also stated the same thing in my earlier post.  However,  I think that, you may be expecting that bookies will be operating.  I have my own doubts.

But, the big question is whether there will be big betting either at tote or online.

28% gst & 5% club commission will scare all punters.  At tote (or online betting) punters will not risk more than 500 or 1000 per race.