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Mumbai Racing Season will be held in Pune: RWITC

By rahul71 | 06-Oct-2020

MUMBAI: Even though the Pune Racing Season is yet to start in Pune owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC) is confident that not only Pune Season, but even the Mumbai Season 2020-21 will be held in Pune.

“Yes, we are very positive about having Mumbai Season in Pune,” RWITC chairman Zavaray Poonawalla told TOI on Monday.
The Mahalaxmi Racecourse, which holds Mumbai Season from mid-November to late April every year, is currently hosting a huge facility for the Covid-19 patients. Almost the entire parking area and a good part of Members Enclosure have Air-Conditioned tents for Corona patients.

Looking at the present condition of the Mahalaxmi racecourse, it looks almost impossible that the racing can be conducted there for a long time to come.

But how will RWITC conduct Mumbai Season in Pune when it has even failed to start Pune Season which usually gets over towards the third week of October?

“Our hopes to conduct the Pune Season are not over. All those who are involved in getting permissions from the government are working relentlessly on a continuous basis and the process is progressing well,” informed Poonawalla.

“The recent spike in Covid cases in Pune has impeded and slowed down government permissions. The minute we get all permissions, racing will resume in Pune. We are looking forward to conducting the first race day on Saturday, October 17 if luck favours us. We are very hopeful to get the permissions sooner than later,” added one of the leading breeders in the country.

RWITC plans to have a short Pune Season 2020. “However short the Pune Season will be, we will have it and within a week’s gap, Mumbai Season will take place at the Pune Racecourse,” stated Poonawalla.

Courtesy TOI

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14 Replies

Blockbuster said ...

On : 13-10-2020 09:22 am

Dear Racewalla,


Your reply is very mature and informative as well. What you said is very valid, especially the point of the government saying that racing can be conducted from Pune itself, and taking over Mahalaxmi Race Course. That would be very bad for Indian racing. I pray that such a thing does not happen, and this problem blows over quickly. God have mercy on us all.




Shrikant N said ...

On : 12-10-2020 08:59 pm

I already mentioned my concern in the month of MAY..Please refer my post ...How RWITC Optimistic...?

When situation is not supporting ,its better to be Practical and Realistic . We all want Racing to be start in Safe Environment, not on Suspicious environment. So present  Covid 19 situation is still not supporting to start Racing.

In Pune (most sensitive)situation is slowly improving in last 7 days.Everyday  fig is around 700 to 900 new cases in city.But threat is still there.

Take care...

The Joker said ...

On : 12-10-2020 11:02 am


the nos in Pune are not going down.

no chancve till the new year as the pandemic effect is well documented.

stay home, stay safe


The Joker

Racewalla said ...

On : 12-10-2020 12:06 am

Pune has  reportedly  recorded 1656 new covid cases and 30 deaths on Sunday  and the progressive  count now stands at 315774 .  While racing sans racegoers may be a possibility in due course of time ,  normal  racing  operations   appear   to  be  still  a long   way off .    States   are   slowly unlocking   the economy  but   racing  operations can  never  be a priority for the reasons well known to our Race Clubs who have failed to garner a good name and reputation in the past  unlike race clubs like Hongkong Jocket Club  who get full support of their government .   Let us not harp on the persons affected by closure of racing  because this is a miniscule figure as compared to millions  of migrants who lost their livelihood  due to covid . We are race lovers  and hence tend to focus only on resumption of racing often   losing sight of the larger picture .  Another aspect of concern is that  holding   Mumbai season in  Pune may give a handle to state govt  to  take over  the   RWITC   land   in Mumbai  on   the   premise  that  entire racing operations  can be held in Pune itself . Let us hope it does not  become a possibility .  I would request all racegoers to be  patient  as the next couple of   months    are crucial   to the turn of events .  In   the mean time ,  stay positive   and  safe  with your loved ones .

biswanath said ...

On : 11-10-2020 10:14 pm

when Indian race will start 


On : 11-10-2020 04:53 pm


Mahesh Jetta said ...

On : 10-10-2020 06:13 am

It's great to listen that one and Mumbai season will start and conclude in pune.....all the very best to the people who are involved in this process.....

Abhay singh said ...

On : 10-10-2020 01:21 am

Mr Racewala are all activities stopped in Pune. Is Pune under lockdown due to covid. When all factories , officies and markets are open and all activities are going on then why only racing should stop. From 15 Oct even cinema hall are going to open . Ever other person is earning there livelihood then why only people associated with racing should be denied there right to earn a living. It is already more than six months people are sitting home. Thousands of poor people are associated with this sport who lost there daily want that all should commit suicide.

Punawalla understanss the situation that is why they are so eager to start the racing.thousands of horses lives are at risk.owners are deserting them. Just in the name of covid you cannot you cannot take away somebody's right to live.covid is just like any other disease just take precautions that's all. 

Racewalla said ...

On : 09-10-2020 10:41 pm

RWITC  Chairman   Zavary Poonawalla  has been  quoted  as  saying  that  those entrusted with the task of getting government sanction for conduct of  horse racing   are   working  relentlessly   for   the   same  even  as   Pune  continues to be in the vice  like  grip  of  corona .  He  must  remember that inspite of every possible precaution by way of manifold restrictions imposed on players and oficials  during   the   ongoing  IPL-20 , this  deadly virus still breached  their   defences .    While   every   race lover  would like racing to commence  soon ,   this  does  not  appear  to  be a sane option  under  the prevailing   situation   in   Pune  where   scores  of  citizens  are dying every day  due  to  this  virus  .   In  fact    we   have  just  lost    Mr Sharma   , an ardent    race lover  and   a   prominent    member   of   the   HT fraternity  ,  soon   after   he   shifted  to  Pune . It  is not   a wise move  to rush through Pune  season   and    move   on   to    Munbai  season   without   a   pause . Let   us    not  act   in  haste  to  repent   later .     Be  Safe  and  not  sorry .   I  hope     RWITC   will   unwind    its   operations    slowly    and    steadily   and   in " good going ".

HP++ said ...

On : 08-10-2020 06:23 pm

Mumbal season in Pune and Pune racing in Mumbai..Its become a pandemic joke.Next Sunday shud hv been Pune Derby in normal times but now its a wash out.Sagar Saab predicted this pandemic will taper out by mid July,but Pune eacing is a total blank.

Now as I see just hope 2021 will bring some hope

Pradeep, Pune said ...

On : 07-10-2020 06:25 pm

Dear All,

It's heard that Pune season will be just of 6 race days. It will cover all important races of regular Pune season supported by other handicap races.

Let us see what actually happens!

raghavan said ...

On : 07-10-2020 10:01 am

Punters will definitely welcome racing.  But Pune short season is highly doubtful & Sri Poonawallah is certainly over-ambitious when he says that he desires to start Pune (short season) races from October 17th.

Well.  Let us hope that Almighty will demonstrate his powers.  No one knows what Act of God can deliver.


Cruise_B'lore said ...

On : 06-10-2020 09:20 pm

Hello folks,

As per a blogger, racing at RWITC may commence in 3rd week of this month.
How I wish he is right in his information.


Pratheep said ...

On : 06-10-2020 03:25 pm

Hello friends,

                         This is a good move let's hope for the best