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War Hammer a long awaited Indian Stallion

By Anil Xk | 15-Oct-2020


For accademic interest I checked the dosage and pedigree of war Hammer. Found that  that  he is a good stallion prospect. If the connections are interested with. It is high time to decide weather to risk him at track or give him a chance to create more out standing siblings.

In my analysis he can produce speedy and stamina horses upto 1800 metres through burden of proof mares

If crossed properly with Steinbeck progenies can go further distance also. He is the real Indian Stallion we are waiting for long.

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7 Replies

Mad Max said ...

On : 19-10-2020 08:36 am

A Sire can produce Progenies, not Siblings.  

IIMBLUE said ...

On : 18-10-2020 02:52 pm

I have to agree with JP. Leading Farms want the myth of foreign stallion going.All Colts or all most all are gelded even before they turn three.If any Colt survives that threat and becomes a champion , they follow the time tested strategy.Give the Stallion bad name and hang him.

Even Stallions like Sir Bruce and Exhileration could survive this ordeal.

   That is the truth.The breeders lobby does not want an Indian Stallion to succeed.!

Anilxk said ...

On : 16-10-2020 05:19 pm

@ Prasanna

I mentioned progenies of Steinbeck 

A stallion means not horse. It is the blood line , his character etc decides whether to suits or not. He is a medium sized horse , most of the stallions also. 

Sanju said ...

On : 16-10-2020 04:21 pm

I am excited about be safe . elaborate further if any clear cut info about be safe brother.

Shiv said ...

On : 15-10-2020 06:35 pm

I really don’t know on what parameters have you come to the conclusion that WAR HAMMER is a stallion prospect. 

Indian thoroughbred industry has been more experimental to find a Stallion  but have not been  successful since decades. Almost all standing stallions in India have been imported form different parts of the world and have been successful in they own ways. 

To mention a few Indian stallions in the resent past

Admiralty, Quasar, Besafe, Desert God and Agostini  all the mentioned stallions are very successful in they racing carriers but only time can tell how well they do as a stallion. 

The first crop from Quasar, Admiralty, Agostini and Besafe are ready to race in the upcoming season at different race course. Let’s hope for the best from them. 

Coming to the point, it’s PEDIGREE. the most important point  that decides the stallion prospect but you can’t discount the horse fitness.

I feel WAR HAMMER doesn’t fill the book of stallions. I have no second thought on this performance as a race horse he is truly a champion but really falls shot of a stallion prospective, he is a small horse with less weight on him and delicate bones. As stallion he doesn’t pass the confirmation test also. Truly love him as a race horse! 

The Ones to look out for is ADMIRALTY & BESAFE both have a strong pedigree and confirmations. 

The blood line of BESAFE is very impressive HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR out of the legend GALILEO


Prasannaa said ...

On : 15-10-2020 03:43 pm

Steinbeck is a Colt, War Hammer is also a Colt how can they cross??..I request you to do your homework properly before writing anything. .War Hammer belongs to a family known for speed, just like Quasar( another classic Colt), however both defied their families by winning at longer distances due to their sheer class..It is highly likely their families will have more sprinters..

JP said ...

On : 15-10-2020 12:39 pm

Like all other stallions it will end up with the studs not providing quality mares and also enough mares. Providing very few mares studs expect miracles and finally the Indian stallion is faded out. Mind set of Indian studs should change and they should give as much mares and time to produce results. Be Safe got only about 20 mares(I am not sure, maybe less). Poonawallas missed out purchasing Be Safe under the influence of Mallesh who had a grudge against the ownership for having pulled out this horse from him. Poonawallas being breeders themselves,I do not know what valuable inputs a trainer by default could have given them.