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Betting on Tote

By Ayyarnet | 06-Nov-2020


Betting on tote considering the present scenerio is useless. Because dividend depends on the total number of collection in any race less Club commission plus GST. Practically you may not get any thing 

Best way will be just control your impulse and watch the results and trends.

And wait till normal situation commences.

Best Regards 

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12 Replies

ayyarnet said ...

On : 15-11-2020 11:16 am

Shri. Raghavanji :

Originally I am from Mumbai only but for the last 10 years I have shidted my residence to chennai since Mumbai is not a suitable place for old people even Bangalore also.

Raghavanji developing an application is not a joke as you imagine. It is not a single person job but  it is a joint effort you need lot of people for coiding patiently and create an Application. Being a Father of a Software Engineer working is USA I have the privilege to know the difficulties of developing an application especially an application for lakhs of people using at the same time jointly. I hope you understand the point.

You have to tae care of so many points before you put it in operation. Our club people instead of standing on false prestiege they could have taken he help of Honkong or any other club using on line betting system. They could have saved lot of time and efforts.



raghavan said ...

On : 12-11-2020 07:23 am

dancing dynamite,

I know there is betting at tax much less than 10%. 

Though there are no regular bookies,, there were four or five people taking bets outside the race course at Bangalore.  Perhaps  2000/- or 5000/-   may be the maximum bet with these "bookies".   So, it is only on  paper that the clubs mentioned that no bet either on tote or with bookies.

I am not concerned with such illegal bookies.  All that I ask from regular bookies is they should collect the GST & club commission when they are accepting bets at the ring.  That will blast the myth that bookies are generous at quoting odds.

The GST slab for race betting is exorbitant.  I agree.  In that case, let the punters stay away from betting.  Instead, they bet with impunity by paying 10% tax. 

I am mentioning that repeatedly for the past 8 or 9 years.  No club or bookies have cared to reply.  But, it is amusing that the punters aggressively and fiercely speak in support of the bookies.  

Outside the stall, let them do business in trillions with 10% or 0% tax.  

raghavan said ...

On : 11-11-2020 06:33 pm

Ayyarnet, Blockbuster

How long it takes for a professional software engineer to develop the required app is a matter of individual perception.  In this computer age, I believe it takes less than one week; whereas according to you it requires months of hard work.   So let us not start a debate on that.


So, you are from Chennai.  I was under the impression that you are from Pune/Mumbai.

Well.  Your dislike with tote is understandable.  My comments on that aspect is based on BNG tote payout.

dancing dynamite said ...

On : 11-11-2020 04:22 pm



Betting at 10% is past.  Now bookies are operating at much less than that.  And for  your kind information, bookies are taking bets right from day 1, 1st race.

raghavan said ...

On : 10-11-2020 08:20 pm

Ayyarnet & Blockbuster,

So, you believe that development of app is such a complicated and cumbersome process that for a dedicated team it requires minimum of two months to complete.

O K.  Opinions vary.   I believe that for a professional software engineer, it should not take more than a week.  Anyway, you are definitely entitled to your view.

Even agreeing to your argument/s, there was enough time for BTC to develop the software before 1st Nov.  But, on 1st Nov., there was a statement from BTC that the required app will be in operation by Nov. 14th.  Meanwhile, there was a PIL, and the Hon. High Court has asked the State Government some clarifications. 

The BTC, was in stalemate situation.  It allowed limited betting from 8am to 1230 pm only on tote for its races on 7th.  


So, you are from Chennai.  I was under the impression that you are from Pune/Mumbai.  O K.  As far as Chennai is conceerned, I agree that it is useless to bet at tote.  My comments  were regarding the payouts at BNG tote.


ayyarnet said ...

On : 10-11-2020 08:02 am

Shri. Raghavan ji :

My comment on Tote betting was based on Chennai Tote only. I am based at chennai.

In the absence of local trains access to the Race course is limited. One must go by bus only. So number of players may not be much as a result total collection too will not be worthwhile and practically you may not get any return. About Chennai Tote less said is better !!!

At Banalore there may be a different scenerio. I do not know whether we have Off course betting at Bangalore or Chennai Race Course for Mysore Races. On line betting will provide jobs for many people. There will be plenty of betting shops with a Laptop every where

I do not bet other pools I give bet only Win and Place. May be once in a way you may get in other pools but you will be addicted to lay regularly in all pools and as a result your investment will be diluted and you will go home with empty pocket. If you want to make money you have to be careful in investing your money. Winner and loser does the same thing but in a different way !!

You should not comment any thing in software application development. without adequate knowledge in the subject. For your kind information developing an application for on line betting is not so easy as you imagine sir !!

Best Regards


Blockbuster said ...

On : 09-11-2020 05:37 pm


An app cannot be done in 1 week. There is a massive backend that needs to be created. It will take a dedicated team not less than 2 months to create an online betting app because that requires rigorous testing and most importantly safety!  I am saying this from experience.



raghavan said ...

On : 08-11-2020 08:21 am

Sandeep kakra,

There is a PIL against online betting & High Court has issued notice to KTK Government.  We have to wait for some more time & whether online betting will be allowed or not will depend on Court ruling.

Online betting is not possible till 21st November even if for a moment, for argument sake,  we assume that there is no Court case,   The required app is not ready.  I have already mentioned that in this computer era, it should not take more than one week to develop the required app.  (Actually I should have said not more than one day).  They say app will be ready by Nov 14th.  O K.  Let them take their own sweet time.


So, according to you, betting at tote is useless.  The real Danasoora Karnas, Bali Chakravarthys in current days are bookies.  They will give you highest returns!

But, I am afraid, you should forget about bookies operating at least till the end of Dec.  Of course,  by some miracle, I may be proved wrong.

Be that as it may, betting at tote is not wholly foolish thing.  Returns are less if your bet is among the three top fancies.  But there are too many incidents where the tote has paid much higher returns than what bookies offered.  

The arguments in favour of bookies is only because they take bets at 10% tax.  If full tax is insisted by the bookies, (gst 28% plus club commission 5%), then all arguments in favour of bookies will die down.

The pools such as shp & thp gives decent returns.

Pools like forecast, trinella & treble pay high dividends and there is jackpot which pays in lakhs too many times.

You may either agree with me or disagree.  But, there is one important aspect because of which many people are forced to bet at tote, whether they like it or not.  Bookies do not take exotic pool bets or shp/thp etc.  And many bookies do not accept bets less than 1000/-.  (some bookies are insisting on 2000 minimum).  So where those punters can bet whose bet size are in the range of 300, 500, or 600?

"Wait till normalcy is restored"!

Flood, war, tsunami, contagious fever like plague, bomb scare etc will not be able to stop a punter from visiting race course and bet!  They have waited far too long without betting and definitely their bank balance is far more healthy than what it was before March 12th.  

Right now, all punters are ready to bet even if gymkhana races held at Lucknow.  So, I feel your sane advise will not have many takers.

sandeep kakra said ...

On : 06-11-2020 01:56 pm

It's watse of money all gambling will be done after tickets proper response.where is online 

Srk said ...

On : 06-11-2020 11:40 am

Hi friends from tomorrow 7th November you can punch tickets in totes inside BTC counters are open like morning sale's in BTC premises so enjoy racing with old friends and win money and come let the horse be with you thank you guys


On : 06-11-2020 11:16 am


Sam said ...

On : 06-11-2020 10:43 am

Well said. But the show should go on

In this pandamic. Support the sport.