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when will they add carried over jackpot.

By raghavan | 12-Nov-2020

On 6th March 2020 Bangalore races, jackpot pool was carried over.

c/o amount 5 lakhs+.

Whn will they add that amount to the Jackpot pool?  I agree there is some confusion, and only limited tote betting is permitted.  But BTC should at least mention the date on which this c/o amount will be added to the Jackpot pool.

Coronavirus threat is there.  But, BTC should not take punters for a royal ride by indifinitely postponing adding that c/o amount.  Let them commit on a date.  If they insist on 100% normalcy, they may not be able to add that amount till summer season 2021.

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11 Replies

Vijayakumar said ...

On : 16-11-2020 07:36 pm

@ Raghavanji,

         Nice briefings on each of the averments that too in a friendly manner with extraordinary writing skills. It is not out of place to mention here about yet another gentleman who always inspired us with his fluent English in this forum in various threads. He is none other than Shri SSPPji. 

           SSPPji sir please break the silence and come up with an exclusive article on your own.


raghavan said ...

On : 16-11-2020 02:28 pm


You are right.  No club announces the date/s on which the c/o jp pool is added to.  And that is precisely my objection.

Frankly I do not see any justification on the part of the club to delay adding the amount beyond 21 days.

C/o jackpot definitely attracts some higher investment.  But the clubs are extremely secretive about when they are adding. 


It is O K if the clubs add c/o amount on a classic day.  But, let them announce such dates within two or three days after the amount is carried over.  


The jackpot was c/o on 6/3/2020.  There were no races at BTC from that date till Oct 31.  From Nov-1 racing resumed at BNG.  And there was limited tote betting from 7th Nov onwards.

Jackpot pool around 30k was c/o on 14th Nov 2020.  It may be interesting to know when they are adding this amount.


By all means let the BTC wait till RWITC starts tote betting.

golden viper said ...

On : 16-11-2020 09:25 am

Let us  not blame  any tipster other than who say  sure shot  winner.

Racing was conducted for the welfare of race  fixers and trainers.

The two top trainers were there the worst cu.lprits.

Doers P

JP said ...

On : 15-11-2020 09:26 pm

I am surprised at the topic. Did anytime before whether any club had informed that when they are going to add the c/o JP or whether they have declared the amount in their financial statements. All the clubs were adding a portion as and when they like and at least they should inform the balance after adding for the benefit of the punters. They don't do. 

Gani said ...

On : 15-11-2020 04:14 pm

How can jack pot get carried over wen no punter is betting in tote??? No punter is allowed inside btc how can some one place bets and jackpot get carried over??? 

Vijayakumar said ...

On : 15-11-2020 03:43 pm

      As soon as all the combined centres are enabled to operate the totalizators, the carried forward jackpot amount of ?5 lakhs can be added to the combined jackpot pool after proper announcement. As of now except RWITC all other turf clubs have started totalizator betting . As Mr.Ramanujan opined it is needless to wait till complete normalcy is restored which may take a very long time. It is enough if RWITC start functioning the totalizator betting.

  Hope every one will agree.

ayyarnet said ...

On : 15-11-2020 11:03 am


In all probability they will add to the collection of any forthcoming classic event to attract rather grab more collection.

This is from my experience.


ramanujan said ...

On : 14-11-2020 12:55 pm


@ Ragavanji

The factors relating to racing with or without spectators/bookies bear no relevance to the issue on hand.   The ends of fairness and reasonableness would be well served so long as conditions improve at least to the limited objective of facilitating wider participation at the Tote repeat tote for the C/O JP pool. Positive pointers notwithstanding, when such improvement will be achieved in physical terms is anybody’s guess. It would indeed be a virtue to its credit if  BTC allows itself a reasonable time to wait and watch instead of rushing to appropriate the C/o pool in a manner they think best.



raghavan said ...

On : 13-11-2020 06:34 pm

Ramanujan / Vijay kumar

"Situation as was prevailing during March 6th should be there so that BTC can announce adding c/o jackpot".

Yes.  I agree.  I am not saying that the jp c/o amount should be added straightaway.  Let the BTC announce the date.  Let that date be sometime during December or January.

To me, exact situation  means racing with spectators & bookies.  I am doubtful whether such a situation is possible till summer season of 2021.  It  is too much to expect the situation to be exactly the same as was prevailing on 6th March.  I believe Mumbai is starting races on 22nd November.  (of course only my belief).  BNG, MYS, Chennai have started.  

It is my view that if the JP amount is added during Dec or Jan, then that meets the requirement of fairness & reasonableness. What is your opinion?


ramanujan said ...

On : 13-11-2020 01:12 pm

The Carried over JP amount contribution owes its source to the larger population of failed JP chasers spread beyond the domain of BTC, given the Common pool characteristics of the C/o amount. Does not fairness and fair appropriation demand that BTC waits till the identical condition is restored enabling all hailing from other centers also  stake claim especially in the context of C/O amount being somewhat significantly high?


Vijayakumar said ...

On : 13-11-2020 09:51 am

@  Raghavanji,

        A very valuable point has been raised by you . when will the carried forward jackpot amount be added to the jackpot pool ?  Since the betting on totes has not been started in full pledged manner , adding the carried forward amount now is an injustice committed to  the Punters on the whole.

            Mr. S. Govindarajan (Chennai)  informed that the MRC  has already included the carried forward amounts with the respective pools on the opening day itself I.e. on 9.11.2020., when the punters are not allowed to make bets on totalizators and only the trainers, jockeys and owners and employees of MRC are allowed to wager bet.

         As you observed , this matter is very important to be taken up for discussion.