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The Indian 2000 Guineas (Gr.1)

By abhishek d poman | 08-Jan-2021

Alluring  Silver the Lady take on the colts

The Indian 2000 Guineas (Gr.1)

Terms race/ 4 years old only   1600M

We are heading towards the second classic of Mumbai season  The Indian 2000 Guineas (Gr.1). A small field of 8 runners has been accepted to run the race and it is quite obvious and we can understand that with a no of regional classics to be followed  we have a small field , 5 local challengers will compete with 3 outstation challengers .Alluring  Silver is the only filly in the field of 8 runners , with an advantage of run in The Gool and Soli Poonawalla Indian 1000 Guineas (Gr.1) she will be the frontline contender . The average rating of field is 54 with Lagarde  the highest rated and Iron Throne The lowest rated .We have 2 greys a colt and a filly running in this race.

1  Golden Oaks 4y ch c Mor(IRE)-Messalina

Trainer S Padmanabhan Jockey A Sandesh

This classic colt  from yards of  S Padmanabhan started his career in bangalore as 2 year old and finished 2nd to Forest Flame by 5 ½ lengths , he then moved on to western India and emerged as a winner in The B K Rattonsey Memorial Maiden Multi-Million by 2 ½ lengths ahead of El Captain and Joaquin ,  he then finished 2nd to Forest Flame in The Poonawalla Breeders Multi Million (Gr.1) by 1 ¼ lengths , he then moved on to banglore and emerged as a winner ahead of ABIRA by 4 ¾ lengths in 6 furlongs, he recently finished 3rd to LAGARDE in The Bangalore 2000 Guineas (Gr.2) .Golden Oaks has ran black type races before coming into this race and his bloodline shows that the distance to be travelled will not be a worry  , his master is known to prepare the horses for classic races , he is performing good in his morning tracks and to be ridden by A Sandesh will have a bold show

2   Iron Throne            4y b c Phoenix Tower(USA)-Tropical Blue

Trainer Bezan Chenoy            Jockey T S Jodha

This colt from yards of Bezan Chenoy is the lowest rated colt in the field of 8 runners , Till  date he has ran only 1 race in 7 furlongs and has finished 3rd to Rambunctious by 3 ½ lengths , his dam Tropical Blue has ran distance over the mile , Iron Throne is working good in morning trials and to be ridden by  T S Jodha will try to improve with this run.

3  Lagarde       4y bc Kingada (USA)-La Terrasse

Trainer  S S Attaollahi         Jockey  Suraj Narredu

This classic colt has travelled all the way from Bangalore , he started his career as 2 year old and emerged as a winner in the very first outing by 5 lengths ahead of Mountain Lion guided by David Egan in The Ranganathittu plate , he then finished 4th in the field of 4 runners in 7 furlongs behind Miss Pareil by distance , recently he emerged as the winner in The Bangalore 2000Guineas (Gr.2) ahead of Nisus and Golden Oaks by ½ a length guided by champion Suraj Narredu .Lagarde has been tracking well in morning trials and with a black type win recently in The Banglore 2000Guineas (Gr.2) will give him a slight edge than other runners with jockey Suraj Narredu to guide him .

4  Leopard Rock   4y bc Kingda Ka (USA)-Besame mucho

Trainer Mallesh Narredu                 Jockey P S Chouhan

This classic colt from yards of Mallesh Narredu has always been on board in his every start , his master is known to prepare dark horses , Leopard Rock started his career as a 3 year old in 5 furlongs and emerged as a winner by 2 ½ lenghths ahead of Aegon guided by S A Amit , he then finished 2nd to Joaquin in The Jimmy Bharucha Trophy by 1 ¼ lengths in 6 furlongs , guided by Suraj Naredu, he then emerged as a winner In The Raza Ali Plate by 4 ¼ lengths ahead of Costa Rica in 6 furlongs guided by Yash Narredu ,he recently won The F.D. Wadia Trophy (Gr.3) by verdict of 1 length ahead of Tigrio guided by Suraj Narredu.His half brother Beatles Bible was winner of mile race in Kolkata ,his Dam Besame Mucho was trained by pessi shroff , Leopard Rock has been working good in his morning trials and with jockey P S Chouhan to guide him will be the joker in the pack.

5 Nisus 4y bc Gusto(GB)- Daffodils

Trainer Prasanna Kumar        jockey S John

Another classic colt from yards of Prasanna Kumar has travelled all the way from Bangalore , this colt started his career in Bangalore and has always been on board he finished 3rd to Rani Jindan in his first start as a 3 year old by 3 ¾ lengths in 6 furlongs , he then emerged as a winner in The B.N. Gudiyappa Bangalore winter million by 3 ¾ lengths ahead of Cavallini guided by Akshay Kumar , he then emerged as the winner in The Bangalore Juvelline Million (Gr.3) by ¾ lengths ahead of Mountain Lion guided by A Sandesh , he went on to complete the hattrick by winning The Air Force Trophy by 4 ¼ lengths ahead of Electra guided by P Trevor , he recently finished 2nd to Lagarde in The Bangalore 2000 Guineas (Gr.2) by ½ lengths guided by Akshay Kumar , he is half brother to jetfire and invicta both have ran a distance of mile but none of them has been successful in winning at this distance ,their dam Daffodils was trained by Mk jadhav and never ran a distance of mile in her career , Nisus has been working good in his morning and will have to run the fighting race to finish on board to be guided by S John

6   Storm Trigger Ivory Touch(USA)-Skipperess(USA)

Trainer Adhiraj S Jodha      jockey C S Jodha

This colt from yards of Adhiraj S jodha has ran a single race till date and emerged as a winner by 1 ¾ lengths ahead of white river in class 4 he is half brother to sword of honour , Askioz , Pure zinc who have ran the distance over the mile , Storm Trigger has the stamina to stay the distance but he will be tested in terms of class , he has been working good in his morning trials and with jockey C S Jodha to guide him will have to undergo litmus test in this classic field.

7 Tigrio     4y dkb c                                      Phoenix Tower(USA)-Tigresse Noire

>Trainer P Shroff        Jockey Y S Srinath

Another classic colt from yard of champion trainer P shroff , Tigrio emerged as a winner in his very first outing by 1 ½ lengths ahead of Exotique in 7 furlongs guided by Neeraj Rawal, he recently finished 2nd to Leopard Rock by 1 length in The F.D. Wadia trophy (Gr.3) .He is full  brother to Phoenix Tiger and the rest describes his stamina to stay the distance , he has been tracking good in his morning trials and with jockey Y S Srinath  to guide him will be the doosra from the trainer

8 Alluring Silver  4 y gr  f                                      Leitir Mor(IRE)-Personal Allure(USA)

Trainer P shroff       Jockey P Trevor

This classic filly from the yards of p shroff started her career in Mumabi and emerged as the winner in her first outing by 3 lengths ahead of powerful lady guided by David Egan, she then showed her clean pair of heels when put on top gear by champion jockey suraj narredu and emerged as a winner by 5 ½ lengths ahead of Dreams in 7 furlongs in The Kanthara plate , she then finished 3rd to Forest Flame in The Gool and Soli Poonawalla Indian 1000 Guineas (Gr.1) by 1 ½ lengths , had she been not pocketed in the bunch in that race she would have given tough fight to the winner Forest Flame , she is half sister to Pure Allure who was trained in the yards of S Padmanabhan and finished 3rd in The Bangalore Oaks(Gr.2) , Alluring Silver has class and stamina and she is the only filly in the field of colts , her master p shroff is known to prepare the classic fillies , this filly has shown that she has clean pair of heels and running back to back Indian classics in a gap of week makes her front line contender , she has been in fine form and with jockey P Trevor to guide her will be the one to beat.

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26 Replies

Raju said ...

On : 10-01-2021 07:08 pm

Wow what an atrocious ride by Sandesh i think he thought it was a 1200 mt race. Trevor made a choice by being fooled by mr PS to ride his dud. Thats racing. Both rode for the winners benifit.

rahul71 said ...

On : 10-01-2021 04:14 pm

I stand vindicated...Had tipped Lagarde in another thread...with Golden oaks 2 d choice...

Also had said Alluring silver won't be sighted considering her poor timing in the 1000 Guineas. 

Also Leiter mor progeny will rarely win over 1600 mts

Varun said ...

On : 10-01-2021 02:06 pm

Upset on cards

Leopard Rock vs Tigrio

Captain Cook((((KOLKATA))))) said ...

On : 10-01-2021 01:52 pm


R.Ramesh said ...

On : 10-01-2021 01:26 pm

Indian 2000G

Alluring Silver




HP++ said ...

On : 10-01-2021 12:43 pm


Ruchi said ...

On : 10-01-2021 12:24 pm

 DAY..tempted to give some views.

ALLURING SILVER was the horse that caught the eye.Anybody seeing it's run in the 1000 where it was badly hampered at a crucial stage would conclude that today it cannot get best.i also felt the same but......the DYNAMIC NUMBERS SAY OTHERWISE.

The DR for this race of top four taken for Analysis are as follows


That means ALLURING SILVER is not even in reckoning for Analysis.

Now that surprised me also.The EYES after last run say AS cannot lose butthe rating says othetwise.I would go by the rting,not thatits infallible, sometimes horses with very poor rating also win ...but then we hv to stick to some method and follow it for long term profits.

 I HV seen that BANGALORE base horses when they hv rating beyyer than MUMBAI based they are definitely special.Hete all top three are Bangalore based NISDUS I felt was struggling in Bangalore guineas whilst GOLDEN OAK WAS HOOKED and LAGARDE too God.I feel today GOLDEN OAKS ( DOOSRA) and LAGARDE will dominate the. Finish with LEOPARD as the joker.

Another point is ALLURING SILVER when it finished 3 rd the timing was 1.41.92??? seriously for a classic .hope???V SERMON clocked 1.39.

I feel the 1000 was not a true rn race and in a really true run race ALLURING will definitely be found wanting.

Above just my views ....but then everyone has his own methods and may the best horsewin


Deep said ...

On : 10-01-2021 11:31 am

In 2000g leopard rock shuold run a good race

Beat miss muffet comfortably in last run..while miss muffet finished second to FF.

Shuold be in fighting line 


GodSpeed said ...

On : 10-01-2021 09:08 am

LAGARDE and GOLDEN OAKS , of these whoever takes the lead entering the short straight of Pune has the higher chance to win. (Preferably GOLDEN OAKS who almost beat FF in PBMM, LAGARDE takes time to warm up but If suraj takes charge and enters the straight first he will be unbeatable)

In my opinion result should be as follows., 

1) Golden Oaks,


3)Alluring Silver,


5)Leopard Rock

followed by Tigrio, Storm trigger and Iron Throne

sanat11 said ...

On : 10-01-2021 12:57 am

Nisus I'm the winner ???? 

Fan of captain cook said ...

On : 10-01-2021 12:07 am

Hello captain cook, 

Sir this is a request from your Humble fan .. missing you sure shot tips from a month or so ..not forcing you sir..please share your thoughts on 2000 guineas n this magnificent day.. request from all your fans..  

Zenyata said ...

On : 09-01-2021 11:02 pm

Its One horse rase and will win easily - NISUS. 

Sudhakar mudiraj said ...

On : 09-01-2021 09:58 pm

Back Golden oaks for win...

Change of tactics, start to finish should do the trick... 

All the best for the backers of Golden Oaks

Rajashekar said ...

On : 09-01-2021 09:50 pm

The legend jockey of India going to win 2nd classic That is suraj narredu 

Rajashekar said ...

On : 09-01-2021 09:44 pm

Suraj will win

venkat said ...

On : 09-01-2021 09:15 pm

Even in the scratching of Black Pearl in the 2000, the field is very competitive.  There are 4 main copetitors, according to me. The public fancy will be undoubtedly Alluring Silver based on her run in the 1000G. Only the darling filly Jackie did this in recent times.However, I do not fancy her. In a mile race either you have to be up with the pace or the filly must have a stunning turn of foot. Thuis, according to me, too much is read into her dash for the finish. 

Nisus in my humble view was given a mediocre ride by Akshay Kumar, who was only concentrating on getting ahead of Golden Oaks in BNG. The horse kept veering i wee too often. With stable jockey S/ John on board has improved its chances. A ms\ajor contender/ 

Lagarde will be the horse to beat. Ran a great race by the shortest way home to beat Nisus and Golden Oaks full of running. I* must admit that I never thought much of sire Kingda Kaa. The progenies are doing extremely well!

Leapord Rock. A silent customer. Will be in the thick of events.

In the final analysis, the race will be between Nisus and Lagarde.


Ravi Gowande said ...

On : 09-01-2021 08:11 pm

Tigrio with  Jockey Shreenath from Pesi shroff  Yard is my choice, Will upset 

Ravi Gowande


Gun said ...

On : 09-01-2021 07:01 pm

Golden oaks one horse race, long straight ourse benefit and hoping sandesh will guide accordingly. 

Cee Kay said ...

On : 09-01-2021 06:37 pm

Extremely open affair, however i feel the quartet of Lagarde, Golden Oaks, Nisus and Leopard Rock will fight it out. Lagarde's run in the Bang Guineas was after a year and will defi improve on that run, but was lucky the last time out with the rail opening and came from behind. The Pune track may not be suited to his style of runnning. Golden Oaks for me is best uptill 1400 and so is Nisus but the Pune track will favour their style of running with Nisus being better than Golden Oaks.  Also Nisus ran a bold race last time out and wud have learnt from that run and has won in class 2 before beating the likes of Akita pro whose gone on to win a few races in Bangalore beating some quality horses. Leopard Rock is in rousing form but hasnt gone upto the mile , however has won his races giving weight to the others. For me the race is between Leopard Rock and Nisus. Nisus being a certainty to place!!!

sabu b said ...

On : 09-01-2021 02:50 pm

One and only suraj

Transparency said ...

On : 09-01-2021 01:17 pm

Since Transparency is hidden No Comments except one liner 

Race is wide open and Lay the fav to the hilt at whatever odds ...... Offcourse the Irians know who will be installed as fav .

Ab-delhi said ...

On : 09-01-2021 01:07 pm

@rahul 71 you May not like Alluring silver but dont compare the timing. The timing was bad because it was a very slow paced race . timing wise 

Abhishek poman said ...

On : 09-01-2021 12:45 pm

Thank u sir , will try to write article on every classic as earlier I was writing

rahul71 said ...

On : 09-01-2021 12:00 pm

Observe the timing of 1000 Guineas and of Alluring is worse than bottom weighted 8 yr old Odessa on the same day.

All the best to her and her supporters 

The Jokerr said ...

On : 09-01-2021 10:47 am


Abhishekh Poman nice analysis sirjee

Agree with you regarding Alluring Silver.

Quite high held, the connections have changed the jockey and the bottom weight should help her

Of the horses, following can be balloted out of selections

Iron Throne Storm Trigger Tigrio and Golden Oaks

reason the first two are definately just to make nos and the last named with Trevor couldnt catch either Lagarde and Nisus and should find it tough to turn the form with both Nisus and Lagarde


now the remaining 

horse 3 Lagarde

The manner oin which he won the Bangalore 2000 Guineas should state a lot about him, has improved leaps and bounds since last seen in Western India. The trainer and owners have supreme confidence to turn him up here, and should have a bold show.  The only issue is he stays from behind which is an issue in the Pune Straight.

horse 4 Leopard Rock

The only unbeaten horse in this filed, last win in  the FD Wadia was impressive, but the issue is he faces blue collar company today with many horses having seen black type company earlier,

horse 5 Nisus

Fought a ding dong battle to lose to Lagarde last time. Earlier unbeaten in all his starts, the last run over 1600 should have sharpened him this time and the short straight should be to his liking. Replacement of Akshay Kumar with John suggests the preparedness of the connections.

 horse 8 Alluring Silver

Quite unlikely last time in run beind the queen filly Forest Flame

Change in jockey as Suraj has decided to partner the colt.

Should be sharpened with the last turn and with the shrewd Trevor taking over can score here

my choices

Alluring Silver - Nisus- Lagarde - Leopard Rock


The Jokerr



old boy said ...

On : 08-01-2021 10:21 pm

I agree. Her turn of foot is amaging. Follow till beaten.