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The HRC Golconda 1000 Guineas (Gr.2

By Husaain Mirza | 10-Jan-2021

Only Lombardy rest all will follow 

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SIR CECIL said ...

On : 11-01-2021 11:14 pm


Your sentence - from one of post 

alluring silver will may beat FF in Indian Oaks 
MISS MUFFET nowhere in OAKS 

and now WALLAS  - all side yous 

GOLDEN OAKS is pure sprinter he may choose Sprinters or SURESH MAHINDRA 1400M fro future prospect - due to Pune short bend he won his place money.. 1600M is not where near for him.


Kranthi (hyd) said ...

On : 11-01-2021 11:11 pm

@cee Kay ..ur always welcome sir..I also played 2k forecast 4-5 dividend is 37 on hyd

Cee Kay said ...

On : 11-01-2021 08:47 pm

Thank you Kranthi for your sound advice. Backed Lombardy for win only!  Also bacled Mirana for place and SHP, so had a profitable day. Had i listened to the Poonawala fans here would have been done and dusted for good. Alluring Silver is a DUD! Golden Oaks is only for 1400, then why do people back in a  mile and then make stories after race is over!

The Jokerr said ...

On : 11-01-2021 02:12 pm


Lombardy shuld win here

But Good Connection will not place in top three which should be cpompleted by Night Secret and Downtown Firl

chanakya said ...

On : 11-01-2021 12:41 pm

Lombardy must win.

Racebro said ...

On : 11-01-2021 10:27 am

NIGHT SECRET by NIGHT OF THUNDER will win 1000 guineas. Ran a very good 3rd over a mile in south india 1000 guineas behind Born Queen who went onto win Oaks as well. Timings of NS was 1:37:87 

Good Connection was behind Night Secret in south india 1000 guineas, therefore no chance.

Rest of the field never ran over 1400m.


Kranthi (hyd) said ...

On : 11-01-2021 10:27 am

@cee kay ,suraj not even coming in top 3 finishes....Lombardy win mirana shp


Ruchi said ...

On : 11-01-2021 10:26 am

Guys.....LOMBARDY....STILL PEOPLE HAVE NOT UNDERSTOOD THE WALLAS.Their Fav horses performance in classics so far

GOLDEN OAKS in Bang guineas:::lost



FOREST FLSME: They tried to do the trick but a third horse was in fray and they were forced to win

 Yesterday MUMBAI ALLURING SILVER ran like a cow and doosra. GOLDEN OAKS spurted a pair of wings and just about did it contrary to Bangalore run

Today they hv (3) runners the longest priced runner will be GOOD CONNECTION ...It will win start to finish or NIGHT SECRET will be gifted to same MUM owners and LOMVARDY MONEY DOWN THE BOOKIES COFFERS.

Win Legend said ...

On : 11-01-2021 05:11 am

Yes Mr. Mirza Lombardy all the way.... 

Karthik vandallur said ...

On : 11-01-2021 04:47 am

Lombardy hardly  it should be 26by 100 if it's not trying or health issue then it can go to evens

Cee Kay said ...

On : 11-01-2021 01:27 am

Between Lombardy and Suraj Narredus mount!