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The Calcutta Derby Stakes (Gr.1)

By SIR CECIL | 14-Jan-2021

' ' BLACK PEARL ' '  nthing to say 


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JP said ...

On : 17-01-2021 04:02 pm

What an anti climax to the Derby with Trevor and Srinath having a fall and only the stable mates finishing the race. Hope both the jockeys are fine. My best wishes to them

JP said ...

On : 16-01-2021 07:13 pm

Black Pearl should win hands down. We can all talk or write several theories but, the number of entries in the field confirms that Black Pearl is invincible barring unexpected happenings. The trainers and the connections know that this horse is something special. Yes, Zoya  can boast of worthy siblings and a classic win which lacked good field. So too Black Pearl has a more imposing sibling winner of 2 Invitations. Present day racing the owners are having horses with several trainers and trainers being related, jockeys related, breeders due to lack of sales in their breeding business have started to race in their own colours or partly owned, fair racing takes a back seat. There is also increased volumes of betting in the grey market, racing is affected sometimes. This year RWITC is having the traditional Ruia cup,a precursor to the Derby, on the Derby day itself due to the present scenario. So if Black Pearl decides to run the Indian Derby, depending upon the way it wins the Kolkata Derby, the pretending challengers like Born Queen, Lagarde and others can hide in Ruia Cup. I expect a small field in Indian Derby also.

Black Pearl ( Kolkata Derby)

Black Pearl (Indian Derby)

Calpunt said ...

On : 16-01-2021 04:39 pm

Cliffhanger won his last 1600 metres race very easy. It will not be fair to his owner Mr Subir Dasgupta to use him as pacemaker. I request Mr Vijay Sngh not to use him as pacemaker and spoil his chances.

R.Ramesh said ...

On : 16-01-2021 12:09 pm

Black Pearl

Blaise Fernandez said ...

On : 16-01-2021 09:46 am

Black Pearl all the way in the Kolkata Derby and then the next mission is the Indian Derby.I dont see any other horse coming close to the king of MAM STABLE

Munesh said ...

On : 16-01-2021 09:11 am

Unless ridden in check Black Pearl will trounce the 2nd placed horse by more than a street.

M.prasad said ...

On : 16-01-2021 07:16 am

Apsara star

Cee Kay said ...

On : 16-01-2021 04:40 am

Dont even look beyond Black Pearl in Kol Derby. Infact the Indian Derby in Mumbai will see a good fight between Black Pearl and Born Queen. I dont see another horse in the firing line for the big one in Feb.


Kurban said ...

On : 15-01-2021 11:14 pm


It's a race between colt Vs filly. 

Colt always superior than filly in 2400metre race. Answer simple : Black Pearl.

Please think yourself why Zoya win derby, she already bag 15/1 longer odds in Oaks definitely forget.

My choice : Black Pearl (Days best)

Second horse : Cliffhanger/ Apsara star

Babaka said ...

On : 15-01-2021 08:34 pm


Sachin..... MYSORE said ...

On : 15-01-2021 07:12 pm BLACK ???????????? PEARL...... CHEZZZEEEE CHEZZZEEEE SURAJ........THE CHAM OF INDIAN RACING ????????????

SIR CECIL said ...

On : 15-01-2021 04:28 pm
MR golden viper


20/100 odds is unplayable , he should get atleast 50/100 becuase of distance 2400M

If he would have again running in 1600M - nobody would have given him interest odds 7.50% (LOL)

for long lay off last time bookie gave 85/100 around but that time distance was withhin his arc but now we have one contender ZOYA she already travelled distance 2400M - only factor that will give him odds

800M more that so i feel its should run between 50-60p or @ much more higher odds 

rasikh said ...

On : 15-01-2021 11:40 am

Time to cover all our losses this season.. Horse race.......Bang Bang....

golden viper said ...

On : 15-01-2021 10:33 am

CAl  owners  and  trainers  are  more  sensible  than  MUM  ones.

Loook  at  Chennai derby all  3  mum  horses  no  where.

Why  try  and  bang  your  head  against  a  stone  wall 

Last run he  still won  easy  after  a  long  lay  off Odd wil be20/100

Munesh said ...

On : 15-01-2021 10:30 am

Raiders are scared of Black Pearl.

Ashok M said ...

On : 15-01-2021 09:54 am

Black pearl ????

Nk said ...

On : 14-01-2021 10:22 pm

Zoya wil win

Arvin Dey said ...

On : 14-01-2021 09:30 pm

None other than Suraj Narredu

Viswa said ...

On : 14-01-2021 09:28 pm

A look at Sunday's derby field, one may mistakenly assume it as a field  for a Mock Race.

Nawab said ...

On : 14-01-2021 09:12 pm

Because of Black Pearl the field reduced to only few numbers hence the prime event lost interest amongst the punters.There will be no compition in the race.

Ab-delhi said ...

On : 14-01-2021 07:43 pm