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Is there something called Beginners luck

By The Joker | 06-Jun-2022

Hi fellas

Felt like raising this conversation. 

Years ago when hiding from my dad n his circle of club friends, I entered the racecourse. I played a horse of trainer Ghassempilour in Mumbai n won. 

Yesterday my nephew who is visiting from Singapore, accompanied me to the racecourse.  He had one bet for the day n played All attraction in win. Offcourse I played in the ring as he is not familiar. 

Though he is an avid race watcher in Singapore. 

Another example of beginners luck. 

Just wanted to know how many of ya hv had this phenomenon called begginers luck. 


The Joker

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Hiranand said ...

On : 26-06-2022 07:36 pm

First entered the race course in Bangalore in 1968 or 1969, with a princely sum of ?300 in my pocket.  New nothing about horse racing.  Lost all but only ?50 remaining.   Backed Venus De Milo ?30 at odds of 15/1, and it won !  Came out of the race course with winnings  of ?150.   I am not sure if I paid any tax on my bets.

The Doc said ...

On : 12-06-2022 08:30 pm

@ The Joker

You may find some good inputs about beginers luck in the following topic link.

Wolfmoon said ...

On : 10-06-2022 06:51 pm

I started race course visit on November last sunday of 1994 . Gone to watch after seeing some videos ( video cassete ) of epsom derby. Gone to BTC alone and found difficult to read tote and odds displayed in screen and bookies counter. I possessed around 2500 with me and not learned to take tickets till 4 th race. Formally gone to bookies section and watched one race betting there.I was totally amused the day after learned to read cole book and decided to bet on a horse. By the time no live races from rwitc only commentary and Bookies marking winner before race is over. I asked that bookie how can you mark winner before result announced. 

The old man bookie laughed at me and told aaj pahla din hey na kya.

I told him i want to bet 2500 rs on horse Lei

Ridden by Fenton trained by Todywalla . Deposited 2500 rs to him

He kindly given me marking 1000w and 1500 place telling if won i will take tax on a slip not their printed card. It is an 8to 1 bet . Lei A beutiful grey horse won by 4 length . Bookie given me full amount. He told me goodluck . 

The next visit is after a fortnight studying well after buying a book 'All about thorough bred' bought from Sapna book stall. 

The next visit is 1000 gunnes day where I fancied Santorini Star ahead of Lei. But played both place won little. 

Still bets selectively after months of preparation. 

Race is an art of patience.

Stoned Stany said ...

On : 10-06-2022 04:13 am

Well thats not the beginners luck thats the vibe of classic betting on royal horse
i  my first visit to mysore race course with my punter friend 8 years back remember just had 500 in packet brfore entering in 200 spent on smokes and drinks only with 300 lasting in the pocket 3 race remaining invested two 100's on 6 race lost drunk sad and empty just with 100 on hand desperately prayed god and threw 100 on the felly that was running the last race last horse of the day

Named HALLELUJAH in the hand of M Mark
winning in 100/1 odds recieving 11000 with the deductions of 30%

Schaumburscub said ...

On : 10-06-2022 03:16 am

Hello All,


I want to tell you one thing, its journey we have been into this . Everyone in this journey experience one thing is kick. We all invest hard earned money into this sport to get that kick. Sometimes you wiln and sometimes you loose. However you will come back again and again because you love that kick.  


Currently i live in Los Angeles and keep going to races to get that kick. 


Enjoy racing with affordable amounts brothers 

buddy said ...

On : 09-06-2022 01:27 pm

No  - some win some don't - those who do are tagged as beginers luck -  anyway times are changing fast - the graph/trend of people gambling /alcohol / smoking etc will go down in the coming years ....people will look to stay healthy avoid unnessary stress ....survive as best as possible ...eliminate the risk factors .

Sudheer said ...

On : 08-06-2022 10:48 am

First things first, I had no biginners luck at all.. I've lost at the beginning for sure.. 

I don't know how people feel, but it's easy to back big like 25000, 50000 when you don't know anything about horses or racing..

May be beginners luck didn't apply to me as I was new to racing at that time but not to betting.. For a cricket bettor even money is great and 3/1 is like gold.. In the beginning I backed favs for place at 35p 40p for big and lost a lot of money in doing it..

I had to stop betting and understand racing for a long time to recoup the losses.. Now I don't bet on cricket or any sport for that matter other than racing.. 

Racing somehow was kind to me.. I never had the beginners luck but its been a great hobby and on somedays very lucrative hobby.. 

My bet size decreased from the start to now.. It happens after you understand the nuances of racing.. Will write someday in detail what I've observed in these 6 years.. 



Just Horse tips said ...

On : 08-06-2022 12:36 am

It's true and you should be patience enough to enjoy the sports. I have seen many people rush as if u double your money nd come out happily....Everyday is not a Sunday. U need to prepare urself fir the worst , u can earn ur leaving in race is.nonsense. Enjoy it as a sports .. Till date i have cracked all centers JP , highest paid 1.75 lakhs mysore lowest 120 mumbai. If many of the punters think races run for you to earn it's wrong !! I have heard it from a veteran punter that a trainer said ..." I TRAIN HORSES , ITS MY PROFESSION ND WORK , I WILL EARN FROM, I M NOT TRAINING THEM FOR PUNTER TO MAKE MONEY " So keep everything in limit. Be safe .. people have lost everything , i have seen . That's y I play in my limits. If i win 50k on a good day , my friends say I can play entire season ???? So play responsibly. Take care of your family. Enjoy the sports. Cheer the animals and their ability. Take it as any other sports. If u have money wager ..ur the cheer leader for ur horse. 

Vincero said ...

On : 07-06-2022 09:30 pm


Iam sorry to read your comment, seems like you are in deep trouble. Been there :-(

I know it is easier said than done but try to take a sabbatical.

Yes the pressure of loan repayment,  inevitable expenses will make it tough to forego all of a sudden but that's the only way out. Give up betting, talk to your loved ones and explain your situation to persons whom you owe. I have done this when IPL brought me to streets, it was very hard but finally got out of it. Now Iam involved in racing but only to affordable limits.

God willing things will be better for you in near future . 


To all scheming bookies/Trainers/owners who resort to malpractices for money pls have moral epiphany for your own good.Money earned this way will come out in a very unpleasant way



raghavan said ...

On : 07-06-2022 05:18 pm

For every beginner, there will be at least 500 veteran punters in race course.  The beginner may will 10 or 12 bets in the first fortnight of his career; but the pleasure of winning shall be reduced subsequently thereafter.  

Our beginner who becomes amateur within 1 or 2 months of his betting will join the circle of veterans within 3 to 6 months of his betting.  Thereafter it is a bottomless pit. 

So, it is immaterial whether freshers will enjoy higher strike rate or not.  The freshers may enjoy higher strike rate in the first fortnight.  Of course, the willings will be minimal.. No fresher will bet 10k, 20k or one lakh on a single horse.  May be his bettings are 500/- to 1000/-.  Thereafter he will learn about the harsh reality in horse betting.  

Bank offers 6 to 7% interest per annum on your fixed deposits.  Those who are satisfied about such low returns and still deposit the money in bank are the wisest lot.  Those who dream returns of 200% to 500% in race bettings will be, in all probability, disillusioned lot within 6 months.

Bobby said ...

On : 07-06-2022 01:07 pm

Beginners luck in in the beginning is TRUE. However, curse of the dead race gamblers follow subsequently. No one makes money in the end. To be enjoyed as a sport with not more than 10% of your monthly income win or lose.. I am 68 and will complete half a century in 2 years time with this principle for last 25 or so years now after phase of beginners luck ended sometime in 1995. Cheers.

Sunil said ...

On : 07-06-2022 11:43 am

Seniors, experts and all the punters... Can any one please confirm... not even one person gain at least some good amount in racing??

Babaka said ...

On : 07-06-2022 10:02 am


Mirza said ...

On : 07-06-2022 05:40 am

Hi friends 

I enter in the race course in the year 2000 and you guys don't believe who introduced me it's my own parents first week of my racing is nice i won so many times in the first week but after that only losing tiill now... Now my parents they didn't go for racing they stopped completely but I can't i try to stop but unsuccessful now my situation is wrost i am in too much losing and all my relatives knows i am playing races so no one wants help me and I wanted to come out from this but I can't.. only my wife stood up for me but now i can't give them presure so now i have two options left for me first is runaway and second one is sucide..first one i try so many times but unsuccessful now i will be try second option in week.. because I can't live like this.. ok friends bye bye take care

Punter since 1999 said ...

On : 07-06-2022 12:04 am

100 percent true in 1999 when I was in tenth standard I got a part time job after school to go and write the results of all races in Hyderabad. He was a palmists. One day the satin came in my head I got tempted to by tanala for rs 5. 3-5-4 I can't forget till I die. It got successful and  I got 1300.i thought I was lucky but now I realise how unlucky I was. Words won't be sufficient to describe the pain. The biggest and bitter truth is winning is loosing. Then to we want to win for sake of hope to recovery. This is true god's hell. May God forgives All'.

Subbu said ...

On : 06-06-2022 10:55 pm

In first day i also earned 2000 then i loss everything job properties everything still in racing 

IIMBLUE said ...

On : 06-06-2022 09:52 pm

Races are made for beginners. A beginner is innocent,  and honestly believes in whatever opinion is given to him. It may click and makes him more confident. Ultimately it sucks.! 

  The so called expert punter has a clouded mind. He sees "adjustment " and "setting /fitting " in everything. He is unable to see the merit!! 

 Myself,  I never had beginners luck. It did not matter anyway,  as I was determined to play small amounts till I understood the game. (I am hooked to small bets till date) 

  A close friend of mine,  asked a bookseller,  "who the best trainer in the business was? ".He got the name of Bezon Chenoy and started playing only horses trained by him (this was in late eighties). I remember Bezon Chenoy winning nearly eighty races that season in Mumbai and became champion. 

   My friend had a good season and thought he had found a way to success. Unfortunately,  Bezon Chenoy 's success rate dropped alarmingly after that year,  but my friend never lost his belief!! 

We may win a bet. But the logic behind the win may be entirely different .When we try to extend the  faulty  logic to subsequent bets,  we may be staring at a disaster!!! 

Wild card entry said ...

On : 06-06-2022 09:20 pm

Luck and Magics   happens only on initial days of entry to race course, because you r fresh to race like baby.. Over a period of time you will only see magics by trainers and owners,


Firoz khan said ...

On : 06-06-2022 09:08 pm

I remember my first bet. IN THE SPOT LIGHT play 100 rs. and returns 10000 Rs. Rider K G. APPU

SMR said ...

On : 06-06-2022 05:36 pm

In my case its absolutely true. I think it was in 1984, me and my friend entered race course together same day. We both won Rs 2000 each, as we pooled our money and played together.

Next day we went again, I took a jackpot ticket for Rs 40/, and my friend did not accept a 50% share which I offered him. he took out his own JP ticket.

Those days on special race day there used to be no carry forwards. I won Rs 55000/ on third leg. I remember my combination still, My Smasher, Silky, Lucky Strike. As there were no tickets in 4th leg, the JP amount of 1,65,000 was distributed among 3 succeful tickets.

My friend did not win Jp, but he also won good amount on win bets. From that day we were hooked and yours truly is still a regular, even after 38 years. My friend was winning substantial amount every meeting, ie in the range of 20/25/30k per meeting. The success had gone to his head. Slowly he started loosing, lost a fortune and his well paid job, divorced his just married wife, with a baby in arms. Finally he lost his mental balance and committed suicide. 



Prem said ...

On : 06-06-2022 04:45 pm

Same happened to me in Mysore for the first time i won 300 rs .15 years back 

Now i lost around 50lakhs till now

M.D.khanna said ...

On : 06-06-2022 02:48 pm

Ooty races cancelled 

Sunil R said ...

On : 06-06-2022 02:07 pm

Hello Update the Ooty races have been cancelled due to unforeseen weather and as of now only bangalore & mysore races will continue till July. Enjoy time at home along with your family????... 

Munesh said ...

On : 06-06-2022 01:05 pm

Last name is Rao.Base is Andhra Club, Madras. Guru of  gambling..He postulated some theories on racing.

(1) If you have any grudge against anybody, take him to race course and make him win 10 thousand rupees.He is finished for rest of his life

(2) If a person thinks that he knows everything about racing, his wife's mangala sutram(gold ornaments women wear after marriage) will always be with the pawn broker.

There are many more, but I remember these two


Update please said ...

On : 06-06-2022 12:30 pm

Is there rain in ooty? Like what are the chances of tomorrow's races happening uninterrupted? 

againstodds said ...

On : 06-06-2022 11:49 am

Sir,  There may be truth in it, as many punters used these words when I first entered the racecourse in 1980.  But I did not have that luck.  Another strange logic I heard during that period was, If the horse that could win with Swinburn (Jr) up, then it would win with M Kinane. The result was as they predicted. Just sharing information, nothing more.

With regards

TAJ said ...

On : 06-06-2022 11:44 am

Even I had a same experience in mysore cource. I played 10 rupees on Nairn which is ridden by Appu.  

T.Venkata Ramana said ...

On : 06-06-2022 11:16 am

This is not scientifically established one.  The beginner having observed most of the tipsters selections has gone to take a choice with a minor selections that has given a first choice.  Suppose, it is a 30/100 favourite Do you disagree that he does not have beginners luck.

godzilla said ...

On : 06-06-2022 10:58 am

The Joker

Yes. Valid write up. MY zero knowkedge friend used to play in lakhs even on 12 paise favs. and has been winning initially,

This made him MORE ADVENTOUROUS to increase the betting. Nett result he made a loss of 90 lakhs. Sold most of his properties. This happened 20 years back,


Azim said ...

On : 06-06-2022 10:40 am

Yes it is I had also played a jack forest 10 years back in win it won handsomely. I earned 3.5k on that day and I thought it is very easy money 

Prinit said ...

On : 06-06-2022 10:02 am

It's true. My first bet was in 1993 Pune season. A grey horse called Queen of Janjira,  S s Baria  up won  the last race of the day. I played only 10 bucks and got 86 in return!