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Early discussion Colts n Fillies classics

By The Joker | 06-Jun-2022


After the two millions n some races, the following hv put their hands up

Once you go Black


Last Wish


Kings Ransom


Polished Girl


The Joker


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8 Replies

Saurabh said ...

On : 19-06-2022 11:10 pm

There are very few horses from Shroff stable that have performed excellent as 4 year old after an early show as 3 year old in Mumbai. The only horse to put up such show was Set Alight. And she was declared classic right after her victory in Shapoorji fillies trial stakes. 

Padmanabhan is different, his horses don't just win early but keep on improving. Amongst Indian jockeys we may like it to hear or not Sandesh is the best. Basically Sandesh with Padmanabhan and Attaolahi has been best known success story. 

On that count Philosophy is horse of the year. The longer she will go, the better she will be. 

Realistically he dint whip her till she headed the front runner. That was kind of just momentum keeping crack or else he rode a hands and heels race. Only few jockeys like Vasant Shinde, B. Prakash, Pesi Shroff and Mallesh Narreddu had this skill of not using a whip till necessary inspite of it being a classic race. 


Amber said ...

On : 07-06-2022 03:41 pm

If supernatural need distance then why they always tried this horse for sharp distance..? Trails? Of course not.. because trainer is p Shroff  knows everything about breeding and they send supernatural to flop? Wht about owner? I think supernatural is overrated horse..will not sighted in classics

Ruchi said ...

On : 07-06-2022 10:07 am

The most impressive runner over the weekend which did not touch the board is LEONORDA.

Last till straight was literally flying ( easy theuout) meaning jockey gave no assistance, on its own horse was accelerating very well. and finished a easy 5 th.

This horse will fetch good odds even for place in whichever graded races it runs.

One for the note book.

All perfomed horses like SUPERNATURAL, LAST WISH,ETC any race card will give and will be favourite but the trick is to identify a hidden one and that's that LEONARDA..

Harish said ...

On : 07-06-2022 06:23 am

As per present nw untill commence of winter I have my list of 3y oldies  as clasic races needs a galloping horses which states...

1)Kings ransom in peak..till Indian Derby she will be in top.

2)All attraction very good galloping...dark horse 

3)philosophy my manifold light weight filly comes frm behind 

4)Arthur decent contender can trouble 

5)once you go black decent horse heading towards Indian Derby...

6)supernatural needs distance will trouble the best

7) last wish one paced horse up to mile he will be top among all

8) King Louis kangra brother...has good turn off foot

9)ravishing form will be sprinter...up to 7f

Nw dnt ignore horses who finished 3rd 4th

Some horses needs maturity wat we prideict now we can't tell all these will be in fireing line 

Note these horses 

Arrowatte ,imperial power,serdar,mirra,chinky pinky,tough cookie,triple wish,ROUDY?????,mighty zoo????

Sreejith said ...

On : 07-06-2022 01:27 am

Looks like a Shirke's summer season

Vijay Shirke's KING'S RANSOM is the leading contender in the Fillies 

Only threat is DANGEROUS, while Philosophy and Star comet may fight for place.

Next Vijay Shirke's SUPERNATURAL is the main contender in the colts

Ignore his last run, the distance was too sharp anyway.

ONCE YOU GO BLACK will be the main threat.

ALL  ATTRACTION and KING LOUIS too warrant some respect


On : 06-06-2022 11:32 pm
  1. Once you go Black

Anoasku said ...

On : 06-06-2022 10:55 pm

Add king louis

Vinay said ...

On : 06-06-2022 10:20 pm

Dear friends,

Looking at last two runs of Super natural suggests that he will be well suited for long trips as he warms up late .

Both yesterday and PMMB runs shows he covers enough ground at end will need to watch him beyond mile and above is contender.