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Alligator Blood -Lion hearted horse

By Anil Xk | 12-Jun-2022

Australian race horse Alligator blood is an un doubtful champ at his age of 3 beating almost all present Group 1 horses at graded races. He was trained by David Van Dyke up the age of 4 , due to one drug positive issue AB stripped off guiness after an outstanding victory. Owners started legal battle as said drug is allowed at their state to reduce heart beat, still results are pending. Mean while AB mest with kissing spine injury and out of track for 9 long months watching the horses he defeated are growing to group 1 level.

There is some dispute aroused between trainer and owner about his return to track . Owner shifted AB to A.Bailey stable in emergency and then to Billy Healy. They found the character of AB is so robust as he not obeying with stable staff, Owner contacted old handlers and asked them to accept a new job offer for their once in a life time hero. Most of them joined with new stable but NSW banned AB from racing under their limit . This is first time in history was a horse is banned due to case pending against owner. But spiritted owner Sam and wife joy moved him to Gai water house stable . They accepted the champ and co trainer with accompanying staff to give him special attention.

In two trials AB moved nicely , he given saddle assist by Tim Clark and they found AB accepted new jockey. 

During this period Owners wife Joy critically ill due to Bowen cancer, she responded only when any body utter AB's name. 

After 3 months preparation stable planned to run a preparation where he came flying second from last from outer draw at Egle farm.

Yesterday He won stradbock stakes of 1.5 million as out side from the widest stall in record time. Happily Joy Allardyce passed away today morning. 

He given his blood money by running his heart out. The owners spend more than a million to diagnose him...

Really a Lion hearted Horse 

A horse sensed his owners mind ...

Great Champ....

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The Joker said ...

On : 13-06-2022 04:35 pm

Hi Anil, 

AB is a champ, he won the Australian Guineas n was unlucky to be disqualified in the Queensland Guineas. 

What is heartening about him. Is his late burst and 100% effort. 

He gave a dying woman a zest to live. She had been given only a few days but stayed long enough to watch her beloved Alligator Blood win the Stradbroke

Alligator Blood means one who fights till the end n the colt n his owner  displayed the same.


The Joker