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Cauveri Million

By godzilla | 13-Jun-2022

Three horses in this race, merits attention.


Long distance animal. Unlikely to cope with the pace of race. Age factor also may go against winning.


Seems to have improved leaps and bounds. Recent track astonishing. With Trevor on saddle may pose a live threat here.


Ignore last run at Chennai. PG is really price less for Dr. POONAWALLAS whose horses are on the kill everywhere. Earlier won many races with top impost.


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27 Replies

Raviraj said ...

On : 15-06-2022 06:34 pm

@Godzilla sir - You are awesome person..and you are not less than youngster to us...get well soon ????

godzilla said ...

On : 15-06-2022 04:10 pm

Since PG is with drawn, Chashni stands a bright chance to win or place.

Abhay...Pune said ...

On : 15-06-2022 01:31 pm


Chase said ...

On : 15-06-2022 11:30 am

@Godzy Sir, Amazing Resolve , Resilience and Confidence.

Wishing You Speedy Recovery.

There is Always A Tomorrow! For Incorrigible Optimists! Bravo!

VJ said ...

On : 15-06-2022 12:36 am

Magic Circle should beat Priceless Gold tomorrow.

Race 5 : Horse No 11 Magic circle 

Ramsubbu said ...

On : 14-06-2022 08:50 pm

My Opinion in my opinion will simply canter away in the main event of the day.


Bonvivant said ...

On : 14-06-2022 08:42 pm

Bellator is well suited for this distance ....with good track work will win at good odds 


Mahendrakumar MathurMumbai, said ...

On : 14-06-2022 08:01 pm

As per astrology planet Mars ,Moon and Urenus are very strong.Mars indicates RED and WHITE. URENUS conjucting closely descendent ARIES .This indicates-RED,A HOT FAV.OR DARK FLUKE at TMB shall WIN..    . PRICELESS GOLD IS CARRYING 57 kg.which is middle Wt.    . colour



1 st..3..Priceless Gold  57gg. Middle WT.

2nd  11..Magic circle  54.50 kg.  Bottom Wt

3rd   1  My Opinion  60. kg.Top WT'



SPS said ...

On : 14-06-2022 06:24 pm

*godzilla* sir,

Thankyou very much for a detailed reply on your health condition. 

I have noted with great pleasure that you are not at all bed ridden and going for morning walk. 

Your reply post has a very good message that at 77 you are possitive and ready to fight in all condition. It has given me a booster. 

Thankyou Once Again.

Munesh said ...

On : 14-06-2022 03:22 pm


When My Opinion can pack off Theon, the present lot is of name sake bunch.

Punter since 1999 said ...

On : 14-06-2022 02:47 pm

 Sorry godzi it looks like bellator race for me no doubt in it. Rest v all know no explanation.


Imran khan said ...

On : 14-06-2022 02:43 pm

Hii friends 

Race no 4 Horse no 1 MY OPINION 

Fully fit & current form is too good 

One horse race win 

All the best 

Munesh said ...

On : 14-06-2022 02:42 pm


    Concur with SPS Sir. Am also 70+ and one of your many well wisher's gang.



Enjoy today's Ascot racing.You can back a " passed the post double" Baaeed  to Coroebus and pass your time in a  jolly mood along with your scotch or whatever is your usual.

Cheers Godzilla brother 



JAMMY said ...

On : 14-06-2022 01:39 pm

MY OPINION will be going for hatric just ignore age

godzilla said ...

On : 14-06-2022 11:09 am


Since you are persisting to know about the accident. I am giving details in short.

We a group of 7 persons planned a trip to TIRUPATI in two cars. While things were pleasant to most part of the onward JOURNEY, the driver of the car tempted us saying that there will be nice TEA available in a road side restaurant shortly on the way, to which I agreed to stop the car at the location.

We got out and first I went to TOILET to ease up. The toilet was dark with a zero watt bulb. Added to this it was an Indian toilet painted brown with no visibility at all. I put my front leg by mistake in the toilet seat and lost complete balance. I had a nasty fall with injury to head, shoulder and leg. Fortunately I broke only my shoulder blade and suffered dislocation of other shoulder. My skull and legs escaped fracrure.

While my friends insisted returning back to Chennai for medical emergency, I insisted we should reach Tirupati and next day they should go to TIRUMALA for darshan leaving me in hotel.

Since it was shooting pain, I took lot of pain killers and booked an appointment with a leading Ortho in CHENNAI.

Swallowing pain killers, I reached the hospital next day night by car. The surgeon said as there was no Anasthetist available, he asked me [thinking I am young] whether he can do the procedure without anasthesia.

I told my Surgeon, I am not a RAMBO, and told him I am 77 years old and he was awstruck.

The procedure was over at 6 am next day with a sling attached.

I have started my morning walks as the fracrure will take time to heal. I will not bow down to any happening in life and will not allow situations to take over my rights.

David said ...

On : 14-06-2022 10:52 am

Hi friends, Tommorow in the 4th race at Mysore bellator carries 57.5 and priceless gold carries 57.Both horses ran their last start at same handicap as mentioned above. However bellator came 8th and Pg came 4th. Both are 5year geldings.. PG has earned 22lakhs in stake money.. Bellator 20lakhs. My question is in this kind of a terms race how are weights allotted.. Godzilla sir wish u steady recovery.. And have a good day to all the others.. Thanks 


M. D. Khanna said ...

On : 14-06-2022 10:37 am

Very sorry to hear Godzilla ji may God gives u good health & early recovery

Raviraj said ...

On : 14-06-2022 08:52 am

Perfect selection..I will back it...thanks ..your post boost our confidence for sure Sir..

Aamin Baig said ...

On : 14-06-2022 12:05 am

My opinion will win sir.

Firoz Khan said ...

On : 13-06-2022 10:26 pm

My choice 4th race. PRICELESS GOLD. 

No comment, my DAY'S BEST. But poor odds. 

Chintu said ...

On : 13-06-2022 10:22 pm

What I have observed is, when there is a million race and the price money is comparatively less, big owners tend to eat that races. Same may be expected and a fluke may be on the way

N.A.RAMDAS said ...

On : 13-06-2022 08:41 pm

in my opibion   ramu,s my opinion is one horse race coz any long distance horse can win in short distance also ,but a sprinter can never win in long format so I am going to back 10k on ramu



Harish said ...

On : 13-06-2022 08:37 pm

Hi I agree tis PG is in peak form ...and my opinion alredy stationed in mys since 10days ago my opinion can trouble to PG...and any one frm mys based in longer shot can fallow PG and my opinion....any upset in this race is possible....??? Rather these 3 outstation horses... 

Elfnight said ...

On : 13-06-2022 08:19 pm


SPS said ...

On : 13-06-2022 06:07 pm

Dear "godzilla" sir,

Your opening post has given me extreme pleasure, as it indicates that you are able to operate your laptop / mobile inspite of broken SHOULDER BLADE and being on SLING.

Sir, It will be nice of you if tell us when the accident happened and whether it was a road accident or something else.

I am 70 and therefore fully understand the trouble of accident at this age.


With Regards.

Dhanwanth said ...

On : 13-06-2022 05:09 pm

Priceless Gold with Suraj Narredu for Caveri Million.

The Joker said ...

On : 13-06-2022 04:54 pm

Hey Godzy Sir, 

Nice write up. 

Leave s few Mysore gadhas, the field is well set. 

Horse 1 My Opinion

He came to form in ooty where he annexed two races including a sound beating to the Narredus Leopard Rock. Seems diverted here due tonthe unfortunate cancelling of the Ooty season where his target would have the Nilgiris Gold Cup. 

Bears sufficent class to teach a lession to this bunch

Horse 2 Bellator

Ran a shocker behind Priceless Gold in the Mahindra Multimillion, lives to fight another day. 

Horse 3 Priceless Gold

In form in Bangalore only to really flop in the Multimillion, much improved, a real chance

Horse 6 Havelock Cruise

From Hyderabad, always performed well at this distance, it's shrewd master Netto has routed him here, watch the trend

Horse 7 Hope and Glory

Has run everywhere from Western to North India to South India

Was a winner on the Delhi Derby. Can be in the minor placings

Horse 10 Chadhni

After the fillies win the Rakesh camp might be plotting another one and this local contender fits the bill. Can fight at this weight

My choice horse 3 Priceless Gold if connections else an each way chance on no 10 Chadhni

The Joker