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king Paddy strikes

By The Joker | 20-Jun-2022


After a long hiatus King Paddy strikes. 

The way in which Philosophy ran, 8s a tribute to Paddy's vintage methods

It was eye pleasing n reminded of the great fillies like In the Spotlight etc which Paddy trained. 

Looking at the improvement since race 177 where she was beaten by Queen Spirit n Eternal Princese

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16 Replies

JP said ...

On : 23-06-2022 01:07 pm

@ Pedigree Pundit: Please read that I have mentioned " VERY FEW SIBLINGS HAVE REPEATED " and majority failed. Further, Chaitanya Chakaram and Chaitanya Ratnam are not siblings. Chaitanya Ratham was purchased from the connections of Chaitanya Chakaram by Late MAM and it was a costly failure like Attaturk. Star of Windsor is senior sibling to Moonlight Romance. Winning  a staying race  or two doesn't  take it to the status of its illustrious sibling. 

Pedigree Pundit said ...

On : 22-06-2022 11:55 pm

JP sir,

A couple of siblings of Own Opinion were proven stayers. It just flashed to me after I sent in my reply to you in the previous posting.

Pedigree Pundit said ...

On : 22-06-2022 11:51 pm

Mr JP,

Sir, kidly allow me to correct you.

Full brother of Chaiatanya Ratham is the famed Chaitanya Chakram.

Moonlight Romance's sibling Star of Windsor won the Bangalore derby,The Stayers Cup, The Bangalore St.Leger and Golconda St.Leger.

You may perhaps have typed Chaitanya Ratham and Moonlight Romance by oversight.

Do take care in future, sir.

JP said ...

On : 21-06-2022 08:50 pm

@ Danish: I agree with you. People who wants to follow KR , they are free to pay their ransom.

Malicious Grudge said ...

On : 21-06-2022 06:28 pm

   It is requested to see race day report of 19th Jun'22 ; grasp/ understand the technical problem & delight us, if possible.

   Hope, Colts Trial likely to be on 26th Jun'22 (Sunday) may provide us a ding dong battle among foals of various Pedigree.

Danish said ...

On : 21-06-2022 05:36 pm

@ Godzilla Sir,

We are just 23 days away from derby.The acceptance will give the result of my analysis.Even if his connection chooses to run him,let it be,I will wait for the result 

Who is right or wrong will be decided only after the Derby day which is 17th July 



The Joker said ...

On : 21-06-2022 03:18 pm

Hey Godzy sir, 

Sorry but beg to differ. 

Kings Ransom will now be targeted towards the mile classics viz mysore guineas n h

Deccan colts. But comebnovember December n Mumbai n a new jockey ( possibly English/Irish) will b a live danger

PSC seems to hv lost his magic. He is a shadow of the champ who sat on the Vijay horses. 

Even Zuccherini after the change in jockey won the Derby



JP said ...

On : 21-06-2022 01:55 pm

King's Ransom is from the mare China Creek and Dragoness is also from the same mare. Dragoness was very speedy and always tried to run in front. KR style of running looks to be similar but the jockey, probably under instructions from the champion trainer, is giving a restraint ride not giving the horse a free run. Some change of equipment for the Fillies trial is of no use as the run is similar to what it was before. According to me the horse may not run in the Bangalore Derby. Maybe the horse will be used like Wizard of Stocks as pace maker in the Derby for Supernatural.

Supernatural has got a mountain to climb though it is a full brother to Immortality. If you see the records very few full brother/sisters have repeated the performance but majority have failed .

Few examples: Red Cockade, Own Opinion,Royal Tern, Prince Khartoum, Storm, Thundering, Chaitanya Chakaram, Moonlight Romance, Squanderer, Manitou, and I can go on. 

Munesh said ...

On : 20-06-2022 08:40 pm

Derby Pundits might have forgotten the fact that " Once You Go Black" gave 5 kgs and tharshing to Philosophy.Does'nt  it come into reckoning?

Firoz khan said ...

On : 20-06-2022 07:11 pm

Top 5 tipster on horse talk.

1.@Godzilla sir

2.The Joker



5. Ashokmysore 

Rated by current form and analysis. 


From meydan.

godzilla said ...

On : 20-06-2022 06:26 pm


Kings Ransom, if it participates, in Bangalore Derby, will be a live contender as it has electrifying burst. Cant be written off. Ruchi is right.

Favourites will not win in Classics as the betting is huge.

Harish said ...

On : 20-06-2022 05:32 pm

Since 3 years many were doubting abt staying ability of speaking of which his first crop he had 3 classic winners...and every one busy in tat tis Pedigree progeny is best for mile and upto now for philosophy it's not same case....

Philosophy is frm the family of multidimensional...a out and out stayer...stallion...

. philosophy dam manifold had won filies champion ship and also bangre Summer dery.. and aslo Indian okks......hence tis philosophy will stay...upto mile and half wit no doubt....

Danish said ...

On : 20-06-2022 01:43 pm

KI NG'S RANSOM will not be sighted in  the derby. If he  comes in one two or three,I will quit this forum.

His shrewd trainer may opt him out of Derby also.

He will win his share of races in Pune and Mumabi only.His Forte will be 1200 to 1400 metre races.


The Joker said ...

On : 20-06-2022 01:28 pm

Hi Ruchi

I doubt whether pesi will run Ransom in the Derby. Her distance seems to be more 7 furlongs. 

Philosophy will stay over the mile n quarter as Manifold has won the Indian Oaks where she swamped the field. 

Not to forget her gutsy win over Castlebridge in the Bangalore Summer Derby

Her main challenger though will come from Pesis yard in the full brother to Dual. Indian classic winner Immortality ie Supernatural who will stay till the cows come home. 


The Joker

Veteran Punter said ...

On : 20-06-2022 12:43 pm

Hello Joker,

King Paddy had not been in the best of health for quite some time, and that was reflected in his performance.


But, like they say in racing, Form is Temporary and Class is Permanent, He proved that emphatically.

Ruchi said ...

On : 20-06-2022 09:53 am

PHILOSOPHY is out of speaking of which,mile thsts all.SHE WONT BE SIGHTED IN ONE- TWO - THREE in the derby 

from the fillies .the derby candidate is KINGS RANSOM,she was a bit lazy and took time to cover and get going.She will be a different proposition in the DERBY.

She will finish ahead of all those who finished ahead of her.

Now let's see the COLTS run and then short list the Derby hopefuls, but as it stands KINGS RANSOM IS A LIVE CONTENDER,Forget the rest of the fillies all will be also rans