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Speaking of Which finally affirms his class

By Pedigree Pundit | 20-Jun-2022

Speaking of Which appears to fall short of the deeds of the stallions who stood at his stud farm.We got the feeling that Gift of Grace, the Indian 1000 guineas winner, was a fluke as none of his subsequent offspring could emulate her performance.

But that was to change, and that too, in a rather affirming way. The first two finishers, Philosophy and Dangerous, in the Bangalore fillies mile classic were sired by him.

He did so at the cost of his illustrious barmate, Multidimensional, whose get King's Ranson was the clear favourite.

The most pleased person would obviously be Ms. Ameeta Mehra, the breeder, as the first three finishers hailed from her famed farm, Usha Stud Farm.

Well, Speaking of Which, she finally pronounces herself loudly.

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10 Replies

VIKAS said ...

On : 22-06-2022 08:27 am

In last 80 years of Indian horse breeding industry only 10 Stallions has produced 3 or more Classic Winners from their 1st Crop. Of those 10 Stallions only 2 Stallions are alive as on date and both are standing at USHA Stud., Namely MULTIDIMENTIONAL (7) and SPEAKING OF WHICH(3) SPEAKING  OF WHICH has produced GIFT OF GRACE(Indian 1000Guineas), ROSINA (Kolkata Oaks) and SIR SUPREMO(Madras Derby) from his 1st Crop. His 2nd and 3rd Crop  had very little chance to prove their presence in Classics due to curtailed seasons all over India due to Pandemic. His progeny has started this season on right note. I wish him Great Success in years to come.

Firoz Khan said ...

On : 21-06-2022 10:24 pm

ONES GO YOU BLACK by win legend (JPN) . EASY winner next COLT championship & banglore derby. I hope this colt new super star of indian race. like a DESORT GOD, BE SAFE, QUASAR...

Pedigree Pundit said ...

On : 21-06-2022 08:31 pm

Dear friends,
I wished to point out that it is the first instance of the offspring of Speaking of Which to finish 1-2 in a classic. Only quality stallions achieve these kind of result(s) and Speaking of Which looks on course to becoming one.

I do not know why some experts are saying that Bangalore derby will not see the fillies winners and runnre-up as not fit for the blue riband. I have not said that they are going to win the Bangalore derby for them to be commentiong so. Whather they win or fail is secondary as I was only to highlight the results of the Fillies classic.

But I would be keen to know the reasons for their proclamations as that would give me an opportunity to rebut theit tall talk.
Hope they have the guts to say so.

As for Prasanna, I am well aware of the sucess of the previous classic winners of Speaking of Which but they came rather late (monsoon & winter seasons).
Making an impact early gives better prospects for future classics as they are entitled to improvement. 
 Do try to grasp those points instead of neighing with pleasure.

Malicious Grudge said ...

On : 21-06-2022 07:06 pm

   Highly awaited "Colts Championship" likely to take place on 26th Jun'22 (Sunday).

   At Handicap Stage there are 52 entries, out of that 4 foals by Sire Speaking Of Which (Ire), last Sunday two filly's advertised their alarming bells.

  Out of 4 foals as above referred, 3 are Colts & 1 Geldy.

  3 colts are chestnut & 1 bay colour. 

 Let's wait/ see **Acceptance List** , how many of these will be a contender / entrant (self will be happy even a single will be present there) & will give a tough fight to the progeny of Win Legend (Japan) & present popular Sire Multidimensional (Ire).

  Next platform to prove Sire --> Speaking Of Which (Ire) on 17 th July'22, Derby Day.

Prasannaa said ...

On : 21-06-2022 01:55 pm

Not sure how relevant is the title of this post. There are many horses from speaking of which who have won classics, stockbridge(Hyd guineas) , Rosina(Calcutta oaks), Sir supremo ( madras derby)..And you call yourself pedigree pundit..hahaha

JP said ...

On : 20-06-2022 06:54 pm

The name only reflects KING'S RANSOME and punters paid the same. Please watch  all the runs of KR. The jockey looks to have restraint ride on all the runs and the horse looks to go in front which was not allowed. In Mumbai it drifted out after jump and lost all its chances. In Bangalore it just scrapped to win but the run looked the same. In the Fillies trials , even after using some equipments, there was no change in the pattern of running and it just managed to fill the frame. You can forget this horse in Bangalore. It may do it in Mumbai since it is their home centre.

The Joker said ...

On : 20-06-2022 06:34 pm


Instead of the sire here she is following her dam side which is full of stamina. Alo though her side is by Invincible Spirit who imparts stamina, his dam dam side has staying influences like Mr Prospector , Raise a Native n Alydar which is the reason why staying distances should not be a problem for her. 


The Joker

Besafe said ...

On : 20-06-2022 06:15 pm

Great to see Philosphy bounce back congrats Paddy. Not following racing since a month. Just watched the race video. This horse has true potential to wil upcoming classics. 

Ruchi said ...

On : 20-06-2022 04:21 pm

SPEAKING OF WHICH,beyond a mile just forget her progeny,beyond it.

Yesterday the very fact that DANGEROUS who was gifted a race at the hands of KIBGS RANSOM at MUMBAI,finished second,shows that the Fillies was not a genuine run race.

Both PHILOSOPHY AND DANGEROUS will not be sighted on the frame in the longer classics.

godzilla said ...

On : 20-06-2022 04:01 pm

Speaking of Which is working if the dam side happens to be either out of Multidimensional or Razeen.