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Colts trial stakes 2022

By The Joker | 21-Jun-2022


As of now there seem to be the following contenders

Supernatural :

was unbeaten in Mumbai till the worst ride by PSC derailed his train. Since then lost to Last Wish via another bad ride. The extra 200 metres will suit n time will tell


winner of the Poonawala Million n then ran a good second to the too good Imperial Power. Rab bad in a mock races but such races can be deceptive

Once you Go Black

Like guru like shishya

James mckeown took some to come to come from his guru Paddy's shadows. But The wins of Adjudicate have proved

having shifted base to Guindy last season, he gets a chance to get the ball rolling with this Win Legend progeny who showed just a shade of brilliance when beating the fillies winner Philosophy

Imperial Power

Ran a shocker last time out behind OYGoBlack. Ignore last run, can reverse the placings. 

Ravishing Form

brilliant winner of the Million here, tracking well n will he a force at his home ground. 

Black Eagle

This colt was disappointing his run but he is a classic no less. N if Paddy takes his chance can be the party pooper


Kolkatta champ, was affected by the muck flying n making a late run beglhin Last Wish, watch out

Last Wish. Winner of the DT Million, took advantage of the ground but the question is will he be able to handle Supernatural n co over a sound ground n over the extra furlong

My choice 

Will update post acceptance

Currently athe winner should be from the group of Supernatural Dexa Once you go black or aravishong form with Black Eagle for the upset. 



The Joker

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43 Replies

Vinodrocks07 said ...

On : 26-06-2022 04:14 pm

Mojito - what an upset. Love you ??. Long shot after a long time!!

Malicious Grudge said ...

On : 26-06-2022 01:45 pm

  @Ashok Mysore 

  Sir, Respect **Your Theory & Ideology** in favour of Ravishing Form winning Colts Championship.

Some Salient Points -->

1) Ravishing Form first outing in the current season, in 16M distance, that too in a Graded Race.

2) Nearly 4 months gap today, after last running.

3) Cellulitis / fitness problem of Hind Legs, 70% over/ recovered? As per Veterinary Consultant allowed fit to race.

4) 9 Track Works carried out since beginning of current summer season, (may be equivalent to 3 Race Runs), almost 4 tracks carried out by jockey Oliver, indicates what?

5) Pedigreewise not the best in the present set?

  All the best.

  Hope, these points may not effect on 26th Jun & prove tips of e/w. 

Ashokmysore said ...

On : 26-06-2022 06:29 am

Ravishing form is definitely going to win please don't miss have a each way chance or go for place 

All Attraction said ...

On : 26-06-2022 05:05 am

Only one horse race 

All Attraction race4---(1)

Has wind energy to lift the Colts stakes can win by 2 lengths easily.. play all Attraction... With good odds .go home with good amount...

Jetfire..!* said ...

On : 25-06-2022 09:07 pm

Tmrw i wll eat only one horse ridden by Suraj "O Y G B" at any odds. 

Harish v m. said ...

On : 25-06-2022 11:32 am

its ravishing form v/s supernatural.

Firoz Khan said ...

On : 25-06-2022 08:32 am

Welcome to the DESORT.

1st.race. 6. Altamonte. Should win.

2nd race. WONDER WENCH. BB ON. Fully confidence. No doubt. No worry. Play strongly. Easy win with very good odd. at least 4/1.

3rd race. 5. CAPABLE. start to finish mission. Longer odds.

4th race.2. ZUCCARALLI. UNIVERSAL choice. POOR ODD. 

5th race. 2. FORTUNATUS. NO issue for lose.

6th race. 4.DIVIN RAY. EASY WINNER in this event.

7th race.  3.MARK ONE. sure SHOT.  PLAY UNLIMITED. 





Firoz Khan said ...

On : 25-06-2022 08:10 am

@Godzilla, sir ONES GO YOU BLACK ON MONY HORSE. at least Half mony, not 3/1. 

To be continue.....

Jetfire..!* said ...

On : 24-06-2022 11:38 pm

In hands of SN  OYGB. Take it as da best eating bet of da day. Eat and enjoy.

Babaka said ...

On : 24-06-2022 07:04 pm


Sun said ...

On : 24-06-2022 06:56 pm

My choices

Once You Go Black   Supernatural  Leonardo

Best of luck

One two ka 4 said ...

On : 24-06-2022 06:14 pm

Once you Go Black you always go back.

suraj should win.


Ramsubbu said ...

On : 24-06-2022 05:27 pm

Once You Go Black will lock horns with Ravishing Form


Rajaraman said ...

On : 24-06-2022 04:44 pm

My picks for colts 1. ONCE YOU GO BLACK,  MOJITO, SUPER NATURAL KINGLOUIS In that order 

Prasannaa said ...

On : 24-06-2022 04:32 pm

Hello All,

Terms races are for bookies and owners to make money. Handicaps are for punters to make money. People who understand this will never lose in racing..

Vinodrocks07 said ...

On : 24-06-2022 02:34 pm

Prince O'War and Mojito - upset

Starone1 said ...

On : 24-06-2022 11:29 am

Colts trial stakes the following four should fight out 

Once you go black   OYGB 


Last Wish 

Ravishing Form (beat Philosophy in Feb by 1 1/4. Length ) Philosophy was ranging up and reduced verdict with OYGB. So deserves a chance 

My personal choice wud b Trevor ridden Supernatural at decent odds.

Decent Punter said ...

On : 24-06-2022 09:19 am


At the most Once You Go Black will be quoted 1.5 or below.

Jaya said ...

On : 24-06-2022 09:02 am


Raju said ...

On : 24-06-2022 01:55 am

Supernatural wont be sited in the first 3 for sure and definitely behind King Louis. Once You Go should romp home. Happy Punting.

Krishna said ...

On : 24-06-2022 01:51 am

The Horse That Should Be Beaten Is 


All The Best.

Vinay said ...

On : 23-06-2022 10:29 pm

Dear friends,

Would like to bring into your notice that all hot favourite wards of pesi shroff are biting dust this SEASON at banglore whether odds is the matter or underfooting condition or riding of PSC or all three cant say for sure but, if odds are better for supernatural one can surely go for him .Also pesi is running ZUCCARELLI ON Saturday and hope 2 see him start winning again with this honoured horse.If ZUCCARELLI WINS ALL GOOD ELSE ITS HARD 2 SEE SUPERNATURAL WINNING OVER ONCE YOU GO BLACK.

godzilla said ...

On : 23-06-2022 09:43 pm


Since several good horses like Super Natural, Last Wish, Ravishing Form etc. are simply blazing the track, OYGB should get odds of 3 to 1 and above.

I am very confident that my tip will pass thru..

Ravi Gowande said ...

On : 23-06-2022 08:48 pm

Winner should emerge from 



King Louise

Ravishing Form

Ravi Gowande



Indranil C said ...

On : 23-06-2022 08:41 pm

The race is all over with Supernatural showing clean pair of heels and romping home in style thereby winning the Colt's trial stakes emphatically from all it's rivals. SUPERNATURAL showcasing his Supernatural powers.. 

rahul71 said ...

On : 23-06-2022 08:40 pm

Once you go black...outstanding 

Ravishing...2nd best...might upset

Sir cecil said ...

On : 23-06-2022 06:30 pm

After race card has been printed. Suraj on "once you go black" appeals strongly.

Fido Dido said ...

On : 23-06-2022 05:23 pm

My choice for the colts is the Vijay Singh trained horse LEONARDO. The Mile is the right distance and he is bound to improve over longer trips too.

Make no mistake this horse is going to run a hell of a race. My money each way is goint to be on this horse.

Munesh said ...

On : 23-06-2022 05:19 pm

Need not look beyond Once You Go Black

Cheers Good Luck 

Vivek said ...

On : 23-06-2022 04:24 pm

Supernatural with P.Trevor booked to ride will come out triums ..

@ winning post said ...

On : 23-06-2022 03:17 pm

Once you go black..

Once again have a good chance 

Dhanwanth said ...

On : 23-06-2022 03:07 pm

Looks like a positive change from PS to P Trevor on Supernatural.

SUPERNATURAL tracking very impressively. P Trevor giving morning trails. This horse as a bright chance.

Roudy_Runner said ...

On : 23-06-2022 01:52 pm

I think jockeys will play an important role. Of the top contenders, All Attraction, King Louis, Once you go black, Supernatural, Ravishing Form all have new jockeys. Only Leonardo retains Akshay and Cyrenius with Sandesh. What is everyones view on the jockey selection like Richard Oliver

Ksrao said ...

On : 23-06-2022 01:41 pm

I predict ' once you go black' wins the colts in this weekend bangalore summer races

Tarun said ...

On : 23-06-2022 01:31 pm

The race will be between Once You Go Black and Ravishing Form. I prefer OYGB

The Joker said ...

On : 23-06-2022 01:04 pm

Hi folks

Welcome back Cappy (captain Cook) 

Pesi sure took the words of punters n we see

Trevor on. supernatural.

The race should be between Once You Go Black, Supernatural, Ravishing  Form n the last time impressive winner All Attractive

Maybe time for one of the earlier shisyas( Loknath) to get one over the Guru( King Paddy) 


The Joker

Captain Cook((((KOLKATA))))) said ...

On : 23-06-2022 11:22 am

Whoever wins will have to beat Ravishing Form. This horse has got a tremendous acceleration. With the word go it will blew the field. Last run in the million was very catchy. I will take each way chance on this horse more in places. 

The Joker said ...

On : 23-06-2022 07:59 am

Hey Harish

Dexa, Arcana n Black Eagle I understand but the rest, you surely might hv got ur nos wrong. 

Tranquilo is one who has a bright future. 

Will see if Prague can beat Saddlers Legacy, Roudy n Klimt

Anoasku said ...

On : 22-06-2022 09:56 pm

Note Ravishing form is race fit and raring to go, Last wish may not last as top class pedigree are best suited for sprint upto 1400 metres, 

Once you go black along with Last wish has been rated at 58, may finish among top 3, joker in the pack will be All attraction. 

I believe the lean patch will continue at this centre for pesi shroff, as dusra and teesras work only at Pune and Mumbai, where quality of racing is below average.

DemoAK47 said ...

On : 22-06-2022 07:30 pm

It's going to be a ding dong battle between all attraction n once u go black it's all about timing n perfection both come along from the mid pack it's about not tiring the horse way too soon !!! though once u go black is unbeaten I guess all attraction may jus hav an upper hand it's all about ak47 who's got to ride him to pip once u go black 


Harish said ...

On : 22-06-2022 12:00 pm

Colts trails a longer shot will emerge I predict my % for these Colts only for  their present condition and track records


All attraction 86%

Once you go black 84%

Arthur 83%

Supernatural 83%

King Louis 82.5%

Last wish 82%

Fortunus 81%

Imperial power 80%

Mojito 79%

Ravishing form 78%

Sadlers legecy 77%

Cyrenius 77%

Forget only for Colts NW these horse next thy will come up wit big form upcoming season frm aug




Black eagle



Bangor on Dee


God is great said ...

On : 22-06-2022 11:43 am

DEXA will not be accepted as it is not fit

It's a straight fight between ONCE YOU GO BLACK and SUPERNATURAL

Firoz Khan said ...

On : 22-06-2022 11:18 am


ONES GO YOU BLACK by win legend (JPN). I hope this colt easy win this event. Ones go you black is new super STAR in indian race ,like a DESORT GOD , BE SAFE, QUASER ....