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Global Pool Betting

By Ravi Gowande | 26-Feb-2023

I personally do not do much speculative betting /gambling activities. But gambling is part and parcel of racing industry. Global Pool Betting happend yesterday on Saudi Cup 2023 and turn over may be massive as done by Hong kong turf club. If illegal betting is stopped in India it can be a game changer not only for Indian Racing industry but for the society. Unfortunately Turf Club officials, Big Owners are not keen to have clean betting or racing.

My selections which are purely for Owners, Breeders, Trainers or Horse connections who are are racing for stakes money.

Out of  15 shortlisted one was scratched before the race out of 14  shortlisted 7 gave payout purely for betters  first 3 place. 10 gave payout for first 4 as Execta or First 4 is paid in many locations. These are Group races where competition is global. One USD Invested for only win and place each 28 USD would have given investor approx 416 USD. only win and place payout. In the race where  Raaed and Happy Romance placed contributed to big sum in (  Payout was 3665 and 63648 for first 4 and Quartet). Forecast, Quinella if you consider it would have been good sum for Investors. 

My point is simple if you follow a specific system which is your own created  or suitable for you which is proven in existing handicapping system will give you good payout in combination tickets. Will also benefit small punters. Unfortunately in India in Owners Enclosure Good Thing is the norm and big investments made by horse connections and hence they do no run for stakes money.

Ravi Gowande



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2 Replies

Dr Harun said ...


after that news in august that a all india tote is in the making ,havent heard a thing since.

Even on the gst which the empowerd group of ministers is said to have submitted a report on gst on commission and not the amount wagered.


Those who cant do without punting simply go about doing it with no seriousness about the hard earned Money they stand to lose .

Yes why have indiviudual sites for online betting.Sick.

Atleast for internatinational races have one and since it is tote let us know the total collection

Jp said ...


You have rightly said that big owners are not keen on fair racing and club is under their mercy. Big stud are also involved as you see more and more horses are running in their colours.The jockeys connected with big owners are under the clutches of the illegal betting syndicates along with their betting punters. I can vouch and say some of the big jockeys pass on signals to their punters to bet or not either in the paddock or before the starting gate.

During pandemic I was watching the races online and now also since I have stopped attending the races. I have noted the signals of few and it is working. If this so it means some races are predetermined.

To get a common tote they are struggling since each club has its own agenda. Even individual club online betting is a total shame.Withdrawals are taking 3 to 7 days.One club is having online betting for tote and another for ODDS bets with two different sites and entities. 

It is all computerised and why the betting sites are not declaring the total collection in each pool and the number of winning ticket,GST and club commission and whether betting sites commission is paid by the clubs or deducted from each pool. It is all total mess and NIL transparency.