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Dr Mam- His Legacy Lives On

By Amazonite | 06-Mar-2023

JULIETTE gave a befitting tribute to the Late Turf Baron.who never lived to see this horse bringing laurels to the famed gold and brown silks. I felt a sense of Deja Vu watching Juliette. reminiscing  the glorious era of DR MAM who dominated the racing scene in India.His penchant for derbies and Invitation cup is well known having won the most by any owner. kudos to the team that has managed this feat bringing nostalgic memories. DR MAM surely lives in the heart and minds of the racing public.

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Anoasku said ...


Hi all,

Nice writeup on Dr.MAM and his generous deeds, I started racing in the early 90's, those days even without any social media he was the biggest star of the racing, and for events the headlines in newspapers as I remember were it is "MAM vs D.Khaitan" or "MAM vs Vijay Mallya". Such were the golden days of racing. For me some of his best horses as I remember were flirting vision, star contender, mystical and of late the best BESAFE.

Thank you all for rekindling old memories.


Nagarajulellala9 said ...


Boss is BOSS 

Jp said ...


Racing has lost a most passionate horse lover in MAM. I  don't think any one else can replace him. Many of his classic horses syces are well settled in life with own houses etc.He was very generous with his syces. He was the first to give Vasant Shinde classic wins. Shinde's first classic win was Half A  Crown. The first car owned by Shine was presented by MAM. It was Fiat car with registration number TMQ 1.Even after getting other cars, this car was parked in his Bangalore house named after his first winning horse Royal Touch for many years. He was so kind with so many but his foster son deserted him during his last years and he was compelled to make a Trust for his love of horses and to continue his legacy. It was rather irritating to a few at least when the photographers were taking the photos after Juliette winning team(trainer,jockey and Managing Trustee) in front of the huge Invitation Cup, this man came and stood next to the trustee. 
I do not know how many will remember about India's only win till now in the hockey World Cup was achieved when Late MAM  was the President of the Hockey association. He has spent his personal money like water and assured cash rewards for the players to motivate them for a win.

Kolkota racing club  was about to be closed down. MAM  helped the club through Madras club for installation of TV relay etc and also sent some of his horses to resume racing.

Racing had lost the friends and fierce competitors in Indian racing and now we have only give and takers.

Shreeharshabg said ...


Wow,  you are absolutely right,


Kudos, bro,, 

Jaya said ...


Absolutely correct,true legend in all aspects..he never doped horses unlike western Indian champion trainers and owners indulge

Raviraj said ...


Most new punters knows Karthik Ganapathy because of his classic horse 'Julliet'  Kudos to entire team for making sure this 7yrs old is in pink of condition for Invitation.. Congratulations to All who backed it

Prosenjit Kumar said ...



Ashwatantra said ...


Best horses like ElusivePimpernal,Squanderer, Juliet comes once a decade. They are all classic memories. In future which classic horse will come?

Wait & see!

Munesh said ...


It seems Ramu sir's wish of " The show must go on" is carried forward in the highest format.

Veteran Punter said ...


Late Dr MAM Ramaswamy dominated Indian racing like no one before and never shall anyone in the future. Indian racing thrived and bloomed because of him. There are many things that I could say, but that would just be repeating what is already known to all. I shall delve into the little-known facts about him.

Not many would know that Dr. AC Muthiah, who manages the late MAM's racing trust, has ridden for him. He rode Lambretta to victory for MAM in the gymkhana races.

The phrase "Irony of Life" fits MAM and his long wait to taste success in the Indian Derby. He could have won it with CORDON BLEU, trained by RR Byramji, had he not sold it in a package to Dr. Vijay Mallya. Cordon Bleu remained under Byramji's care and won the Indian Derby for Dr Vijay Mallya. And the irony of it all is the fact that AMAZING BAY (ex-Prism) was originally with RR Byramji before it was bought by MAM and shifted to JH Foley's yard. As is known to all, Amazing Bay was the first success for MAM in the Indian Derby, many years after Cordon Bleu won the Indian Derby.

Top Indian riders have all ridden classic winners for MAM, from Pandu Khade in the sixties to the late B. Prakash and Suraj Narredu as of recently. They include the likes of M. Jagdish, Vasant Shinde, Sinclair Marshall. Robin Corner, Richard Alford, Karan Singh, Pesi Shroff and Aslam Khader, among many others, But the best phase was during his association with B. Prakash. He dominated the classics during that time, plundering almost all the classics at will.

His first classic was Silver Jet in 1967, and his last, when he was alive, was Be Safe.

The troika of Dr. M. A. M. Ramaswamy, Dr. Vijay Mallya, and Mr. Deepak Khaitan held sway over Indian racing from the early eighties until the first decade of this millennium. It could be deemed the "golden age" of Indian racing. The thrill and charm that were generated are sadly lacking in today's racing, which seems more contrived than competitive.

As a human being, he was a very contrasting person. He was very generous and large-hearted, and at the same time would condemn the same person beneficiary of his generosity. What transpired with Pesi Shroff, Vasant Shinde, Karan Singh, Robin Corner and Sinclair would bear testimony to that fact.

In racing, one would never hear of an owner distributing the entire prize money to the trainer, jockey, and stable staff. Well, MAM did that when Owm Opinion won the first Invitation Cup for him.

But the humane side of his personality dominated his other traits. Many would be aware of what happened when his personal valet died. I will not delve into that. One such example would be the late RM Puttana, a well-known trainer in Bangalore and Chennai in the sixties and seventies before the advent of Sideny Moses, Zareer Darashah, and Rashid Byramji.

RM Puttana died in Madras on April 14, 1973. When MAM found out, he cancelled all of his other commitments, collected his mortal remains, and drove through the night to hand them over to his next of kin. For those unaware, RM Puttana was a bachelor.

The most important fact is that RM Puttana never trained for MAM.

I consider it the most noble act of MAM. For me, that gesture of his ranks higher than all his classic victories.

Footnote: MAM Ramaswamy did win an Indian Derby with Exhiliration, but that was in partnership with others and was due to the generosity of Mr. Solomon F Sopher, who gave away a part of his share to MAM prior to the running of the derby, and it did not run in his colours.

Rudolph.a.furtado said ...


For over 25 years of horse race punting as a common punter was a big fan of Dr M.A.M.Ramswamy stable  and also won my maiden Indian Derby on his horse "Be Safe" .Quit betting on horses since 2017 after accepting my losses and with nothing else to prove as a "Punter" since "Horse racing" is a luxury sport for a common punter akin to membership of a plush club.  Now i am just a spectator attending the annual "Indian Derby" and reading  media articles on "Horse racing" while  occasional attending  big races  of which  my favourite horse of the present generation is "Juliette" .Happy to see the colours of Dr M.A.M .Ramaswamy being restored to its former glory through this wonder mare "Juliette".

Againstodds said ...


Rightly said sir, every sport requires, champions, heroes, celebrities etc  that is how legends rise