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Economic Impact Of Breeders Cup 2022

By Ravi Gowande | 17-Mar-2023

sharing an article on economic impact of breeders cup 2022. Compare this to Indian racing. 
Ravi Gowande


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6 Replies

Blockbuster said ...


Dear Vishal,

Ravi Gowande has shared a very nice article. If you don't like it, you're free to ignore it. But asking him not to share such articles, talking about irrelevant things like cricket and movies is not understood. Why this anger? Did Mr. Ravi force you to read that article?
Now that I am replying, let me also add that it helps to understand the racing environment of other countries too. I had the good fortune of witnessing two Breeders Cups in Santa Anita, one in the company of Late Mr. Tom Tom Krish and late Mr. Anil Mukhi who had come down from Chicago and Canada respectively. It was a great time spent with them. Reading articles is good for us, if we don't like something in a public forum, we should ignore it, especially when it is a purely academic article. Asking a senior, knowledgeable, and respected contributor like Mr. Gowande is in bad taste.
But let us look forward to positive things. Wishing you, Mr. Gowande, my dear friend Gody, and Admin a very auspicious Gudi Padwa and Ugadi. Happ y New Year!



Ravi Gowande said ...


Dear Vishal 
I fully respect difference of opinion. Right or Wrong does not arises. My reply was against u r comment Think before. I have just shared an article about racing abroad. Why u r brining another member I do not understand. I feel sorry members are mot even reading the post properly.

Ravi Gowande 


Vishal Agarwal said ...


Difference of opinion should be respected you don't have to fight to prove that you are superior.

Person who told that you are right is not reached that level till now.

Ravi Gowande said ...


Vishal Agarwal@ I am sharing articles for information of readers only. I am fully aware of situation of Indian Racing. and I fully blame turf clubs, Management People in racing. They have a very narrow vision and wants  to remains closed group. 

Illegal betting, GST evasion , Cash Dealings are the problems of racing and transparency is big issue in Indian Racing Industry, Unless these are resolved Government support will not be given. Most of the top level secretaries/ministers  are aware of what is happening in Indian Racing. That is the reason Finance Minister of India is not even ready to meet the top people of racing in India.   

As a pedigree analyst I am fully confident that Indian Bred horses can compete at the top level abroad for sure.

Ravi Gowande


Godzilla said ...


Ravi sir 

You are absolutely right .

Vishal Agarwal said ...


Hi Ravi,

Please understand india first.

In india flim industry and cricket works.

People like flims and cricket.

BCCI is the richest board in world.

Why are all flims stars so rich.

India is the second highest population in the world.

We need entertainment so we have TV.

Any sports to be popular need viewers.

Please think commercial.

India Racing is a Racing sports whoes foundation was, it is a game of skill.

Now the sport is not popular in india because we don't have many people actively following Racing.

Also the tax is very high in india.

Imagine all india population started actively interest in horse racing.

The stake money will be highest in the world.

Please think before you share any article