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Betting On International Races

By Godzilla | 19-Mar-2023

Betting on international Races are proving to be lucrative. especially Races being conducted in Australia, South Africa, UK and even long distance hurdles.

Invariably in a Card of 8, 6 first/second favourities oblige. Even if one plays all Races on first/second favourites, , one will end up with substantial profits as the odds quoted for favourites are around 3 to 1 and above..

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K. Vijayakumar said ...



        Your observation on horse racing is marvelous and stands as the best I have ever read. 

          In a world of hypocrisy, you have expressed your thoughts and logics in an explicit and transparent manner which I applaud loudly.  

            Please do post your comments in this forum regularly so that it may unmask the real face of the pretenders and the hapless punters will be saved from debacles. 






Agastya said ...


Godzilla Sir,

I dont agree with you. International Races are so competative, one cannot back favourite blindly. Actually I do watch International races but I dont wager. I have a simple rule in Intl races, that is Just Strike out first 2 fav horses with low odds and strike out longer odds. Now you will be left with small field. So select one horse which has good odds for place. Sometimes it may also fail but not everytime. The odds will give u back the lost money. 

Sudheer Sir,

Kindly Post ur Valuable Selections for Indian Races Regularly Plzz..

Precisely_that said ...


Dear Godzilla, 

With all respect for your experience and knowledge about racing, I don't know how do you claim this. South Africa racing has most inconsistent performance. A horse that wins one time may not be on board next time. 

Australian racing is competitive and mostly there is blanket finish. Hong Kong racing is also similar. 

UK racing is more realistic but the standards are so high that practically in a field of 10 atleast 6 stand a chance. US racing is more like Delhi. Suddenly money starts flowing on some horse and it wins. Logic is nothing except betting trend. 

And hurdle races are the most risky for punters as well as horses. You never know on which one the horse will loose it's stride. 

Somewhere Indian racing is better cause we atleast know how it works. As far as making money is concerned the best way is keep a budget if you are addicted to betting. And consider that budget as monthly expense. Cause mostly it's not going to give any returns. If it does it's simply carry forward for next months loosing amount. So only way to make money in betting on horses is not to bet at all. I don't know any punter who has made money and is in profit at end of the year. I only know bookies, trainers, some owners and jockeys who make money. 

The problem with punting is we all know it's a dead end, but somewhere we cannot accept that something is beyond our skill or logic. We always want to prove a point not only to others but also our self. So we keep finding new ways to win. Fact is we cannot ever. 

K I N G K O N G said ...


Sudheer ,simple formula to win in racing is one should have lacs of rupees in the pockets,then go on eating the favourites at every centre and by increasing the bet amount every time you lose .

Iimblue said ...


I have to concur with Sudhir that Indian Racing is the easiest one in the world... at least on paper. Generally there are 8 horses... some are eliminated based on caliber of jockies.. some based on calibre of trainers. A few are out for an airing. The field is reduced to half, two of them trying to win, another two going for place. 

If it were so easy, all punters would be in money today. The punter is his own enemy. He is mixed up with so many methods, strategies and the result is a disaster. 

If this known angel, doesn't work for you, I fail to understand, how foreign bourses work and the strategies that have failed here   how they will work there. In a competitive field, where the horses are evenly matched, how one can expect a favorite to justify the odds? No Godzilla, I don't agree with you.

Pa1 said ...


K. VijayKumar, Well said that Punters are all very knowledgeable persons but not a gamblers. As per backing odds on Fev's blindly is nothing but a gamble.

Murari said ...


Just an input from a UK based punter. I don't really like Jumps (too long and tension filled about horses falling), but I find UK National Hunt (Jumps) Favourite/Second Favourite betting is better than for flat racing.

I think the reason may be because of the distances involved. Jumps are long distance. 2/3 miles. So quality generally comes through, assuming of course they clear all the fences. Factors like Starting Gate numbers, Traffic etc play more of a part on the Flat.

K. Vijayakumar said ...



             Well said. Horse racing is entirely different from other sports and the outcome is purely based on various aspects which every punter aware of it and needless to elaborate here. 

          Those who claim to be the leading tipsters here are just confusing the punters and make the sport a more complicated one. Punters are all very knowledgeable persons and they need not require any guidance from anyone. As rightly pointed out by RAMDOSS, tipsters are not in anyway affected on the outcome of a race as they never bet and keep their wallet in tact. It is the punters who risk their money on wagering  and hence they are the appropriate persons to decide as to which horse to be played and which horse to be ignored. . 

     Punters be aware of such persons(leading tipsters) who often mislead you and make you pauper. . Always play your own choices and prosper. 




Ramiyer said ...


Yes. Indian racing average of 10 to 12 runners in a race out of that half of the field we can eliminate before we study. In international races most of the time 18 runners and more. I love watching international races but stopped betting after small wagering in intial times when covid was there. 

Ramdas said ...


sudheer u said it right racing is not 1st n 2nd fav only others also run n some also individual should try to impose his selections on others to prove himself as champion selector. i am in to racing for 53 yrs n i do not even suggest some one to play particular horse it is one,s own money n he should enjoy the wager on his choice n not on my choice r others choice.most of the  punters who claims to be big tipsters r literally in doldrums for sure enjoy ur money as u like it is none of any body,s choice n coz i play what ilke  n never ask anyone for a tip  good luck for calcutta racing bye


Sudheer said ...


This is the biggest joke I've ever heard.. If betting on the first and second favs is what all it takes then everyone will be a millionaire..

Indian racing is the easiest in the world to pick the winners.. out of 10 horses only 3 will have a realistic chance of winning.. 

I don't follow UK racing so I don't know about that and US is mostly dirt racing and I know nothing about hurdles and steeplechase.. 

I follow Australian turf racing French turf racing and Hongkong turf racing and I can tell everyone that you have to be more subtle in your approach to win in international racing because the racing is more competitive.. Start backing the favourites just for the sake of them being the favourites is suicidal anywhere in the world.. 

If you have too much money and don't know what to do with it then go ahead and do it but if you value your money then don't just throw it away.. If you want to punt on a race try to know the horses.. Without your effort you won't win anything.. 

Dont get greedy and think like you can win without any knowledge or just based on some tips.. If you aren't ready to put some effort by yourself then be ready to lose a fortune in racing..

Open challenge to anyone who thinks betting on facourites will make you rich.. First things first tell me which one to back fav or second fav or hedging both? If you wager daily you will lose eventually and if anyone can prove that betting on favs will keep me in profits for say 15 days I'll give up all the effort I'm putting and finance your betting and take 20% of the profit leaving 80% to you.. just give me the winning strategy.. 


Pa1 said ...


I agree with Mr Ramiyer. I personally don't like to play with someone tips. I would like to study the form, like to watch the races live and previous videos before putting my money on any horse. 

Starting COVID it's took me 6 months to understand Australia races like Jockey, Trainer tactics and horse pedigree and in this process I lost few Ten thousands. And after that  I can bet confidently in Australia races.

Note: Now also I can understand only one State Races in Australia which is Victoria.


King Koti said ...


Let me tell you something,if you have the patience and the capital to bet ultimately you can win in indian racing.

If you are a favourite backer,I suggest you to bet the favourites around 70p to 1.3p only in the handicap races in pakenham,eagle farm and werribee centres in Australia.

Nsk said ...


Godzilla sir Australia. Racing is worst race 

Gt said ...


Greeting Mr.Ram Iyer.

Completely beg to differ your opinion on international races, will second Mr.God'z views and thought. 



Akhan said ...


To all of my punters if you have ful patience you are playing 3 races with marginal 10,000rs betting in a card of 8 races from all over the world then you are the king of horse racing good luck Dar ke agay jeet hai.

Shushanth.k.n said ...


Worst centres are Australia no value for 30 paisa or 20 Paisa 50 Paisa odds and Hong Kong also very tough centre to predict winners UK flat races are good 

Abhiram said ...


Godzi sir, 

Uk Flat Races are good , we can get Race Card in Racing & Sports site.

New castle , linga field chemfold city and some centers are good 

If you study card we can get easy winners with good odds (some times above win 8/1 place 3/1 ) 



Svkraju said ...


Dear friends. 

From last six years .. myself playing and also tipping ( AUS..UK and US) in my Twitter account Sagiraju17.. My experience and stats regarding favourites are ...the worst is AUSTRALIA for favourite backers.. the best is US as our member SUDEEP mentioned.. Neutral is UK. 

Playing in RWITC fixed app for international races is suicidal.. They suspend odds for favourites if the odds are arround even . Just compare with any other international apps. The worst scenario. 

But one thing I can say that horse racing far better than Indian races for our Punters community. But RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING is must. 

All the best 

Sri said ...


Sir, i am an ordinary mortal,, by misfortune  ended up in horse racing, and lost a good fortune, heavily lost from last 20 years. Though  I am proud to be an indian, no one can survive in indian racing, let alone making profits, someone suggested me int races,  from last 2 years playing int races.  Though not in a very good profits,  i didnt lost a penny from last 2 years. Having said that it is also not a cake walk. But if someone is wise and intelligent enough to understand the nuisance of horse racing,  international 

Races are far better than indian racing,

Maya said ...


Before covid horse race limited to indians and 30 to 1 300 to was won


After covid horse race speeded  across india

And now also they started to gamble punters hard erned ruppesss!

Godzilla said ...


Ram Iyer 

I only write facts. Go to RWITC play on or race2win and register yourself. Start playing first and second favourites. You only end up with profits. 

Opportunities should be well utilised. That's what I mean. I do care for punters interest 

Jahon said ...


Where and how should bet .. someone plz light on the process of registration & withdraw 

Ramiyer said ...


By playing international races online you have to find bigger tonsuring places as the number of punters gets more is not easy as some has pointed out.First we are never familiar with the different turfs and tracks weather,trainers,jockies,owners.Eventhough online sites give us plenty of study materials it is a cumbersome excercise.when we struggle to go through the statistics about Indian races how can we study the card.Even we may not know or remember the horse we play.Especually Australian races. In Australia every village has a race course.Like it happens years back in ooty and chennai now in Mysore last moment they slapp on a horse which will become favourite in a split second .Number of favourites bite the dust as well. All harakiri is there in international races like Indian races. Only thing it is wonderful to watch like loading ,running .Very rarely jockey gets interfered. Or droopd down. Bleeding etc 

When we are in a loss in Indian race itself after knowing the full nuances like trainers owners turfs jockies we play a wrong horse and become a cropper.My sincere advice not to touch international races at any cost.

Sps said ...


Dear Godzilla

Happy to see you on horse talk after a gap after Invitation Cup. 

What you have written regarding Foreign Racing is a general statement and not of mich practical use for majority. 

Please be in touch for this or that reason if you don't want to post selection. However you are welcome any day.

Have a nice day.


Suman Deep said ...


i posted a few days back i dont know how to study and made an whooping 45k in a yanki on bet 365 ,  south america philadelphia , total of 11 races minimum of 6 to 8 races will comes second or first favrts ,if you have special mention like philadelphia (parx)

Bobby said ...


Yes u are right Sir.....

Pg said ...


Yes,  you are 100% ccorrect.

Play at Australia, at few centers , that too without studying, you can earn more than one or two lakhs a month. That is if you know and are experienced as to how to select at paddock time, with odds displayed.. Only problem, bookies do not accept big amounts and some prroblems when we  require to withdraw, They limit the amount we wish to play  and withdraw to reasonable amount only.