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RESULTS - MYSORE - 23 Aug 2013

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The R.R.Komandur Memorial Trophy

Horses Rated 40 to 65


03:30 PM

Winner:₹.144000 Second:₹.72000 Third:₹.36000 Fourth:₹.21600 Fifth:₹.14400 Sixth:₹.7200 Total: ₹.295200

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Cl Odds Time
1 12
Carnival Dancer(GB)-Northern Haven
3y ch f J S Dhariwal P Trevor 52.5 - 8 A 2 1/4 45 6/10 1:26.03
2 2
5y b g K S Mandanna Imran Chisty 61 - 11 S 1/2 2.25 62 10 1:26.42
3 3
Rebuttal(USA)-Artic Bride
3y b m Z Darashah Suraj Narredu 59.5 - 2 S 1/2 2.75 59 4 1:26.49
4 7
6y dk b g V Narayana Gowda N Tauseef Ahmed 54.5 - 1 A 1 1/2 3.25 49 10 1:26.59
5 4
Ontario(USA)-Madam Brady(USA)
6y ch g K Somashekar K Chethana 57.5 - 12 S 2 3/4 4.75 55 10 1:26.83
6 5
7y dk b g Kishore C V G K M Madhu Babu 56.5 - 7 S HEAD 7.5 53 10 1:27.27
7 9
4y b g Bipin V Salvi S Sunil 54 - 10 A 3 7.5 48 10 1:27.30
8 10
3y b m Feroz M Khan Fr Co F Dasilva 54 - 4 S 3 10.5 48 10 1:27.79
9 1
Emerald Cat(USA)-Canadia
5y b g M Bobby D Gnaneshwar 61.5 - 6 S 8 13.5 63 10 1:28.31
10 8
Warrshan(USA)-Seriously Nicole
7y b m Vishal Yadav P Ajeeth Kumar 54.5 -4 3 S 6 3/4 21.5 49 10 1:29.58
11 6
Mull Of Kintyre(USA)-Lovely Fantasy(IRE)
4y b g G Srinivas Babu M Prabhakaran 56.5 -4 5 A 28.25 53 10 1:30.67
W 11
3y b g V Narayana Gowda Withdrawn 53.5 -4 9 A - 28.25 47
Tote Favourite: TIJUCA FOREST
Owner: Dashmesh & Hargovind Racing Pvt. Ltd.
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Club Dividends

Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 16 ₹.94 ₹. ₹.12,₹.29,₹.12 ₹.66 ₹.83 ₹.162 & 27 ₹.2868,2459
Racing Incidents

Permission was granted to Trainer Mr. V Lokanath to withdraw MICKEY MOUSE (P Kiran Rai) as it refused to get into the horse float for travelling from Bangalore to Mysore.

Permission was granted to Trainer Mr. Sharat Kumar to substitute Jockey K Chethana to ride GROUND MARSHAL in place of Jockey S Mallikarjun, the declared rider.

Trainer Mr. Darius R Byramji [deputizing for Trainer Mr. R R Byramji] and Jockey Imran Chisty were questioned regarding the running and riding of VIOLENT STORM. The Trainer stated that (a) Mr. Byramji had taken over the horse only about one and a half months ago from another Trainer; (b) Earlier as he could observe this horse was tried
over 1200 Metres races; (c) As its performance with Blinkers was not encouraging, blinkers were removed and this was the first run without blinkers; (d) he had instructed the Jockey to take a jump and keep his mount in the 5th without Blinkers for the first time, to ease out his mount in the early part by maintaining the said position as instructed; (f) to ride out in the straight and do his best (g) the horse was, however, lugging ‘in’ in spite of the Jockey trying his best to take his mount ‘out’ and (h) given the ultimate verdict of the Race, the Jockey even with the aid of the whip on the right would have finished another one length better; (i) Similar riding instructions would be imparted in future also; Jockey Imran Chisty stated that (a) he had been asked by the Trainer to maintain his mount in the 5th his mount was running without Blinkers for the first time; (b) however, when he tried to make a move  after rounding the final bend to improve his position as instructed, the horse was ‘lugging in’, in spite of his best efforts to take it ‘out’ and ride; (c) even with his changing the whip hand, he had apprehension that it would have drifted out resulting in his losing that position as well; and (d) hence, he could finish only second behind the Winner. While noting the explanation of the Trainer and the
Jockey concerned Jockey Imran Chisty was fined Rs.3,000/- for easing his mount in the final stages of the race and was cautioned as to his future riding in races.

LEGAL KNIGHT (M Prabhakaran) sustained deep cut over right hind tendon.

It was reported after the Race that BYZANTINE (Ajeet Kumar) burst its blood vessels. Trainer Mr. Vishal Yadav was informed that he must produce a Fitness Certificate from the Club's Veterinary Officer before accepting with it again.

Club Jackpot Dividends

Poll Race No Winners Runners
JACKPOT 4,5,6,7 & 8 17684 & 656
MINI JACKPOT 2,4,5 & 7 1608
1st TREBLE 3,4 & 5 183
2nd TREBLE 6,7 & 8 2333