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S.No Date Topics Posted By Replies Action
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4 14-Jan-2017 Delhi Races 15-1-2017 Dustintorry 1
5 14-Jan-2017 Mumbai Race Selections 15-1-2017 Dustintorry 36
6 14-Jan-2017 The Radheshyam Jhunjhunwalla Million Jaykumar 10
7 14-Jan-2017 Win/shp Challenge Mumbai 15/1/2017 Ksmrow 39
8 14-Jan-2017 Indian Derby Choice Abhilash 14
9 14-Jan-2017 Thank You Major Sir Venkat 1
10 13-Jan-2017 Lets Talk About The Ramniwas Ramnarain Ruia Gold Cup Bluebubbletron 9
11 13-Jan-2017 Jockey Srinath For Banglore Championships Sportyy 2
12 12-Jan-2017 Win/shp Challenge Bangalore 13/1/2017 Ksmrow 29
13 12-Jan-2017 Imran Chishty Back In Action In India Azim 3
14 12-Jan-2017 Bengaluru Selections & Tommies: 13th Jan'17 Bkd 32
15 11-Jan-2017 Win/shp Challenge Mumbai 12.01.2017 Srikanth 43
16 11-Jan-2017 12th Mumbai Selections Sangitha 35
17 11-Jan-2017 Win/shp Challenge Mysore 11.01.2017 Nilban 35
18 10-Jan-2017 Shocking Mount Of Ys Srinath Zubin 25
19 10-Jan-2017 Speedo Pedigree Mumbai 12/1/2017 Syed's 1 0
20 10-Jan-2017 Mysore Races : 11-1-2017 Dustintorry 26
21 10-Jan-2017 Meeting With The Chairman,hrc Veda 11
22 10-Jan-2017 Kolkata Derby Leg-1 Results And Announcements Skumar-team 2017 Four Winter Derbies Ptr Contest-l 13
23 09-Jan-2017 Hyderabad Selections & Tommies: 10th Jan'17 Bkd 18
24 09-Jan-2017 Delhi Choices: 10th Jan'17 (tuesday) Bkd 4
25 09-Jan-2017 Win/shp Challenge Hyderabad 10/1/2017 Srikanth 33